7-year-old girl shoots her first deer, public rallies behind father for his excellent instruction

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The Klapper family from North Texas has proudly encouraged the next generation to follow in their hunting footsteps. Mom and Dad’s Facebook pages frequently feature images of their young children hunting with them for deer and turkey. This season 7-year-old Lilly took her first deer and the internet went wild.

With more than 2.3 million views in less than 3 days, the public response to his daughter’s video has left Cody stunned. The avid hunter and excellent father was concerned that some people may not appreciate their traditions and wrote ” I respect and understand that this video may not be for everyone, if you think that you might be offended by this video that has my daughter shooting a deer with a modern hunting rifle please keep scrolling.”

Fortunately for him it seems everyone is just as excited for Lilly as he is. The determined little girl patiently waits for her shot showing respect for her weapon and the animal throughout the video, and the public noticed.

The post was filled with positive user comments like “Parenting done right 😁 congratulations on your first deer Ms.Lilly,” and “Great job Lilly! Great job Dad! Her focus, concentration, patience, and attention to detail is admirable!”

Viewers didn’t fail to notice the overwhelming number of positive comments either. One viewer wrote “Know what the best part is….no one on here is complaining about her age and gun!!! Kickass great shot!!

Making a Chisel Knife – inspired by the Mora & kiridashi knives

Intrigued by the shape and functionality of the Mora and when I saw this old jointer blade at a flea market I decided to make one.

The handle is mahogany and was inspired in shape by the kiridashi handles. I had no success drilling holes in this steel so I only used epoxy to keep it in place, if I manage to get a carbide drill bit I’ll try adding some pins later.

Making A Knife From Pruning Shears

Every man that ever held some pruning shears imagined them as a knife. That’s why, when we broke the handle on ours I decided to make a knife out of them.

The blade was of decent quality and basically it was designed to cut wood, so it should make a great shop knife. The chisel grind will prove useful while tracing a line after a straight edge and also should allow for more precise chip carving because of the zero angle on one side.

Since the “tang” is so short I doubled the handle with aluminum and also used the large hole as an oversized pin to take the pressure while chip carving. It’s also great for hanging the knife tip up on the pegboard so it’s easy to grab while working.

The wood scales are made from an olive wood cutting board that was thrown away since it’s full of cracks. Since this is a shop project I saved the nice figured wood for better things and used the dull part on the side. The only fancy detail is that I tried to take advantage of the natural curvature of the wood to match the handle.


Pet dog beaten with lawn mower – support justice for Scott!

This is Fernando Boschman, also known as Nando. Besides being a dog abuser, he is a lowlife and a parasyste to society. He enjoys drinking all day long and causes nothing but trouble among the peaceful community of Pergamino, in Buenos Aires Province.

But this time Boschman took things too far, even by his low standards. Upset that Scott, a dog belonging to his neighbor Daiana Silva, had dared to stare at him, Boschman stormed inside his garage and returned with a lawn mower, which he used to hit the dog with several times. The dog was unable to defend himself, he is 10-years-old and wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Ms. Silva and her sister were shocked to return home and discover their beloved pet covered in blood, sitting on the front porch. Scott was rushed to the hospital, he was beaten pretty well, as you can see in the photos, but is expected to recover.

We must do everything in our power to ensure strict punishment for Fernando Boschman. He had absolutely no reason to do what he did, Scott is as gentle as a pet dog can be. Justice must be achieved at all costs.

Fernando Boschman is known in the community for causing trouble

Scott was slashed with a lawn mower several times

Help us get justice for Scott

Justice For Saint – Arkansas dog used as bait for dog fights!

This is severely wounded dog was discovered wandering the streets of Phillips County, Arkansas, begging for rescue. Luckily, a passer-by pulled over and took him to a vet for treatment.

As soon as they heard about this case, volunteers with the Humane Society of the Delta stepped in and offered their full support. It was quickly determined that this precious soul – named Saint – had been used as bait for dog fights. All of his teeth have been pulled out and his nails all filed down – so he would be unable to fight back. Almost his entire body was covered in soars and wounds, a grim testimony to his tremendous misery. When no longer needed, he was dumped and left to perish all by himself. It is a true miracle that he managed to survive all by himself before being brought to the vet’s office. The injuries are one month old and just look at how swollen he is. According to the latest update, Spirit has recovered nicely and will be put up for adoption in short time.

An immediate police investigation is mandatory, because the perpetrators are still out there, free to abuse other animals at their own will. It is clear that they will not stop unless apprehended; who knows how many dogs are kept as hostages by the fighters? Dog fights are a serious offense and such cases deserve the full attention of law enforcement agencies.

Help get Saint the justice he deserves, because no one deserves to suffer in this manner. All this gentle and playful dog wanted was a loving and caring family. He got exactly the opposite: a pile of senseless suffering from someone that can hardly be called a human being.

If you would like to donate for Saint’s medical bills or are interested in adopting him, please visit the Humane Society of the Delta website here:


This gentle pit bull has been used as bait for training other dogs to fight

Saint’s entire body is full of wounds

All of his teeth have been pulled out and his nails all filed down

Help us get justice for Saint – sign and share this campaign widely!

Punish coward that beat puppy to death for eating his muffin!

This unfortunate puppy was beaten until he gave his last breath: his crime? Stealing a muffin from this man and eating it.

This puppy was a hungry stray in Bogota, Colombia. He was wandering the streets of the capital city struggling to make ends meet, not knowing if he would survive the next day. Food is scarce, so when he saw the chance to grab a blueberry muffin, he took it without hesitation. He ended up paying the ultimate price for this imprudence.

