Karma! Security Camera Shows Package Thief Bust Ankle During Theft

A home security camera captured the moment that the thief paid for her crime.

Bothell, WA – A package thief was captured on home security cameras stealing medication that was delivered to a homeowner’s doorstep, but she paid in pain for her theft.

The incident happened Friday at a home off of Filbert Road. Video of the theft was captured on the home’s Ring doorbell and Nest security camera.

The video shows two people in a car scoping out houses until they spot the packages in front of the victim’s house.

A female thief jumped out of the car and ran for the packages, which contained expensive medication.

After grabbing the packages, she turned to run back to her car when she slipped and appeared to break her ankle.

With the female thief unable to walk, the male driver had to carry the female back to the car. He then returned to get the packages she had dropped.

David Ababneh posted the videos to Facebook saying, “Hopefully someone can ID the scum bags. Gotta love Karma though, serves them right.”

You can see the video of the incident below:

Spirited Injured Puppy Dragging Her Legs battles Predators to Find Help

Poppy is a seven-month-old puppy. Poppy sustained an injury that crushed her spine and left her back legs useless. It isn’t known how she received this wound.
Poppy was either kicked by a cruel human or was tread upon by a wild animal in Botswana’s vast northern Okavango region.

It’s unknown how long poor Poppy was alone, struggling to find help. It could’ve been for days or months.

Susanne Vogel works at an elephant research camp. One day, Poppy dragged herself into their camp. Vogel talked about the first time she and her coworkers first saw Poppy: “She came crawling – literally crawling because her back legs were completely immobilized – into our research camp. She was unable to walk, but full of love and seeking help.”

Vogel and her colleagues couldn’t ignore Poppy’s plight. They did what they could to care for the spirited injured pup who’d already evaded further injury and death at the hands of wild animals.

It would be a few days until they could take Poppy to a veterinarian. The journey alone, would take hours over dangerous roads and would involve a ferry crossing.

Poppy’s endurance and will to live shocked vogel and her team. Vogel explained the odds of Poppy’s odds at continued survival: “The camp is in a remote region, filled with elephants, but also lions, hyenas, and other predators.

Poppy had somehow made it to us, emaciated and soaking wet from the rain.”

After surviving the journey to a vet hospital, it was determined Poppy would need surgery to fix her spine. Knowing this would be an expensive undertaking, Amanda Stronza set up a Go Fund Me page.

“He said the chances were ‘slim’ she could make it through the surgery or recovery afterward,” Amanda Stronza said of the vetrinarian.

“But she had so much life in her, and I knew we needed to honor her will to live and the hard fight she had already fought to find us and stay alive. I couldn’t agree to euthanize her.”

Despite the vet’s predictions, Poppy continued to grow stronger each day. She had access to food, water, and anti-inflammatory medication.

Her comeback delighted her rescuers; Poppy’s determination even astonished the vet, who decided the pup needed more strength before performing the risky surgery. The doctor would postpone the operation until Poppy was as strong as possible.

Poppy forged on, gaining strength after strength. She impressed her team of carers by putting the slightest bit of weight on her back legs that were once useless. Stronza and her colleagues were in awe of the pup’s will.

They knew after first seeing Poppy that she was a survivor: “Her eyes pulled us in immediately,” Stronza said.

“They are huge, imploring, and sparkling with life. She bursts with the sweetest spirit, and we could see that clearly, despite the desperate condition she was in.”

Poppy is still with her elephant researcher friends in Botswana. The researchers will assess Poppy’s condition in a month’s time and go from there. They have the highest of hopes for the brave pup:

“She already has so many people all over the world who love her from a distance and are checking on her progress daily and are eager to see a happy outcome, namely adoption into a loving family,” Stronza said.

“She will regain her ability to walk, or she will gain wheels to help her around. I think she has a bright future!”

Woman Catches Dog Being Mistreated by PetSmart Groomer on Video

Terah Leder was walking by a Petsmart in Katy, Texas, when she was alarmed by what she saw. She noticed a groomer aggressively handling a small dog through the window of the salon. The more Terah saw, the more she got upset.

She immediately knew she needed proof of what she was seeing, so she started to film it with her mobile phone, until she couldn’t watch it anymore and had to intervene.

