Dog Is Supposed To Be Guarding Sheep, But His ‘Method’ Has Entire Internet In Laughter

The cutest little sheepherding pooch was caught lying down on the job – literally! The owners could not stop laughing upon learning his technique for the job. When they popped up over the grassy green hill and spied the herd of sheep lazily lolling about, that is when they discovered what the dog was up to. He was lying on the back of a wooly sheep and began barking at the people who were clever enough to videotape this crazy dog’s antics for everyone to enjoy.

The dog looks quite comfy hanging out on the sheep’s back. When the sheep begin to saunter off, the dog manages to maintain his balance and enjoy the ride. While this comical encounter between a dog and sheep unfolds on the rolling hills of Fordongianus, Italy, herds of sheep around the world are guarded by sheep dogs like collies and corgies. According to the website Petwave, herding dogs are responsible for rounding up flocks.

They do this by running around, barking incessantly and nipping at the animals’ heels. The dogs also make strong eye contact with the animals to guide their direction. Because the dogs are extremely intelligent and highly energetic, they are well suited for the task of herding. But this funny little pup must have missed the memo about being highly energetic. However, this furry dog definitely seems to be quite smart in that it’s managed to hitch a ride while herding. Watch this silly dog’s sheepherding shortcut in the hilarious video below.

Texas man that cut dog’s ears off with scissors must be punished!

The attacker’s name is Cordero Mejia, he lives in Kingsville, Texas and is a proud father-of-one; he works as a scaffold builder at Bilfinger Westcon, but in his free time he likes to abuse innocent animals by performing illegal cropping procedures. To be more specific, this man is chopping dog’s ears off with the help of scissors and other bladed instruments.

Not only is he abusing dozens of animals, but he nonchalantly advertises his business on social media. Anyone that requires his services is free to get in touch with him anytime, according to a statement he published on his account.

His friends all agree with this procedure and don’t hesitate to joke on the matter. Here are just some of the comments I picked up while scrolling around his profile:

The shorther the ears, the better for dog fights

Good thing the clipping procedure was peformed, now other dogs can’t bite his ears off

It is obvious that both Cordero Mejia and his friends have no consideration for the wellbeing of these animals whatsoever.

Clipping dogs is not only against the law according to Kingsville Animal Law / Ordinance, but is also illegal per Texas legislature.

This man needs to be brought to justice and his illegal business shut down effective immediately. Please help us stop this man before more dogs have their ears cut off.


The attacker has no problem advertising his business online

Dozens of dogs (even puppies) have had their ears clipped by Mr. Mejia

Cordero Mejia lives in Kingsville, but also operates in San Antonio, TX. He recently posted he was up clipping ears all day

Help bring Cordero Mejia to justice!

Dog chopped up with an axe deserves justice – demand jail time for the attacker!

The perpetrator has been identified as Alexandru Memet. He currently lives in the municipality of Arad, in the western part of Romania and is employed in the nearby village of Sagu.

This monster filmed himself while viciously chopping his pet dog with an axe. He then posted the video online, bragging about what he had done. Little did he know that he would unleash a storm of anger. In short while, he was forced to take down the video, but the damage had already been done: the video was reposted and the police was informed. When questioned by law enforcement officials, the attacker claimed this was a huge misunderstanding and presented his version of the events: the dog had gone missing for a few days; when he found the dog, his pet was no longer alive, so he decided to slice him up in order to put him in the trash and dispose of the body. When asked why he filmed himself doing just that, Memet (whose nickname is The Troublemaker) said he acted foolishly and irresponsibly.

It turns out that this thug was previously convicted to three years behind bars for theft back in 2013.

Romania does have animal welfare laws in place – the perpetrator is facing a jail term between three months and one year or a fine. Jail sentences in Romania for such cases are extremely rare however, so this is why we must put pressure on the authorities and urge them to set an example out of this man and impose the maximum sentence available.

Demand justice for this helpless dog by signing and sharing the campaign. Thank you.

A screenshot of the video uploaded by the attacker himself on social media

At one point, the attacker can be heard saying: Let’s see your liver, oh, you have a nice liver indeed.

