Terminate soldier that hung dog and bragged about it online!

I am asking everyone to support my campaign and ensure swift justice in this terrible case of cruelty to animals. The perpetrator is believed to be a soldier in the Ecuadorian army; he hung a defenseless dog and posed for photos. Up to this point, this monster has not been punished. We, the undersigned demand an investigation into this matter without further delay.

The attacker has been identified via social media as Christian Eduardo Poyo and, according to his online profile, he lives in Guayaquil, Ecuador. I can’t help wonder what this dog ever did to this man to deserve such a cruel fate?

This behavior is completely sickening and utterly unacceptable, particularly coming from a soldier, a person who is supposed to be of impeccable moral fiber; this man is supposed to protect the country and its citizens (including animals). This coward is certainly nothing but a disgrace to the entire military of Ecuador and needs to be held accountable for his unlawful actions.

We demand that this monster is apprehended and dismissed from the military immediately. Please share this monster’s face far and wide so everyone finds out about what he did!

This photo went viral shortly after being posted online

The perpetrator has been identified as Christian Eduardo Poyo.

The suspect is believed to be a soldier in the Ecuadorian army.

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