In the video, the groomer is seen roughly grabbing the Shih Tzu by the face in order to trim her fur. She grabs the small dog several times, and each time the dog looks frightened. Terah was so disturbed by what she was witnessing that she dropped her phone and began banging on the window, shouting angrily at the woman.

Terah then waited for over an hour for the dog’s owner, Brooke Vowers, to return to the store, where she approached her in the parking lot and told her what she had seen and showed her the video. Brooke noticed her dog, Boo, was skittish after she picked her up and was disturbed by what she saw.

Brooke later posted the video to Facebook, where it quickly went viral. She says she posted it because she wants other pet parents to know what could happen to their dogs while at the groomers and she did not want anything to happen to other people’s dogs while under this groomer’s care.

PetSmart fired the groomer just hours after she was caught on camera and met with Brooke at the time of the incident. Presently, there is no criminal investigation into what was captured on video.

Brooke said she is incredibly grateful for what Terah did to help protect Boo.

Dog Fighting Breeder Found Tied Up And Beaten Pretty Bad By Masked Men

Image result for Dog Fighting Breeder Found Tied Up And Beaten Pretty Bad By Masked Men

A 52-year old Detroit man and suspected dog fighting breeder was reportedly outside feeding his dogs when he was confronted by three armed men wearing masks to conceal their identities.

The masked men forced him into his home where they tied him up before brutally beating and torturing him before cutting off his ear and driving away in his van. “They tied him up (the dog fighting breeder); they beat him up pretty bad. Broke ribs, broke fingers, stabbed him with ice picks, cut an ear off. It’s just messed up,” the victim’s cousin Marty Johnson said.

Police believe the man was targeted because of his Pit Bull breeding operation which may be tied to dog fighting.
When police arrived at the man’s Detroit property, they found at least 16 Pit Bulls tied up outside, emaciated and living in filth in the backyard, and at least a dozen more in the same poor condition in the home’s basement.

Image result for Suspected Dog Fighting Breeder Tortured by Masked Men

A second property owned by the man was also housing dozens of unhealthy dogs.
Animal Control was called to the properties to remove the dogs, but family members insist the man was not involved in dog fighting, that he only breeds the dogs to sell them.

“No, he don’t fight dogs. He breed dogs. No, he don’t fight dogs,” the victim’s brother explained. “He has a lot of dogs; it’s been like that since we was kids.”

Image result for Suspected Dog Fighting Breeder Tortured by Masked Men

The man is now recovering at the hospital. He is facing misdemeanor animal cruelty charges for the condition in which his dogs were found.
The men who tortured him have not yet been found and no arrests have been made.

Do you think this man got what he deserved?

Emaciated Dog Was Found Tied Up To Church Fence, But He Was A Warrior In His Heart!

Image result for Emaciated Dog Was Found Tied Up To Church Fence, But He Was A Warrior In His Heart!

Outside a church in Fulton County, Georgia, animal rescuers found a boxer mix tied to a fence. The poor boy weighed only 28 pounds; he should be double that size for his age according to Angels Among Us Pet Rescue.
Angels Among Us Pet Rescue later named this sweet man Odysseus after the Greek hero who fought in the Trojan Wars.

We think he is quite the warrior too for what he’s endured. If the group hadn’t found him when they did, Odysseus wouldn’t have lasted much longer in that horrible condition.

The group wrote on Facebook: “Odysseus is currently on a feeding plan to help him stay on the right track and get his body the nutrients he so desperately needs. He’s eating very well too! And luckily, he is heartworm negative!!!

He’s tested negative for various other diseases as well, so this is great news!!! He’s just extremely malnourished!”

The poor lad had a long recovery ahead of him, but Angels knew this: “This sweet boy still has a long road ahead of him, but his future is looking brighter than ever!”

emaciated dog

It’s incredible to read harrowing stories of animal rescue where the most abused, neglected and abandoned dogs come back from the brink of darkness. Seeing rescue volunteers and shelter staff write about who got the first lick or snuggle is so heartwarming because despite what they’ve gone through, these dogs still know how to accept and give love.

