Pregnant Dog Is Stuck Under A Shed. With Time Running Out, Rescuer Invents A Brilliant Plan

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Every pregnant woman has had the horrifying thought that her belly is going to get her trapped somewhere.

They all know better than to get into the bathtub, for instance, without having someone nearby to help them when it’s time to get out.

Pregnant animals don’t seem to understand that their body isn’t the same lithe, svelte body that always does what they ask it to do.

One pregnant dog at the Hawkins County Humane Society in Rogersville, Tennessee learned that sad fact the hard way:

She only wanted to find a nice warm, private place to take a nap away from all the other shelter dogs.

And she ended up getting stuck beneath a storage building with no way to get out!

Nobody knew Pumpkin was in trouble until one afternoon when she didn’t respond to a call for treats.

When concerned workers set off to find her, they were horrified to discover that she had wedged herself underneath one of the sheds out back. But that wasn’t all…

Pumpkin wasn’t just a silly pooch that had gotten herself in trouble. Pumpkin was a silly PREGNANT dog that was in a very serious predicament!

Caretaker Kennedy Margetjak said in an interview:

“I walk out and her pregnant self is wedged underneath the shed and is struggling to get out but just can’t.”

Poor Pumpkin was terrified.

She was struggling to break free but she had dug too deep underneath the cement-floored shed, and her bottom half was completely stuck in the mulch below the shed.

It was heartbreaking, and rescuers knew they had to save her sooner than later. But what could they do?

They attempted to pull her from her prison, but neither the mulch nor the dog budged.

Perhaps someone could dig her out? But then the building might fall on her! What to do?

Luckily, the Humane Society has a dog-whisperer volunteer maintenance man; this guy really is special, and does amazing things for trapped animals.

The Society called this perfect Mr. Fix-It the moment they realized poor Pumpkin’s predicament was beyond their ability to fix.

Not long after, Joey Arnold came racing up, ready to help. He took in the situation and made his plan immediately:

First, he slowly approached Pumpkin and placed his hand on her head.

He needed her to understand he was there to help; he knew had to gain her trust before he could do anything to free her.

Luckily, poor pitiful Pumpkin seemed to welcome his attention.

Once he had calmed down the pregnant pooch, he was off like a flash to get the only tool he could think of that could get her out of the situation.

A car jack.

Yep. Just like changing a tire. You can’t lift up a car to get the flat tire off, but with a jack it becomes easy.

Joey hoped that the storage building would raise up just as easily as a Jeep or Chevy would.

Crank after crank, the building groaned. Finally, Pumpkin began to wriggle as she felt the pressure lifting off of her body.

A look of vast relief came across her face as she realized she might not be trapped much longer!

It was practically a miracle to watch the building slowly rising with very little effort on Joey’s part.

Soon, Pumpkin could almost sit up beneath the building instead of being trapped on her side as she had been.

Watch the video below to see the amazing rescue for yourself:

Pumpkin, at the time of this story, was looking for a foster home where she could safely have her puppies.

Once the puppies arrive and are weaned, healthy and vaccinated, both Pumpkin and her babies will be available for adoption.

The way she was kissing on Joey, I think we all know where she hopes she ends up! He definitely made a friend for life!

If you’d like to apply to adopt Pumpkin or one of her babies, or would like to make a donation or send a thank you note to a group of people who do a mostly thankless job, check out their Facebook page HERE.

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