USMC officially contracts H&K to replace the M4

H&K has officially been contracted by the United States Marine Corps to replace the M4 carbine with the M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle.

The M27 is a variation of the H&K 416 and features a 16″ barrel.

Features: Caliber: 5.56 NATO – Barrel: 16″ – Weight: 7.9 lbs empty -Overall- Length: 33″ – 36.3″ – Unit Cost: $3,000

H&K is building a new factory in Georgia just a few miles down the road from Fort Benning. All of the new M27s will be built here in the USA along with countless other weapons to meet the growing demand in the US market.

Bill Dermody of Heckler & Koch discusses the M27 with Guns America’s Clay Martin at SHOT Show 2018 in the video below.

Winchester 1873: How the “gun that won the west” works

The Winchester 1873 is known around the world as “The Gun That Won The West.”

Almost 150 years later the Model 1873 remains a cultural icon in the United States.

Originally manufactured between 1873 and 1923, the Model 1873 was a lever action rifle chambered in .44-40, the first centerfire cartridge. Over time the Model 1873 would be chambered in .38-40 and .32-20, two popular handgun cartridges around the turn of the century.

A new 10-round Model 1873 with a 20″ barrel chambered in .357 Magnum is currently being manufactured by the Miroku Corporation for FN/Browning.

Take a closer look inside this classic cowboy gun and find out how the Winchester 1873 works with the video below.

She Knew She Would Die, Instead Of Thinking About Herself, Her Final Wish Went To Her Puppies!

For years, Kathleen Zuidema enjoyed her life in Friday Harbor, Washington, with her three dogs, the “Aussie Posse”. They loved growing up in this town on San Juan Island.
Then Zuidema received life-changing news: she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Her doctors recommended chemotherapy, although the cancer was terminal.

There would be no cure.

Instead of thinking about herself, Zuidema thought about her three beloved dogs. She knew that she had to find a home that would take all three of them together, a tall order before she became too ill to care for them.

So Zuidema posted a plea on her Facebook page, asking for help from the community to find the right home for Autumn Moon, Moka Luka, and young Finnegan.


“This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. My heart is breaking and I’m sobbing as I write this. As alot of you know I have been fighting cancer for about a year and a half and things are now progressing to the point where I need to secure a home for the posse.”

What Zuidema feared the most was that she wouldn’t be able to find someone willing to take all three dogs together.


Zuidema wrote, “They are a package deal. It is a huge thing to ask of one person. But the thought of them being separated is more than l can bear. They have always been together.”

Zuidema’s plea went viral and was shared over 30,000 times. She was overwhelmed with gratitude at the outpouring of support both from her community and from people around the world.


Even better, Zuidema eventually found a loving couple willing to adopt all three dogs!

Another San Juan Island resident named Danielle Cochran heard of Zuidema’s wish. “I went straight over there and knocked on her door,” said Cochran.

Zuidema knew she had found the right home for her dogs once she saw them connect with Cochran, Cochran’s husband, and the Cochrans’ two dogs.


“I feel really, really, really relieved and great about it,” Zuidema said. “But on the other hand it’s heartbreaking.”

The two younger dogs, Mona Luka and Finnegan, slowly transitioned to their new home with the Cochrans.

Autumn Moon, the oldest of the three dogs, will stay with Zuidema until her time comes.


Reflecting on her life with her dogs, Zuidema noted, “I got everything I wanted, except for the dying part.”

Watch the video below and share the story of a dog owner who put her dogs’ well-being ahead of her own with your family and friends on Facebook.

Deprived Of Food And Almost Dying – He Cannot Believe It When Rescuers Give Him Food!

Benji was living with a person, but we can’t actually call that person an owner because of what he did to poor Benji.
He was deprived of food, almost dying and spent his whole life tied up. Benji’s only bedding was the concrete floor. Benji was also covered with injuries he had suffered when people threw rocks at him.

Sidewalk Specials, based in Cape Town, South Africa, had taken Benji from that horrible place and provided him with the love and care he well deserved.

At first, Benji just looked at the bowl of food they offered him. He was certain it was some kind of trick, and he’d get beaten once he ate it.

However, he was so hungry, he couldn’t stop himself. Benji was saved just in the nick of time, as vets mentioned that he was almost dying.

neglect dog

The video, during the first part, might be difficult to watch for some viewers. Benji’s recovery is truly amazing!