“He is a complete lovebug too! He desperately wants love, and it’s so evident in his sweet face. He’s a bit nervous at first when he meets someone but quickly warms up, once talked to,” the group said.

You can see in this photo Odysseus allowing his foster, Nicole to hug and love on him while at the animal hospital. Nicole got her first kiss from the sweet boy.

emaciated dog

Angels Among Us Pet rescue summed things up perfectly. They can’t save every dog, but with tender love and care, those dogs they do rescue have a better chance to pull through: “THIS, this right here is rescue,” the group wrote. “This is why we do what we do, day after day!”

We love all rescue groups for their dedication and love that come from the best place ever! The heart.

She Was Filmed Appearing To Suffocate Her Dog With A Plastic Bag, The Hunt Is On For Her!

Cruelty to animals never fails to turn my stomach, but this ongoing case here really makes me feel sick to the pit of my stomach, but first, they will have to find her…
To say fact is stranger than fiction with what this woman appears to do it pretty close to the mark here, it’s unbearable.

The hunt is on for this mystery woman who has been filmed appearing to suffocate her greyhound dog with a plastic bag!

The woman is likely to be local to the area where the footage was taken, near Balgowlah in Sydney’s north, and if you’re from that area, then keep a watch out!

The woman’s description was given as being about a medium build with shoulder length dark or black hair, she was, at the time, dressed in pink jogging shorts and sneakers!

The animals rescue association, the RSPCA, is urgently asking anyone who knows this woman or her dog to contact the cruelty hotline immediately.

The woman has what appears to be a plastic bag that she is seemingly using to suffocate her poor pet greyhound dog with.

The actual incident happened at Peronne Avenue in Clontarf not long after around 7.30pm on Monday.

A statement was issued saying:

“The informant in this matter has done the right thing by reporting this incident to RSPCA NSW straight away”

“By documenting this act, we are able to investigate further and help to stop this from occurring again”

Anyone at all who can help identify the woman please call the RSPCA or call 1300 CRUELTY (1300 278 3589).

Spread the news, let’s find this woman!


Police Get Call About Dead Dog Left In Crate. Cop Inspects Body & Isn’t Prepared For What She Finds

The unpleasantness cops deal with is never something they become accustomed to; they’re human. If they didn’t feel something when taking in a horrible scene, there would be something wrong. Though they can’t show their reactions physically, they’re still affected by seeing the lowest and cruelest acts humanity can commit on itself and animals.

The Austin, Texas PD’s Animal cruelty division came across a crate that was left on the shoulder of a busy road. They’d received a call alerting them to the dead dog inside. As upsetting as this case would be, the responding officers still had a job to do.

The scene was at a busy intersection in downtown Austin. The cops knew they had to respond quickly. They didn’t want any innocent bystanders to see the horrific state of the scene. Heck, none of them wanted to approach the metal crate. They had no choice. Not even these seasoned professionals were prepared for what they found.

Inside was a young emaciated female puppy. Around the matted fur of her neck was a rhinestone collar, which told them perhaps she had once been well-loved and cared for. That wasn’t the case now. She lay still atop a bed of feces, urine, and rainwater. It was evident she’d been in this condition for some time. Such a tragic end to what could’ve been a wonderful life.

At first glance, things may appear worse than they truly are. sadly, Officer Eva Wagner was forced to peer down at the poor starved pup. She was a sorry, sad sight with her protruding bones and filthy fur. Then as if she were seeing things, Eva noticed the puppy’s tiny ribcage move up and down.

She was alive, but barely. Sophie, as she was later named, needed help fast! With her life in the balance, the officers rushed her to the Austin center for Emergency for immediate treatment. Veterinary technician, Elizabeth Mancera received the 9-pound baby girl.

“The day she came in was a tough day. She was not moving. She was barely breathing. She couldn’t stand.”

Despite Sophie’s miserable condition, she worked to bring her back from the brink of death. She needed a catheter; a gentle bath rid Sophie of the yuck and waste on her body. For two hours, the frozen gal was then given a hot air bath with a hairdryer. This helped keep her body temperature up. When she arrived at the clinic, her core temperature didn’t register on the thermometer.

