Another firearms manufacturer bends the NFA to build a shorter 12 gauge “firearm”

It’s no secret that the Military Arms Channel has no love for the NFA, but they do have plenty of room in their hearts for weapons manufacturers willing to push those federal boundaries.

Meet the Fostech Origin SBV “Firearm,” a shorter version of the Origin 12 shotgun.

It’s not cheap with an MSRP just south of $3k, but it is an absolute beauty.

Take a closer look at this cool little “firearm” in the video.

I don’t like the NFA. That’s no secret. I find all gun laws to be unconstitutional so I fully support companies who make things that push the boundaries. Fostech has a new “firearm” out based on the Origin 12ga shotgun called the SBV. The SBV isn’t a rifle, pistol or shotgun. It’s a “firearm”. What does that mean? Watch and find out.

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