Wait until you see him at the 2:00 mark! You won’t believe what you’re seeing!

neglect dog

We really don’t understand why people would adopt pets when they can’t take care of them properly. It’s way too terrible to just “forget” about them.

But we’re very glad that Benji was saved in time! Please don’t forget to share Benji’s story.

They Left In Tears – Poor Puppy Was Surrendered In A Plastic Garbage Bag!

Yes, this is a dog in a trash bag. It isn’t’ meant to be funny. It is sad.
The dog’s owners put her in the trash bag and dropped her off at the Carson Animal Shelter in Gardena, California.

They didn’t want Blackie, ten-years-old, anymore.

They put her in the trash bag because she had a tumor on her tail that was bleeding – they didn’t want her blood in the car. Blackie didn’t stay at Carson Animal Shelter for long, she was picked up by some volunteers from Frosted Faces Foundation (FFF).

Going through this rough time hasn’t made Blackie bitter.

animal shelter

She has remained friendly.

Kelly Smíšek, executive director of FFF, said Blackie is curious and eager to please.

animal shelter

When Blackie gets nervous or scared, she will seek comfort from her human caregivers.
Blackie was given a complete spa experience. She got brushed, washed, and a nail trim!

animal shelter

She has probably never had that much positive human attention – ever.

Then she got something to eat. Blackie was in pain though, from that tumor.

animal shelter

If the staff tried to touch it, Blackie would gently correct them with her mouth.

Once Blackie has surgery to remove her tumor she will be put up for adoption.

animal shelter

Blackie would make a great addition to any family! Until she finds her forever home, she will be cared for by the FFF volunteers.

If you want to help with Blackie’s recovery, you can make a donation. Share away, people.

Spent Years In A Cage Forced To Produce Several Litters Of Puppies Has Never Felt Human Kindness, Until Now!

In many parts of the world, people still buy dogs at pet stores. But many of those people who buy dogs from retailers don’t know the history of their new dog.
But the fact is, many of the dogs at pet stores come from breeders who focus not on the well-being of their animals but on making money.

According to the Humane Society, it’s difficult to regulate or even ban the cruelty that some breeders impose on their dogs. And that’s because it’s not always easy to tell if a breeder takes good care of his or her puppies.

The only way to get rid of bad breeders is to adopt dogs from shelters or buy dogs from people who are known to raise their dogs in a safe and loving environment.

The dog Harleigh is one such dog. She spent years in a cage and was forced to produce several litters of puppies. When she was finally rescued, she was in shock.


Because she wasn’t used to human contact, she was afraid of people.

But after only an hour with a loving volunteer, she starting feeling more confident.


It’ll take time for Harleigh to completely regain her trust in people; but in light of what happened during her first hour of freedo;, imagine what could happen after Harleigh spends even a day or a week with a loving family.

I really hope that Harleigh fully recovers!

If you’re buying a dog, always find as much as you can about the breeder before you buy a dog from them.

After Hit and Run, Their Fallen Friend Lay In The Road – Nothing Was Going To Make Them Move!

Strength in solidarity of something we tend to think of as a human trait, but our four-pawed friends stand by it too, in fact, these stray dogs touched a nation after they plain refused to get out of the road after one of them was hit by a car…

The five of them all together were trying to get across the road, four of the five made it but one of them got hit by a car.

They were in Lanzhou, in Gansu province, in Central China and the road they were trying to cross was a really busy road there.

The fifth that was knocked down by a car was sadly dead, lay lifeless on the road, but that didn’t stop his friends from doing what they felt was right!

When the four that made it across heard their friend yelp out in pain, instead of running away, they ran back to him, to nuzzle and be with their friend.

Perhaps even hope that their fallen friend would get up and come with them, but either way, they had made their stand and nothing was going to make then move!


Onlookers said that the four dogs just ignored the busy traffic, without concern that their friend had died.

Its believed that the driver who ran over the dog didn’t even stop, just heatlessly carried on like nothing had happened!

You can see in the short video that the cars pass by but the dogs stubbornly refuse to move out of the way, even though the car pass dangerously close to them.
The clip really went viral, it really does show the strength of the animals friendship.

One person said:

“If only humans could be more like these dogs.”

The dogs did finally move, but only when one of the passers-by moving the dead dog to the side of the road.

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