Scared Dog with Broken Heart Rescued After Owner Says He Didn’t Want Him Anymore

bobi the dog rescued

When Howl of a Dog found an old dog roaming near a railroad station he was limping and his left eye seemed injured.

It was too risky to attempt a rescue there, as they were worried that he could run and get hit by a passing train. So, they followed him and tried to redirect him towards a safer place.

“It was quite a marathon as he ran away each time we approached him. But he eventually understood we are only trying to help him, or maybe the smell of the yummy treats finally reached his nose,” they wrote.

They took him to the vet right away and were surprised to discover he had a microchip and an owner, but were sad at what the owner had to say.

“We hoped a happy dog-owner reunion would follow, but when we contacted the registered owner he told us he does not want the dog back and asked us to take him,” Howl of a Dog said. “Apparently, Bobi (this is the name given by his owner) ran away from home and traveled quite a long distance, being found approximately 10 miles away from his home. We’ll never know why he left home and why he wasn’t wanted anymore, but we do not want to judge anyone, we’re just thankful that we were able to save him.”

The Romania rescue says Bobi is 9 years old and approximately 18 kg (39 lbs). He is “very gentle, loving and obedient and he is still playful and curious. It’s like he’s living now the puppyhood he missed.”

His rescuers have made sure he is fully vaccinated and neutered and say he’s now looking for a forever home where he can spend “his remaining years happy and loved”.

Howl of a Dog does allow international adoptions, and more information is available on their website.

Watch Bobi’s touching rescue in the video below. We’re glad he is in safe hands now!


This car was built from the ground up and the name shows how confident they are with their built, since the simply named it BOSS.

This thing really sounds like a Boss, with its dual exhaust it helps the whole neighborhood enjoy its tunes. Amongst the awards that this vehicle has been crowned with are the “Utah`s Finest”, car festival in Salt Lake the “Colorado Good Guys contest”. The engine is breathing with a help of a ProCharger that is forcing huge gulps of air inside the cylinders making it more powerful across the rev range.

If there is one thing we are not quite sure enough, that would have to be the wheels, maybe they are not best suited for a muscle car, what do you think?

He Was Abandoned, Thrown From A Car, Wrapped In Blanket, What They Did To Him Was Barbaric!

Ricardo D’Amico was having a relaxing afternoon, like most of us he was really enjoying his Sunday afternoon not expecting to have to do much, but he rode past a dog in distress on his bike…
He had to do something to help the poor puppy, he would literally peddle for his life and the doggies life too!

This unexpected turn was really a bit of a shock to the system, he found what looked like a blanket just thrown into the ditch, he stopped to take a closer look and as he did he found a little puppy inside the blanket, petrified and all by himself.

The little pup was very delicate, black and white and seemed to be having difficulty moving, it was like he had a wound somewhere!

D’Amico called his friend, called LaChrystal Ricke, who happened to be Director of operations at the organization Reggie’s Friends, who was an animal rescue!


He really hoped the little pup could be saved and that it wasn’t too late…
They had to work out though what had actually happened to the little pup before he could be treated. Time was ticking all the while!

Ricke said:

“We all thought he had been thrown from a car wrapped in a blanket …But when I picked him up and started to get an idea of what we were dealing with, there were no wounds to match up with the amount of blood he had on and around him.”

He wrapped the pup in a fresh piece of fabric and he was rushed to the vets, called “BluePearl Veterinary Partners” for emergency care.


Ricke said: “When we got to the vet, the vet team had the same reaction that I did to the amount of blood, but no obvious signs of trauma or wounds.”

They ran a series of routine tests and a sonogram on the pup to try to find out what was going on, but it was the puppies blood work that revealed the truth…

That poor little puppy had been poisoned!
Ricke went on to say:

“Blood tests confirmed that he had severe rodenticide toxicity. The poison in his blood was over 400 percent …It’s one of the most horrible things I have ever seen in rescue.”


They gave the little pup a blood and plasma transfusion straight away, to help his chances of survival, but things were not looking that great for the little brave pup.

Ricke said: “When I left him at the vet, I didn’t think I’d see him alive again. He was weak, frail, could barely stand and was just so, so sick.”

That night the sheer strength of the puppy helped him fight to survive, that and all the help that had been given to him.

The very next day the puppy was drinking and eating and getting stronger, not long before he could be put with a foster family and he can really heal and recover.


His foster mom named him Lincoln, now he spends his days playing with his foster brother and sister, their names are Jagger and Letti, how awesome, he really is having the time of his life!

