Insurance company totals brand new C7 Corvette over one tiny crack

The brand new 2017 C7 Corvette Grand Sport pictured above looks pretty nice right? Did you know that it’s totaled?

This is the “after crash” picture, you’re looking at a totaled car right now according to the driver’s insurance company.

The driver shared his story on Corvette Forum under the user name cdm85-251,

I had the misfortune of being on an extremely busy interstate about a month ago when a vehicle in front of me went over a large rock or chuck of something VERY hard. This interstate is eight lanes wide where I was at and vehicles were all around me doing 70+/- mph, so I had no where to go and I couldn’t stop without causing accidents for others. I tried to straddle it, but it hit a number of places under the car, but luckily it missed anything with fluids. One big problem right now is the dealer has shown me pictures of a rear structural member that has a crack. They are calling it a rear transmission tunnel and indicating it is a non-serviceable part, not offered by Chevrolet. $7,600 damages without buying this part and the associated labor.

Here’s a closer look at that crack,

The driver’s insurance company began looking for some way to fix the car without totaling it, which wasn’t an easy fix after the dealership declared ny replacement would “compromise the integrity of the car.”

The owner told Jalopnik that welding wasn’t an option as it wasn’t covered by the warranty and his insurer was forced to total the vehicle.

This C7 will be offered for sale under a salvage title and scrapped for parts, all thanks to a stupid rock.

Eco-friendly gunsmith recycles 265 soda cans into working AR-15

If you’re tossing out your empty soda and beer cans, you’re basically throwing away a perfectly good AR-15 (some forging and assembly required).

FarmCraft101 decided to do his part to help the earth and started the best recycling program we’ve ever seen.

In the video below he melts down 265 old soda cans in a foundry furnace for enough aluminum to craft a working AR-15 receiver from scratch.

Coonan .357 Magnum may be the sexiest 1911 of all time

The Coonan 1911 is a classically styled semi-auto with a nasty little twist, it’s chambered in .357 Magnum.

These crowd pleasers aren’t available in California or Massachusetts, but can be purchased in the remaining free states with a hefty price tag close to the tune of $1,600 to $1,900.

Dan Coonan first started developing a .357 semi-auto pistol in the late 1970s. He wanted to build a combat/defensive pistol that had the power of a .357 revolver with the higher capacity and faster reloading of a semi-auto.

After completing his first successful prototype, Coonan started his own business, Coonan Arms Inc. By the mid 1990’s Coonan Arms filed for bankruptcy and was dissolved in 1998. While the Coonan Arms pistols are out of production, Coonan himself continues to offer parts and repair services through his second company, Dan Coonan Inc.

The expensive pistols were built to high standards befitting a high price tag and are still quite popular among owners today.

Take a look at Jerry Miculek putting the .357 to work in the video below.

How to Make A Destiny Inspired Hunter’s Knife With A Old Van Leaf Spring

BackyardBowyer decided to build this knife for his brother birthday. It’s a modified version of a Hunter’s knife, made more narrow to fit the leaf spring he is using. He also made the handle holes larger because my brother is a big guy at a little over 6’5″.

Hopefully I’ll be able to start getting back into the swing of things with more knife and bow builds as well as bow making and archery tips.

I hope you take or learn something and thanks for watching.

Helpful community for knife makers of all skill levels to talk about different techniques, steels, and tips for others. Thank you for the love and support!


Dog burned and stuffed into freezer by cruel pet sitter deserves justice!

A man was booked and charged for inflicting tremendous suffering against his friend’s dog. The perpetrator, identified as 24-year-old Samuel Smith, sprayed hot water over Bitty Boo, an adorable Yorkie pet, before stuffing him in the freezer for 30 seconds.

Sara Durbin, Bitty Boo’s owner, left her beloved pet in the hands of a friend with full confidence. Little would she imagine what happened next. Less than two hours after she received a call from Smith, who claimed the pooch had somehow escaped from the apartment and came back with severe injuries to his face. Police reports indicate that Bitty Boo was found with missing skin and hair.

However, Durbin suspected something was off after noticing fur and blood in her freezer and consequently called the authorities. Police determined that Smith had taken the pooch in the bathroom and sprayed him with hot water over his face, before placing the animal inside the freezer. When questioned about his motives, Smith confessed he wasn’t particularly fond of the dog, but claimed he had no intention of hurting him, describing his actions simply as messing with the dog.

Smith has been charged with one count of cruelty to animals and his bond was set at $5, 000.

Bitty Boo was rushed to a nearby vet, but it is unclear if she will be able to regain sight.

Support this campaign and demand that Sam Smith is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. What he did to this harmless dog is unacceptable and therefore appropriate punishment must be applied. Please take action and don’t let this monster escape with a slap on the wrist.