Sophie, a 1-year-old boxer melted the vet tech’s heart. All her pain and fear were written in her huge lovely eyes. She was begging to be saved. But she didn’t have to worry anymore. She was already on the road to a better life.

Elizabeth knows the importance of making an animal feel they’re loved. It’s helpful for them to hear a voice offering comfort, assurance, and security.

She spoke to Sophie while she treated her: “She just kept looking at me, and I was just talking to her to let her know that we were here… When I called her Sophie, she looked at me, and that’s when I just knew she was going to be OK.”

Elizabeth was permitted to foster the sick boxer. Sophie needed round-the-clock care. The vet tech was determined to get her healthy again. The pooch required a doggie diaper because she couldn’t stand or walk on her own.

She never left Sophie’s side. In a month, the dog gained a right amount of weight. The lovely gal with the chubby cheeks started walking. And bonus…Elizabeth adopted her.

Sophie now has a doggie BFF; she has an extended human family to play with and receive cuddles. She even has a job as the Austin PD’s animal Cruelty division mascot. She’s a lucky pup who just wants to help the folks who saved her life.

She especially loves it when the bad guys are caught. Not to mention the perks that come with her position. Who wouldn’t love all the pats and cuddles? Oh, and field trips.

Sophie’s living the high-life now surrounded by all the love a gal can handle. Not bad for a dog who was once thought dead.

She Was Frustrated Because The Dog Wouldn’t Let Her Sleep, But Then She Checked Her Son And Saw Why

It was the middle of the night. The Nuttall family members were all sound asleep. But then their dog, Jedi, started jumping on the bed and wouldn’t stop until Dorrie woke up.

The dog came in and jumped on the bed, then off again, and then back on. Dorrie felt him jumping but didn’t wake up. The dog was not about to give up. When the dog laid on her, she finally woke up.

Dorrie knew something must be wrong.

Their 7-year-old son, Luke, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was only 2-years old. Because he was too young to recognize the symptoms of low blood sugar, they decided to adopt their diabetic alert dog, Jedi. And tonight they were so thankful that they had.

She Was Frustrated Because The Dog Wouldn’t Let Her Sleep, But Then She Checked Her Son And Saw Why
The dog was trained to recognize the symptoms of low blood sugar.

Dorrie clambered out of bed and examined her son’s continuous glucose monitor. The monitor keeps ongoing track of his sugar levels. Everything looked good, and her son looked okay, so Dorrie turned to go back to bed.

But the dog was unrelenting. He bowed again and again, repeating the signal he’d been trained to send if he sensed that Luke’s blood sugar had fallen too low.

Dorrie knew the dog meant business. The sleep fog started to wear off and Dorrie started to think clearer. Then, suddenly, she was wide-awake and knew something was wrong.

She Was Frustrated Because The Dog Wouldn’t Let Her Sleep, But Then She Checked Her Son And Saw Why

Dorrie pricked her son’s finger and got a blood sugar level that was almost half of what was showing on the monitor – it was way too low, and was falling fast.

She quickly gave her son a glucose tablet and watched him slowly recover.

Then she took a picture and posted it on Facebook:

“Luke was laying right next to me, just inches from me, and without Jedi I would have had no idea that he was dropping out of a safe range,” she wrote in her post that has since gone viral. “This is a picture of a Jedi saving his boy.”

She Was Frustrated Because The Dog Wouldn’t Let Her Sleep, But Then She Checked Her Son And Saw Why
Diabetes is new to Dorrie and her family. They’ve never had to deal with something like this before. So she uses her Facebook page to chronicle countless middle-of-the-night episodes like this one to spread awareness and expose other people to the realities of diabetes.

But it’s also a testament to the amazing things these dog can to do help diabetic patients. Sometimes, like in this circumstance, the dog was a better judge of the little boy’s health than his parents, a high-tech monitoring machine, or even the patient himself.

Dogs have an incredible powerful sense of smell. This amazing ability allows them to detect hormones, cancer, deadly bacteria, and even seizures.

Although it’s unknown exactly what the dogs are smelling when they sense a patient’s blood sugar has fallen too low, it’s a life-saving benefit of having a trained dog.

Dorrie noted that she had an alarm set to check Luke’s blood sugar in an hour. But that would’ve been too late.