Lincoln’s foster mom, Jennifer said:

“He adores them. They play together, they hang out together and Jagger leads everyone around …Lincoln is now learning how to play. At first, he was quite scared, and he would run away, but now he’s kind of excited about getting in there.”


This little pup really loves rope toys, Jennifer said:

“He’ll grab one and run across the yard with it, and usually he’ll try to run by Letti.”

Lincoln is your typical little puppy, he plays snuggles his humans, always ready for the next adventure, just around the corner, he will be a really lovely dog!
How anyone could have done such a thing to a lovely little puppy no one will probably ever know, at least now he has the time to recover, the space to play and a bright future ahead of him.

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Abuser of “Caitlyn the dog” DENIED parole – He will serve the rest of his sentence!

Image result for Abuser of “Caitlyn the dog” DENIED parole – He will serve the rest of his sentence!

“Caitlyn the dog abuser” or by his real name, William Dodson, after he pleaded guilty to animal cruelty last year — was denied parole.
He will serve out the six-month remainder of his sentence.

In March, the 43-year-old was sentenced to serve five years in state prison after he pleaded guilty to felony ill treatment of animals, with credit for time served stretching back to June 2015, court records show.

At a parole hearing in Columbia on Wednesday, the seven-member board unanimously denied releasing Dodson, said Peter O’Boyle, spokesman for S.C. Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services.

Attending the hearing was at least one anti-animal-cruelty activist group and representatives from the Charleston Animal Society.

“I wanted to make sure the parole board understood the severity of this case and how … not only the scars Caitlyn has on her nose still are visible today, she also has emotional scars,” Kay Hyman, director of community engagement for the Charleston Animal Society, said during a livestream broadcast on the group’s Facebook page.

In the spring of 2015, Caitlyn was found roaming the streets with her crumpled snout bound shut with electrical tape which had been in place for 36 hours, prosecutors said during the trial. Online images of the injured pup went viral following Dodson’s arrest.

Caitlyn, a Staffordshire bull terrier mix, was originally handed over to Dodson, of North Charleston, by an acquaintance. Dodson told authorities he wrapped the electrical tape around the dog’s snout to silence her barking, prosecutors said.

After the state prison sentence concludes, Dodson will be remanded to federal custody to serve another sentence for weapons and drug crimes in an unrelated case. In March 2015, Dodson tossed a loaded Beretta 9 mm handgun, marijuana and cocaine as he fled North Charleston police during a traffic stop. He received a 15-year federal sentence for those offenses.

He claimed that he put the tape around the dog’s mouth because she wouldn’t stop barking.

Dodson is scheduled to be released from prison in April 2018 according to prison records.

Another firearms manufacturer bends the NFA to build a shorter 12 gauge “firearm”

It’s no secret that the Military Arms Channel has no love for the NFA, but they do have plenty of room in their hearts for weapons manufacturers willing to push those federal boundaries.

Meet the Fostech Origin SBV “Firearm,” a shorter version of the Origin 12 shotgun.

It’s not cheap with an MSRP just south of $3k, but it is an absolute beauty.

Take a closer look at this cool little “firearm” in the video.

I don’t like the NFA. That’s no secret. I find all gun laws to be unconstitutional so I fully support companies who make things that push the boundaries. Fostech has a new “firearm” out based on the Origin 12ga shotgun called the SBV. The SBV isn’t a rifle, pistol or shotgun. It’s a “firearm”. What does that mean? Watch and find out.

2 Gauge Shotgun: The World’s Largest Scattergun

The 2 gauge shotgun, also known as a punt gun, is the largest hunting shotgun in the world. These firearms were common in the late 19th Century, but they’ve fallen into obscurity over the last 100 years. Take a closer look at this incredible piece of history.

A man standing with a 2 gauge shotgun, aka a punt gun.
(image source; Wikipedia)

A man standing with a 2 gauge shotgun, aka a punt gun.

History Of The 2 Gauge Shotgun
The punt gun was used for commercial hunting of waterfowl. Measuring up to 13 feet in length, these massive shotguns were too large to hold. The bore diameter could exceed 2 inches and a single loud could fire more than one pound of shot. The recoil was so powerful the shotgun needed to be mounted on a small boat known as a punt.

This illustration of a 2 gauge shotgun, or punt gun, was first published in the October, 1911 issue of Science and mechanics magazine.
Illustration of a punt gun published in Science and Mechanics magazine, 1911 (image source; Wikipedia)

This illustration of a 2 gauge shotgun, or punt gun, was first published in the October, 1911 issue of Science and mechanics magazine.

