Justice for Michigan dog shot in the face with arrow!

This dog was shot twice with an arrow. He was later dumped and left to die in Lexington Heights area in Croswell, Michigan. I saw the plea for justice on social media and decided to set up this campaign, I could really use everyone’s help to gather signatures and send them to the local officials so they could act accordingly.

The dog went missing at the beginning of January when there were subzero temperatures for a couple of weeks; the owners wasted no time in reporting the incident to the police and local animal control; for a fortnight there were no updates, but they caught a break when the canine was discovered with two arrows lodged in his head, abandoned on the side of the road. Police believe the pet was being held somewhere inside as the blizzard hit Michigan for an extended period of time; either two people were involved or he was chained so the attacker could have shot him.

The dog was immediately taken to the veterinarian, his arrows were successfully removed and his recovery has gotten underway.

Please support this campaign and share widely and demand that police deploy all resources available into this case. We, the undersigned, demand that the suspect(s) is /are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and no leniency is spared.

This dog never hurt anyone, what right did these monsters have to act in this manner? None! They need to suffer harshly for their deeds.

The pet had gone missing from his home for two weeks

He was discovered with two arrows lodged in his head

The arrows were removed and the recovery process is now underway

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