Betsy Refused to Fight & Was Torn to Shreds… But She Fought to Survive. You Should See Her Now!

Betsy (Pit bull) is a “fighter”. But she doesn’t fight with other dogs. She was supposed to, but she refused, and her skin was left in tatters.

However, that hasn’t stopped her from being the happiest, most loving pit bull possible. Seeing her now shows just how much of an incredible survivor she is. Her photos are hard to look at, her video nearly impossible to watch.

The constant fear and pain she endured must have been agonizing. But she is not living in the past – she has moved on to a new life with thousands of supporters.

“Pit bulls and about three dozen other breeds were banned in many parts of Germany after a rash of attacks. One of these deadly attacks was on a schoolboy by an unleashed pit bull who had been trained to fight by a man who had been previously convicted on numerous counts of robbery and dog fighting.”

But now Germany is reconsidering their position on what they consider to be dangerous because of Betsy. Intelligent people know to “punish the deed, not the breed.” Pit bulls are not inherently aggressive.

Yes, they can be very strong and destructive, as any large breed can be, and any dog who is not trained well or is purposely trained to fight can be a menace. But most dogs are not born with the desire to harm people.

pit bull

Betsy is a testament to just how wonderful any dog is meant to be, even in spite of her horrific treatment.

She was forced to fight, and she refused.

“Because of this she suffered even worse injuries than she might have had she tried to defend herself. She was rescued six weeks ago, and she is still recovering in an animal hospital.”

She is a staff favorite, delighting them as she happily comes bounding into the room to see them. Betsy is full of smiles, and her tail wags incessantly. Pain notwithstanding, this is probably the most joy she has ever experienced.

pit bull 1

Knowing her story is heartbreaking, but knowing there are survivors like her gives us all hope that through awareness and rational legislation, dogs like Betsy will be better protected and in the right homes.

WARNING: Betsy’s intake video shows her extremely graphic injuries.



Harvey Tore These Owners And Their Dogs Apart: Their Reunions Made Me Cry

Hurricane Harvey separated countless dogs from their parents. The animal shelters are imploding with hundreds of displaced pets.

Heartbreaking photos have emerged of families being lead to safety as their dogs drift away, barely keeping their heads above water.

The bond between man and dog is strong. Life isn’t quite the same once that companionship is lost.

Amongst all the sad news of how many dogs are now homeless because of Harvey, there are two touching stories of reunion that are lighting up the internet.

Cancer Patient And His Dog Are Reunited After A Heartbreaking Separation

Jeff Blackwell was hospitalized at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston when Hurricane Harvey hit. He was trapped there for days, unable to see his wife and his dog, Auryn.

Before the hurricane, Jeff had routine visits with his dog, but when the flood waters got too high, those visits had to stop.

Jeff’s wife, Jessica, informed him that Auryn wasn’t doing well not seeing him. She promised to reunite her husband with his dog as soon as the waters receded.

When that day came, Auryn ran down the hall of the hospital, tail wagging and barking so everyone could hear. When Jeff embraced Auryn, witnesses described it as a father-like embrace, as if he were holding his child.

Hero Family And Their Dog Are Reunited After Saving Dozens Of Lives

Shortly after Hurricane Harvey hit, Chelsea Kasper was driving through the Sam Houston National Forest when she found a dog in a creek.

She noticed that no one was around to help him. He was bitten up and looked hungry. No one was calling for the dog, either. She waited a while before loading him into her car.

Then the question became, “who does this dog belong to?”

Chelsea checked for a collar. There was none. But because of how trained the pup was, she knew he had an owner, so she started making calls. She called vets, shelters and lost animal hotlines. No luck.

Chelsea fed the dog and decided to start a social media campaign to find the dog’s owner. She posted pictures of him on Facebook, describing him as a displaced pit bull. The post was shared thousands of times until one comment caught the attention of the readers.

A woman named Trish Cranney claimed it was her dog. She and her husband had been busy rescuing people with their family boat. When they finally went home, they noticed their dog was missing. “We were assisting people in bad shape. While we were helping, our dog got out,” said Ricky Cranney.

Though this was great news, Chelsea wanted to know that this couple was the real deal. She asked for family photos with the dog. The family sent her pictures they still had and she knew that the dog was theirs.

When Chelsea called him by his name, “Angel!” his tail went crazy! He knew he was going home.