The weapon was permanently mounted to the bow and shooters had to maneuver the entire boat to line up their shot. A hunter would slowly steer his boat into position with small oars then lay prone to fire the mounted shotgun. The force of the discharge was so powerful that the entire boat would be launched backwards with each discharge.

Commercial hunters would work in small fleets of 5 to 10 boats. A single blast from the punt gun could kill as many as 50 to 90 waterfowl sitting on the water’s surface. Commercial hunting was so effective that the waterfowl population became severely depleted in many parts of the United States. By the late 1860s, most states had banned the use of 2 gauge shotguns for commercial hunting.

These custom weapons could exceed 13 feet in length and could hit over 50 ducks with a single shot. They couldn’t be held and fired by one person and were often mounted to punt boats (hence the name) and required the entire boat to be moved in order to “aim”.

Modern Use Of The 2 Gauge Shotgun
Passenger pigeons, which once flew in flocks dense enough to blot out the sun, were hunted to extinction by the end of the 19th century. As several other species of bird were exterminated, the United States, Canada, and Great Britain collectively enacted the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 to end the commercial hunting of specific bird species without a permit. As a result the need for punt guns all but disappeared.

In 1995 a survey conducted in the United Kingdom showed less than 50 functional 2 gauge shotguns still in use.

In the video below, Eddie Nickens of Field & Stream’s Gun Nuts takes a closer look at two of the few remaining punt guns. These rare firearms were gifted to the Aiming For A Cure Foundation, a non-profit charity that raises money for children with cancer. The weapons below are relatively short compared to similar punt guns of the 19th century and could be shouldered if necessary.

Revolver mousetrap from 1882 looks like it was designed by Wile E. Coyote

Shawn Woods, YouTube’s authority on antique mousetraps, has discovered one of the craziest traps we’ve ever seen.

Patented by J.A. Williams in December, 1882, this revolver mousetrap looks like something from an episode of Loony Toons.

The trap is pretty simple. A loaded and cocked revolver rests in a simple wooden sled with a spring-actuated trigger mechanism.

Bait is placed below a lever positioned under the muzzle. Once the bait is removed, the lever drops, the spring moves up and a metal rod is driven backwards into the trigger. Williams writes in his revolver mousetrap patent application, “the object of my invention is to provide a means by which animals which burrow in the ground can be destroyed and which trap will give an alarm each time that it goes off, so that it can be reset.”

Back in those days “booby traps” weren’t as taboo as they are now. “This invention may also be used in connection with a door or window,” Williams explains in the patent application, “so as to kill any person or thing opening the door or window to which it is attached.”

Shawn has built a trap based on Williams’ specifications to fit his S&W .22 caliber revolver. Shawn found that even a blank round is more than enough to kill a rat at this range.

See the revolver mousetrap in action with the video below.

Pit Bull Dog Bites Pedophile’s Penis Off as He Tried to Rape Sleeping Children

A pedophile has been left with “life-altering” injuries after climbing through the bedroom window of two young children, only to be greeted by their pet bulldog who bit his penis off.

52-year-old Randle James of Saline County, Arkansas, climbed into the 1st-floor window of the small family home into the room where the two young sisters were sleeping after passing by and seeing the open window.

After climbing into the room of the 3 and 6-year-old sisters, James got more than he bargained for when family’s Pit Bull Terrier leaped to the girl’s defense.

The dog severed the rapist’s genitals clean off and swallowed his penis and testicles.

The commotion alerted the children’s parents who called emergency services.

According to the father of the children, after calling the police, the attacker was in so much pain that he didn’t attempt to make an escape.

James was rushed to the hospital where doctors treated his wounds but said they were unable to rescue his genitalia after it had been swallowed by the dog.

Hospital staff said they were able to “patch him up,” and while he lost a lot of blood and was clearly in a lot of pain, he would survive.

They added that although his injuries were no-longer life-threatening, they were “certainly life-altering.

“The family, who can’t be named, said they are just thankful their dog was there to protect the young girls from the attacker.”

The mother of the girls said:

“He’s our hero. He’ll be eating steak for a week now.”

The dog swallowed the pedophiles penis after biting his genitals off
Local residents described the incident, which happened around 2 am on Monday, as being “very unusual” for the neighborhood.

One neighbor said they always leave windows open at night, saying, “we never worry about something like this happening around here.”
Another local resident described being awoken by the “screaming” during the incident:

“I think it woke everyone in the neighborhood up.”

“I’ve never heard anything like it.”

“Blood-curdling screams that sounded like something from a horror movie.

“It must have lasted 20 minutes.

“When I heard what happened I thought, ‘no wonder!’

“Then I thought, ‘good. Good doggy.’”