She Was Frustrated Because The Dog Wouldn’t Let Her Sleep, But Then She Checked Her Son And Saw Why
Luke and his dog have quickly become inseparable. They do everything together. The dog understood his role and took it very seriously, and saved this little boy’s life.

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She Was Frustrated Because The Dog Wouldn’t Let Her Sleep, But Then She Checked Her Son And Saw Why


This 7 sec Sleeper Chevy Nova will Blow Your Mind!

Any car that can cover the distance of a quarter mile from a standstill in less than 8 seconds is a seriously fast car in out book, and the one that we are bringing you today is one of those, apart from the fact that this vehicle is capable of immense acceleration, this one gets to cover about 800 miles over a drag weekend racing in three different states and at three different track in the period of three days.

The first run is not the best one that this awesome muscle car is capable, since it begins with a huge wheelstand that forces an early cutoff and a run that the river soon wants to forget.

The car goes in the pits for some additional tinkering and comes out stronger than ever, he takes it down a notch at the starting line and then hammers is so hard that the run results in the best 5.3 1/4-mile pass in the US at the blistering 7.90@172.96!

Check out the video of this amazing Nova which is still a street car yet it is in the 7 second crowd now.

50 BMG Pistol: Kiss Your Wrists Goodbye

Meet the Triple Action Thunder .50 BMG pistol by Triple Action, LLC.

It may look like a prop from a bad science fiction movie, but this unique single-shot pistol is 100% real. Surprisingly, the recoil is actually not as severe as many would assume thanks to a high efficiency muzzle brake and nitrogen recoil controller shock absorption system.

A Hand Cannon Like None Other
The .50 BMG pistol first started turning heads at SHOT Show 2004 where a prototype was found on display at the Triple Action, LLC booth. The booth also featured a few range videos where the Thunder could be seen in action.

Triple Action, LLC out of Logan, Utah was interested in producing more of these bad boys as a marketing trick to promote their recoil reduction systems. Sadly the company is gone, but the pistol still remains. This hand cannon, and we do mean cannon, fires a .50 cal BMG out of the palm of your hand.

Features – Caliber: .50 BMG, Action: Scissor breach with separate cocking lever and case ejector
Capacity: Single round, Weight: 12 lbs empty, Barrel: 13.2″, Overall: 16.9″
Trigger: 1 to 12 lbs (factory set)

History Of The .50 BMG
While a .50 caliber pistol may seem a bit large for everyday use, a 1/2″ diameter round was completely normal in the flint-lock era. After the development of smokeless powder, most pistols began using smaller bullets fired at higher velocities and the .50 caliber became less and less common. Rifles and machine guns, on the other hand, continued to experiment with larger rounds to meet the demands of mechanized warfare.

The .50 BMG, aka 12.7x99mm NATO, was developed in by John Browning during World War I. The legendary firearm manufacturer recognized the need for an anti-aircraft weapon near the end of the Great War. He based his idea on the .30-06 Springfield cartridge and the M1917 machine gun.

The M1917 Browning Machine Gun was used by the United States Armed Forces from WWI through the Vietnam War.
M1917 Browning Machine Gun (image source; Wikipedia)

The M1917 Browning Machine Gun was used by the United States Armed Forces from WWI through the Vietnam War.

The result was a new .50 caliber round that would be fired from the M1921 Browning machine gun, a water-cooled machine gun that would stay in service until 1933 where it was replaced by the M2 air-cooled Browning machine gun.

The .50 caliber Browning Machine Gun round.
.50 BMG Cartridge (image source; Wikipedia)

The .50 caliber Browning Machine Gun round.

The .50 BMG (Browning Machine Gun) cartridge has remained in service by NATO and many other nations since World War II. Originally designed for anti-aircraft purposes, the .50 BMG would later be modified for use with anti-material weapons.

Cartridge Specs, Parent Case: .30-06, Bullet diameter: .510″,
Bullet weight: 647 gr – 800 gr, Neck diameter: .560″
Shoulder diameter: .735″, Base diameter: .804″, Case length: 3.91″
Overall length: 5.45″, Max pressure (EPVAT): 60,481 psi, Max pressure (CIP): 53,664 psi