Dog chopped up with an axe deserves justice – demand jail time for the attacker!

The perpetrator has been identified as Alexandru Memet. He currently lives in the municipality of Arad, in the western part of Romania and is employed in the nearby village of Sagu.

This monster filmed himself while viciously chopping his pet dog with an axe. He then posted the video online, bragging about what he had done. Little did he know that he would unleash a storm of anger. In short while, he was forced to take down the video, but the damage had already been done: the video was reposted and the police was informed. When questioned by law enforcement officials, the attacker claimed this was a huge misunderstanding and presented his version of the events: the dog had gone missing for a few days; when he found the dog, his pet was no longer alive, so he decided to slice him up in order to put him in the trash and dispose of the body. When asked why he filmed himself doing just that, Memet (whose nickname is The Troublemaker) said he acted foolishly and irresponsibly.

It turns out that this thug was previously convicted to three years behind bars for theft back in 2013.

Romania does have animal welfare laws in place – the perpetrator is facing a jail term between three months and one year or a fine. Jail sentences in Romania for such cases are extremely rare however, so this is why we must put pressure on the authorities and urge them to set an example out of this man and impose the maximum sentence available.

Demand justice for this helpless dog by signing and sharing the campaign. Thank you.

A screenshot of the video uploaded by the attacker himself on social media

At one point, the attacker can be heard saying: Let’s see your liver, oh, you have a nice liver indeed.

Alexandru Memet – the perpetrator

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