Lt. Dodson of the Saline County Sherrif’s Office said in a statement said the family was “lucky” their pet was able to protect them from a potential sexual assault, adding:

“A man entered a family home with unlawful intentions and luckily their family dog was able to prevent a serious attack from taking place.”

“We are currently investigating a complaint of an attempted sexual assault and will be taking a suspect into custody as soon as he has recovered from his injuries.”

The dog has yet to pass the attackers genitals after swallowing them, but the family said, “there’s no rush; he won’t need them now.”


Unrestored, Original Condition 1970 Chevelle With Only 4300 Miles On It

Let’s call a spade a spade, there’s nothing like an original because there are built in qualities to love. There are so many restoration jobs that have brought disused classics back to life beautifully.

It’s hard to imagine how Doug Bolton was feeling when he ordered his brand new ’70 Chevrolet Chevelle. It started with the search for an LS7 crate engine for a project car which his dealership couldn’t get. That led him to browse the new, fully stocked muscle cars on the lot and in their catalogs .

When he couldn’t get a Chevelle 300 Deluxe sedan, he went for the SS with the same engine. Before it could be delivered, his license was revoked for the fun he was out having on public roads. It started its life with him as a literal garage baby that wasn’t being driven.

When he was allowed to drive again, he decided that he was going to go easy on the odometer. This goal stretched through several decades as well as so many other daily drivers. Eventually, he was ready to sell just as David Beem took an interest in his original condition Chevelle.

The car was still as close to showroom condition as could be and that was much more than he expected. It was also wrapped in two separate covers in order to keep it safe from the elements. The final touch was the jack stands keeping it safe from the pressures of gravity on a sitting car.

After more than 40 years, the Chevelle went to its second owner with a special ownership sign over as well. Cory Peterson, the salesman who originally sold it to Doug, was asked to draw up the purchase agreement. Now Dave had a great set of options that worked together to make a great car.

The original intention was for the car to be a sleeper that could blow the doors off other cars. As a result, there wasn’t any extra flash ordered for the trim package and there was no cowl hood. The only add-ons were those that came with the LS6 engine package that he wanted as a young man.

This includes 4.10 gears in a 12 bolt rear and an M22 Rock Crusher four speed. It was also shipped with a heavy duty battery that survived more than 40 years. Even the interior looks like it was just rolled out of the factory with about as little wear as possible.

The Chevelle was soon taken to the 2015 Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals. Dave also took the car’s LS6 power to get Vintage Certification after being judged. It was here he learned the judges were sure they’d never seen such a pristine car in 20 years.

If only we could see all vintage cars come out of storage in this condition rather than in ruins. Even if there are broken barn finds out there, we’re glad there are still originals to be seen. What do you think of this beauty in her original state with big horsepower hidden under an unassuming hood?

Homemade firearm technology just made a major leap forward

In 2013, The Liberator was one of the first firearms made with a 3D printer. Designed by Texas-based Defense Distributed, the Liberator was a single-shot .380 with a flimsy barrel that needed to be replaced after every shot.

Obviously, this firearm could never replace the real thing, but the free plans were downloaded more than 100,000 times the weekend after they were shared online.

The Liberator disassembled (image source; Defense Distributed)

Unsurprisingly, the State Department’s Department of Defense Trade Controls ordered the plans to be removed saying “the United States government claims control of the information.”

Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson fought back against the order, but his challenge was recently rejected by the Supreme Court.

Undeterred, Wilson turned his attention to the Ghost Gunner, an open source hardware project that would allow nearly anyone to build their own firearm.

“Ghost Gunner is specially designed to manufacture a growing library of mil-spec 80 percent lowers to completion,” Wilson explains on the Ghost Gunner website. “With simple tools and point and click software, the machine automatically finds and aligns to your 80% lower to get to work. No prior CNC knowledge or experience is required to manufacture from design files. Legally manufacture unserialized rifles and pistols in the comfort and privacy of home.”

“Now, I can ship you gun machines that help you crank out 1911s all day long and nobody has anything to say about it,” Wilson explained. ”Because what is there to say about it?”

Under Federal law, it is completely legal for a citizen of the United States to manufacture their own weapon, provided their possession of a firearm is not already prohibited and the weapon is intended for personal use only. Sale of the manufactured firearm requires a Federal manufacturer’s license and is subject to some record keeping. Under the National Firearms Act, it is illegal to manufacture a fully automatic firearm without a Federal license.

The advent of 3D printers and CNC machines like the Ghost Gunner has made this process more available to the public than ever before.

Learn more about the recent advancement in homemade gun technology and the inevitable death of gun control in the video below by Cody Wilson.