The attacker, pictured on the left, identified as Manuel Forillo lost his mind when he discovered that the muffin that he purchased – and which he had left for a brief moment on a bench of a busy street – had disappeared, he proceeded to teach the puppy a lesson it would never forget. Out of the blue he started pounding the defenseless puppy and kicking him repeatedly until it died. The attack went on for minutes, although the puppy was unable to defend himself. The appalling incident took place in broad daylight, in the middle of Bogota, yet it is quite unclear why no one intervened in an attempt to save the puppy’s life.

Witnsses finally alerted the authorities and the attacker was apprehended and detained.

In 2015 the Colombian legislature has voted in tougher animal welfare laws, which stipulates that animals are sentient beings that have rights and harming them carries a penalty of 60 minimum monthly salaries and up to three years in prison. We, the undersigned, hereby demand that Manuel Forillo is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and no mercy is spared on his behalf. His actions are outrageous and unacceptable. The Colombian society cannot afford to have such monsters at large and a strong message must be sent that such actions will never be condoned.

This hungry, 3-month-old puppy was drastically punished for stealing a muffin

The attacker, Manuel Forillo, lost his temper and terminated the defenseless puppy within minutes

Police Officer Beats Dog With Shovel In Broad Daylight – We Want Justice!

This stunning case took place on a busy boulevard, right in the middle of the day. This is how authorities in Changsha are welcoming the New Year. Alarmed that a defenseless Golden Retriver had been left alone, tied to a wall (probably his owner entered the nearby grocery store to do some last minute shopping), police intervened and, without asking any further questions, terminated the dog within minutes. A video captured by a passer-by shows how the police officer grabs a shovel and viciously strikes the dog several times. On the video, the loud blows to the head can clearly be heard; the dog’s head eventually cracks and the defenseless animal collapses to the ground and dies. Moments after, another police officer comes and removes the dog’s lifeless body, loading it in a truck and taking off.

If this is how the authorities deal with voiceless companion animals what could we do other than expose this widely?

Outraged animal lovers phoned the Hunan Changsha Public Security Bureau (Tianxin Branch) demanding an explanation. They received a stunning one: the dog was deemed a public threat as several passers-by reported that the dog had been aggressive (which is obviously just a pretext to carry out this attack).

Please help us expose these people for what they are: true monsters. I will be sending the campaign to the Mayor’s office to inform his that such behavior is unacceptable and should no longer be tolerated. A shift in policy must be enforced in 2018, with emphasis on compassion and kindness.

If you feel betrayed, sad and angered by this incident, please support this campaign and share it with everyone you know.

In addition, please feel free to write to the Mayor’s Office at his online inbox using this following link (but please remember to be firm, but polite)


Police officer shows zero compassion as he strikes the dog with a shovel

The attack is carried out in broad daylight on a busy street

The harmless Golden Retriever dies within minutes

This is the author of this cowardly attack

This is the police car involved in the attack – license plate numbers are clearly visible

Dog Who Cried When Owners Abandoned Him Wants Out of His Cage

Dog Who Cried When Owners Abandoned Him Wants Out of His Cage – When Puffy’s family drove away, he stared out the window until they disappeared.

After five years, his humans decided they didn’t want him anymore, and so they dropped him off at an animal rescue and never looked back.

Puffy didn’t budge from that window; he peered out, and he cried. Suzanne Levin Kaplan, Founder of Long Island Pit Stop Animal Rescue, met Puffy five years ago at a crowded shelter; she saved his life and took him in as a foster the very day he was scheduled to be euthanized.

Puffy was later adopted, but Suzanne never forgot him.

She’s worked with countless dogs, but Puffy was special: “Puffy is the one that got away.”

dog who cried (2)

This winter, Suzanne got a phone call. The children in Puffy’s family had gone to college, and the mom no longer wanted to care for him.

She hasn’t contacted Suzanne or asked about the dog since the day she left. If she had, maybe she’d know Puffy isn’t doing well.

dog who cried (3)

Since he doesn’t have a home, Puffy’s been bounced around from foster to boarding.

The lack of stability has taken a tremendous toll on him; when he’s put in a cage or a crate, he bangs his head against the bars until the skin is cut and bruised.

He’s trying to get out to see his people, at any cost.

dog who cried (4)

Puffy‘s greatest hope in life is to spend his days with someone to keep him company.

He can literally sit for hours with his head just resting softly in a person’s lap.

When Puffy was returned, Suzanne wasn’t sure if he’d remember her after five years without seeing one another, but he recognized his old friend instantly and showered her with affection.

Once Puffy knows someone, he never forgets them.

dog who cried (5)

This special dog understands that love is forever, even though his former family forgot.

Recently, Suzanne logged onto Facebook and saw Puffy’s previous owner pop up in her newsfeed. She had bought a new dog, this time a small, fluffy white one.

dog who cried (6)

Of course, Puffy doesn’t know this. What he does know is that even though he’s suddenly alone and afraid, he still loves people.

He knows there’s someone waiting for him. They just haven’t found him yet.

dog who cried (7)

If you think you might be that someone, please reach out via the Puffy Prays for a Home Facebook page, email longislandpitstop@gmail.com or call 917 685-8422.

Puffy would prefer to be in a home without cats; though he generally likes female dogs, he can be selective when it comes to males, so a meet-and-greet would likely be required.

dog who cried (8)