If you have friends still separated from their pets because of Hurricane Harvey, check here to see if they’ve been found!


She was chained for 14 years. Old man finds her and changes her life – Creating a Dog Sanctuary!

Thayne Hamilton and his late wife, Christine epitomized kindness. They went above and beyond themselves to do for others at their own expense. Ten years ago, they founded Grey Muzzle Rescue & Sanctuary in Orcas Island, Washington.

Over the years, they rescued over forty dogs; elderly dogs deemed unadoptable from all over the United states. These abused, abandoned, and neglected dogs, according to Thayne weren’t wanted just for health reasons, but they didn’t do well with people.

They may have bitten someone and therefore, been added to a euthanasia list. These dogs were saved from kill shelters and taken to the five-acre refuge.

In 2013, Christine died, but she wanted the legacy of the sanctuary to live on. In a video from Talk It Up TV, you can see the love and admiration Thayne had for his wife.

Christine came to the US from England. During the Vietnam war, she fostered over seventy children and rescued dogs. She inspired Thayne to become involved in her crusade to give those animals no one else wanted a second chance at living a happy dog life.

Thayne began his work rescuing dogs after suffering several industrial accidents. The dogs inspired him to get back up and recover. He put it this way: If these dogs who’ve suffered abuse and neglect can find the will to survive and be happy, so could he. Thayne vowed to make a difference for these animals.

Grey Muzzle has a cemetery where every dog who’s passed over the Rainbow Bridge has a grave marker. Thayne builds every casket out of recycled materials. In honor of Christine, he even created an actual Rainbow bridge with twenty spirals which represent all the dogs they’ve lost.

Thayne says this place is very peaceful for both him and the dogs. Deer even like to come and lay there to chill.

dogsThayne Hamilton and his late wife, Christine, perfectly exemplify this description of kindness. Over the past 12 years, the duo has rescued over forty elderly dogs from kill shelters all across the country.

An obstacle Thayne and Christine faced before Christine’s tragic death was not having insurance. Christine was sent home from the ICU because she didn’t have insurance. She and Thayne couldn’t cover her mounting medical bills.

In short, Christine gave the ultimate sacrifice. She wanted the dogs and Thayne to be able to live on the property instead of ensuring she had hospice care during her final days. She died surrounded by Thayne and her beloved animals.

We highly recommend you watch the video from talking It Up TV. We can’t express in words the utter love, and passion Thayne has for these once unwanted animals. They’re his life, his everything.

When the local community learned of Thayne’s efforts, business owners pitched in and donated pet supplies and goods to help out. An attorney will also assist Thayne to establish the sanctuary as a 501C non-profit.


One of the many dogs taken in by Grey Muzzle is Lilla. Before her rescue, this sweet girl was chained up for fourteen years. When Lilla arrived at gray Muzzle, her condition was horrible. Her legs were virtually glued to her body. This didn’t deter Thayne. He helped Lilla move around by using a wheelbarrow.

Despite undergoing personal sacrifices, Thayne and Christine never lost sight of their goals. The dogs came first in their lives. They recognized if they didn’t help these dogs, no one would. They’re the real image of selflessness.

Dog lovers understand this passion, this love the Hamilton’s have. It’s not something you can put into words but actions, which Thayne continues to do every. single. Day.

Four boys save abandoned dog tied with cords!

While out in their Detroit neighborhood one day, four friends spotted a dog behind an abandoned house. These boys, all friends helped out in their community.

They were assisting a lady with her boxes and bags when they observed a dog tied up with bungee cord behind an abandoned house.

Kenny (13), Kenneth (11), Kevin (7), and Andrew (7 decided to rescue the pooch, ultimately giving the dog another chance at life. The dog shivered from being out in the elements; to keep her warm, one of the boys wrapped her in his coat.

The group of friends took the pup home and fed her bologne and water and did what they could for their new friend they named Sparkles.

Theresa Sumpter is the founder of Detroit Pit crew rescue. Theresa happened to be in the area that day. She and her team approached the boys with Sparkle. She later wrote on Facebook: “Our heroes of the day! Young dog rescuers starting early.

Theresa and her crew explained if the boys let them take Sparkles, they would get her to the vet and find her a forever home.

Hearing this, one of the boys commented that rescuing Sparkles made him “feel great.” The four boys were thrilled that they saved Sparkles from starvation and certain death.

abandoned dog

Though pleased for doing what they could for their new four-legged friend, Theresa explained how the four didn’t surrender Sparkles immediately: “You could tell they love this dog.

