Texas man that cut dog’s ears off with scissors must be punished!

The attacker’s name is Cordero Mejia, he lives in Kingsville, Texas and is a proud father-of-one; he works as a scaffold builder at Bilfinger Westcon, but in his free time he likes to abuse innocent animals by performing illegal cropping procedures. To be more specific, this man is chopping dog’s ears off with the help of scissors and other bladed instruments.

Not only is he abusing dozens of animals, but he nonchalantly advertises his business on social media. Anyone that requires his services is free to get in touch with him anytime, according to a statement he published on his account.

His friends all agree with this procedure and don’t hesitate to joke on the matter. Here are just some of the comments I picked up while scrolling around his profile:

The shorther the ears, the better for dog fights

Good thing the clipping procedure was peformed, now other dogs can’t bite his ears off

It is obvious that both Cordero Mejia and his friends have no consideration for the wellbeing of these animals whatsoever.

Clipping dogs is not only against the law according to Kingsville Animal Law / Ordinance, but is also illegal per Texas legislature.

This man needs to be brought to justice and his illegal business shut down effective immediately. Please help us stop this man before more dogs have their ears cut off.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1967308420258093&id=100009368623846

The attacker has no problem advertising his business online

Dozens of dogs (even puppies) have had their ears clipped by Mr. Mejia

Cordero Mejia lives in Kingsville, but also operates in San Antonio, TX. He recently posted he was up clipping ears all day

Help bring Cordero Mejia to justice!

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