The attacker, Samuel Smith, claimed he didn’t particularly like the dog, but agreed to pet sit as a favour to his friend

Smith poured hot water over Bitty Boo’s face and stuffed him in the freezer for 30 seconds

The dog was left with severe injuries to his face

Help get justice for Bitty Boo

Justice for dog shot in the head and dumped on the side of the road!

Please take action and help bring justice to this dog that was shot and abandoned on the side of a Florida road. His family is looking for closure, we therefore hereto ask the authorities to intervene and launch a probe into what happened as soon as possible.

The dog’s owner, Michael Sutton, was the one that broke the heartbreaking news on social media. According to the information that was published online, the pet’s body was discovered on the side of Bob Pitts Road in Blackwater, Florida. He had been shot in the head and stood no chance of survival. By the time first responders arrived at the scene, it was already too late and nothing could be done to bring this dog back to life.

The complete details of the event are still sketchy, but was is clear is that the dog will be missed liked crazy. This happened on December 22nd, just before Christmas, can you imagine what his family felt like over the Holidays? Probably the saddest Christmas ever.

The person that did this is still out there, prepared to harm more pets at any given time. Please show your support by sharing this campaign and demand a full investigation into what happened. Those responsible must pay for their deeds by all means.

Thank you all for caring.

The dog was discovered on the side of Bob Pitts Road in Blackwater, FL

The dog was no longer alive upon being discovered

Christmas in the Sutton family will never be the same again without their beloved furry companion

Dog beaten with stick by owner in South Korea wants justice!

Dear friends,

We must unite to bring justice for this badly abused dog. There is a video that is circulating on Facebook, it just broke my heart and tore me inside out. I am therefore calling on everyone to support this petition to ensure the perpetrator of this cowardly and senseless act of cruelty is apprehended and brought to justice.

During the 30-second video, a white dog can be seen being hit over and over with a stick. The pooch is tied to his dog house and has nowhere to hide; the owner shows no sign of remorse as he keeps pounding the dog over and over. Alerted by the dog’s cries, neighbors went to their windows to see what was going on. One of them pulled out a mobile phone and started recording the scene as evidence.

This abuse took place on Jeju Island in South Korea. The perpetrator’s name and address have not been made public by the person that shared the video where I got it from.

We must act now to make sure this dog is removed from the premises immediately, before more abuse takes place. No dog should have to suffer like this, under any circumstances!

Please share widely and support my call for justice. Thank you!

The dog is hit over and over with a stick

The pooch is all tied up and unable to escape

The abuse took place on Jeju Island in South Korea

Harmless cat beaten with a shoe deserves justice!

I recently came across an upsetting video showing how an elderly man is whacking a cat over and over. I set up this petition because I want to raise awareness on this issue – we need a show of force to ensure this cruel man is brought to justice.

The video lasts about 30 seconds longs, it’s very difficult to watch. The cat – with white and brown stripes – is grabbed by its tail, turned upside down and hit with a slipper countless times. The apparent reason of the attack: the cat had made a mess in the house and its owner decided it was time for punishment. In my view, this is certainly not the right way to handle such situations. Cats need to feel love and affection and even if they mess things up, there are ways to train them and make them more obedient. I resent such behavior from the bottom of my heart.

Unfortunately, the video does not provide a location and a potential name of the suspect. Please support this campaign and ask INTERPOL and PETA to launch an investigation into this matter and refer this case to the appropriate authorities so justice can be achieved. That harmless cat deserves justice and I will do everything in my power to make sure it happens.

Report to PETA here: cat is grabbed by its tail and hit with a slipper numerous times

The attacker shows no consideration for the pet cat

The attack lasts for about 30 seconds before the cat manages to escape

Tiny Chihuahua slightly bigger than a can couldn’t stop shaking until she was rescued!

What would you do if you saw this terrified little Chihuahua as you scrolled down your Facebook page?

If you are Claire Stokoe, you would call the rescue group that posted the picture and ask about the poor creature.

Claire was interested in adopting the little Chihuahua.

When she called, she found out that the dog had come from a puppy mill in the United Kingdom.

The dog, who was later named Brie, had scars on her legs and some scabs on her ears.


Brie also had a hard time opening her eyes in the light.

She was probably raised in a very dark place. When she adopted Brie, Brie was malnourished.


To make matters even more distressing, Brie had been a breeder dog.

She had given birth twice via C-section. Those procedures had wreaked havoc on her small body. Claire wasn’t put off by all the news about Brie.


She traveled 600 miles (round trip) from Durham, England to Wales to bring Brie home.

Brie was shaking terribly and clinging to the woman at the shelter when Claire arrived.


Claire was now nervous about being able to help the tiny creature.

All Brie needed was love and comfort – which Claire could definitely provide!


As soon as they two were alone, it didn’t take long for Brie to fall asleep in the back of the car.

Brie has some new siblings that go by Dexter, Vesper, and Bouddica.


Here is Vesper ‘welcoming’ Brie to the family!

Brie’s life has improved! She is loved and freely gives love!