“They were protective of the dog and wanted to make sure the dog was going to a good place.”

Theresa later filmed an interview with the kids. She thanked them for being heroes of the day and made sure they received compensation. Since being in the care of Detroit Pit Crew, Sparkle’s health is improving.

The staff thought she had mange, but thankfully, she doesn’t. From the photos and videos posted by the rescue group, the pooch is affectionate, fun-loving, and great with kids.

abandoned dog

How awesome is it that these four young boys took the initiative and saved the life of a helpless animal.
They could’ve left her tied up to die, but they decided to let her have another chance to live a happy life. These four most definitely are heroes in our book.

2 Dogs Were Dumped Outside To Fend For Themselves, Then They Waited Over A Year To Feel Love!

No pet should ever be left on the street. And especially not in the industrial zone. And that is what happened to Boots and Babs. They were almost for a year on the street in industry area without proper conditions and food. Until Hope For Paws came and rescued them.



I Can’t Believe It. Video Shows Man Just Kicking Dog Out Of Car And Driving Off

 In early August, a family found Claira-Belle wandering around the side of a busy street near downtown Dallas.

They were convinced she was a stray because of the condition she was in, but hidden cameras revealed an ugly truth about where she came from.

The cameras had been installed by the Dallas Marshal’s office just months before Claira-Belle was spotted. Animal advocacy groups believed the area was being used for illegal animal dumping.

They were right. Claira-Belle was proof of that.

If it wasn’t for her rescuers, we would’ve never known the truth behind her story.

When this pup’s rescuers called about her, they learned there was an actual video of her being kicked to the curb, which can watch below.

The license plate of the vehicle that dumped her was recorded and traced back to 52-year-old George Spears. When Spears was interviewed by the authorities, he claimed he was only doing his sister a favor, saying that she wasn’t in a position to take care of Claira-Belle anymore.

So Claira-Belle was placed in a shelter, but her story changed for the better just weeks after arriving there. A lovely family–desperate for a family dog–adopted Claira-Belle into their home on September 9th.

According to them, there’s no sign of any kind of long-term trauma. Life is good for Claira-Belle now, thanks to the family who cared enough to stop to save her.

Quick Facts About Animal Homelessness

  1. Only one of 10 dogs will ever find a permanent home.
  2. Homeless animals outnumber homeless people 5 to 1.
  3. Each year, 2.7 million dogs and cats are killed because our shelters are too full.
  4. Most stray dogs are lost pets, only 20% are ever returned to their owners.

To avoid the killing of stray dogs, sign up to be a “shelter pet PR,” and find them a home before it’s too late!


Watch what happens when two former fighting dogs meet for the first time!

What do you think would happen if two former fighting dogs would meet?

The Detroit Bully Corps, a non-profit rescue organization dedicated to helping and advocating for dogs in the Detroit area, shared a video of two ex-fighting dogs meeting for the first time.

The fighting dogs, Vito and Maggie, were once used for dogfighting. Thankfully, the two got rescued.

Watch the video below and see what happened when Vito and Maggie met for the very first time!

Awwwww…they instantly clicked! And they look so happy playing together!

Seeing these fighting dogs safe and so happy is the reason why the wonderful people at Detroit Bully Corps wake up daily to do what they do. Keep up the good work, guys!

Share this video to your fellow dog lovers!

This video defines the very reason we wake up daily. Our mission is to improve the lives of canines.

We get canines from every back ground. My personal mission is to end Dog Fighting. These 2 canines have shown the most dignity & define the very soul of my work, my focus & the American Pit Bull Terrier.

At one time they were someone’s cash register, pitted against other canines & bred for money. Both came to DBC beat to hell & discarded.

They both truly had the heart of a champion. They both decided to shed the mental scars of an old life & move forward in a world that had given them every reason to throw in the towel.

Some of you have followed the history of both canines, some of you are meeting these 2 for the first time.

Both of these canines have shown a true will to thrive & enhance the lives of all they touch.

Please enjoy the redemption of 2 canines.

Poor Missing Pup Finally Found After 2 Weeks, But How He Survived Will Break You

Last week, a Bordeaux Mastiff named Zeus went missing after he got spooked and ran away from his owner.

His human took to social media to share his picture with family, friends, and even strangers, hoping that their beloved four-legged love would be found.

Fortunately, their efforts worked and this adorable guy is doing A-okay!

If you’ve ever lost a pet, you know that it is extremely hard not to lose hope. So, you can probably imagine how thrilled Zeus’ owner got the call that his pup had been found!

Stuck In Bracken

Zeus ended up getting himself tangled in thick fern known as bracken.

It’s unknown how long he was trapped there, but it is believed that he drank rain water for days, keeping himself alive.

He was discovered by two guys who had decided to head to the fell to look for the dog.

“We came across the dog stuck in four foot high bracken. He could only move about two feet.  If it hadn’t have been raining I don’t think he would have survived.

He was very skinny and had lost a lot of weight. If it hadn’t have been raining I don’t think he would have survived. When we got to the dog it was very scared, but when I got my sandwich out it calmed down.

We couldn’t stop smiling, we couldn’t believe we had found him,” said Jez Starkey, who helped rescue Zeus along with his pal, Adam Briggs.

Zeus Is One Lucky Pup

Jez and Adam didn’t expect to find the dog, but it was a miracle that they did! They lured Zeus out and gave him some water.

The guys were able to get in touch with Zeus’ owner and the pup is back home where he belongs, thanks largely in part to his two heroes — and the rain!

How’s that for a feel-good story for the day?

Monster Tapes Blue, A Pit Bull Puppy’s Mouth Shut To Stop The Barking!

Monster Tapes Doggy Blue, А Pit Bull Puppy’s Mouth Shut To Stop The Bаrking…

Do you remember the story of Cаitlyn? The dog who hаd her muzzle tаpped shut to stop her from bаrking? Or this womаn who tried disciplining her dog by tаpping her muzzle shut? Well thаnkfully Cаitlyn is doing much better, but for Blue, the recovery hаs just begun.

This is the story of Blue, the pit bull who wаs аbused horribly, but аlso, mirаculously sаved.!

When pаssersby found а pit bull doggy with his mouth shut аs though he hаd no lips on the 6th of October, they hurried him to Bethel Аnimаl Hospitаl.


Cruel аnd heаrtless beyond imаginаtion, Blue wаs in terrible pаin when he wаs found. Even though it took а hаrd mirаcle, Blue wаs soon recovering аnd getting bаck to how eаting, let аlone kissing! Аn аnimаl lover officer, Sue Milligаn kissed Blue non-stop when he wаs found first.

Blue hаd his deаd tissues removed аnd lips repаired using lаser treаtments…But аnother mirаcle wаs wаiting for Blue … just аs he wаs fit аgаin …а lovely fаmily stepped in to аdopt Blue into their lives!


Heartbroken Dog Standing Over The Body Of His Fallen Friend (VIDEO)

Heartbroken Dog Standing Over The Body Of His Fallen Friend!

А puppy wаs discovеrеd roostеd likе а porcеlаin stаtuе аdjаcеnt to thе body of his mаtе in fаvor of thе strееt аt Fort Worth in Dаllаs.

Hе wаs in griеving аnd nеvеr lеft his fаllеn compаnion. Hours go bеforе а cаring lаdy, Juliе Fеnnеll mаdе а trip to chеck if thе pooch аnd his compаnion wеrе аlright. Yеt, whеn shе sаw thаt thе Pyrеnееs wаs in griеving, shе stаrtеd to mаkе coursеs of аction for thе fаllеn pooch.

Sееing thе blood trаils from thе strееt towаrds thе body of his mаtе, Juliе infеrrеd thаt thе compаnion wаs cаsuаlty of strееt mishаp.

Furthеrmorе, thе heartbroken dog Pyrеnееs hаd drаggеd his dеdicаtеd compаnion’s body to а morе sеcurе plаcе from thе murdеring аctivity. Аt thе point whеn а motorcyclist, Sаmuеl Florеs cruisеd by, hе likеwisе loаn somе аssistаncе to tаkе thе puppy to thе Аnimаl Control. Furthеrmorе, on аccount of him wе hаvе thеsе snаps of thе puppy’s gеnuinе romаncе for his compаnion.

Indееd, еvеn with thе еxаminаtion guidеd solid, no confirmаtion wаs found аbout thеir strаngе compаnionship. Аs thеrе wаs no nеcklinе or microchip on both thе puppiеs, thе cаninе’s story wаs simply gеtting morе bаffling.