Alexandru Memet – the perpetrator

Terminate soldier that hung dog and bragged about it online!

I am asking everyone to support my campaign and ensure swift justice in this terrible case of cruelty to animals. The perpetrator is believed to be a soldier in the Ecuadorian army; he hung a defenseless dog and posed for photos. Up to this point, this monster has not been punished. We, the undersigned demand an investigation into this matter without further delay.

The attacker has been identified via social media as Christian Eduardo Poyo and, according to his online profile, he lives in Guayaquil, Ecuador. I can’t help wonder what this dog ever did to this man to deserve such a cruel fate?

This behavior is completely sickening and utterly unacceptable, particularly coming from a soldier, a person who is supposed to be of impeccable moral fiber; this man is supposed to protect the country and its citizens (including animals). This coward is certainly nothing but a disgrace to the entire military of Ecuador and needs to be held accountable for his unlawful actions.

We demand that this monster is apprehended and dismissed from the military immediately. Please share this monster’s face far and wide so everyone finds out about what he did!

This photo went viral shortly after being posted online

The perpetrator has been identified as Christian Eduardo Poyo.

The suspect is believed to be a soldier in the Ecuadorian army.

Groomer Opens Shop At Midnight To Care For Severely Matted Stray

Image result for Groomer Opens Shop At Midnight To Care For Severely Matted Stray

Dog groomer Kari Falla knows just how much suffering a severely matted dog experiences, so when she saw photos of a desperate stray on a Facebook page for lost pets, she immediately volunteered to help.

A woman had discovered the dog on the side of the road and saved him from being hit by a car. Although it was midnight, Falla opened up her Oviedo, Florida shop, BGE Grooming to tend to the neglected pup.

Rather than placing him in a cage overnight, the devoted animal lover immediately went to work freeing him from his filthy prison of matted hair despite the late hour.

“They arrived at my shop at midnight and it took three hours to groom him. A normal groom only takes an hour-and-a-half,” Falla told Inside Edition. “When a dog is matted that badly, it can cause its blood flow to stop as well as bruising to the dog.”

Shaving the dog – who Falla named Lucky – was akin to an emergency medical procedure. The matting was terribly painful and so severe that Lucky was unable to go to the bathroom. He was also infested with fleas.

“I could tell he’d been that way for a few years from the pictures. You could tell it was extreme neglect,” Falla said. “I knew it was bad, but nothing prepared me for what I saw. It smelled like death and the dog could not walk. They had to carry it.”

Despite his extreme discomfort, Falla says Lucky behaved like an angel while she bathed him and shaved away the matts.

“The dog was perfect for me when I was grooming him. It’s like he knew I was helping him,” Falla said. “Once we shaved him, he was wagging his tail and was so happy. I knew I did the right thing.”

The next day Lucky was taken to see a vet who determined that he is only about four years old. They also confirmed Falla’s suspicion that Lucky is deaf and blind. He has since been neutered and placed with a foster family. Area officials are searching for his previous owners.

Although Falla is a seasoned groomer, she describes Lucky’s case as the worst she has ever seen.

If not for her caring heart, who knows how long it would have been before Lucky received the attention he so desperately needed. Let’s show this wonderful groomer some love in the comments!

Pregnant Dog Is Stuck Under A Shed. With Time Running Out, Rescuer Invents A Brilliant Plan

Image result for Pregnant Dog Is Stuck Under A Shed. With Time Running Out, Rescuer Invents A Brilliant Plan

Every pregnant woman has had the horrifying thought that her belly is going to get her trapped somewhere.

They all know better than to get into the bathtub, for instance, without having someone nearby to help them when it’s time to get out.

Pregnant animals don’t seem to understand that their body isn’t the same lithe, svelte body that always does what they ask it to do.

One pregnant dog at the Hawkins County Humane Society in Rogersville, Tennessee learned that sad fact the hard way:

She only wanted to find a nice warm, private place to take a nap away from all the other shelter dogs.

And she ended up getting stuck beneath a storage building with no way to get out!

Nobody knew Pumpkin was in trouble until one afternoon when she didn’t respond to a call for treats.

When concerned workers set off to find her, they were horrified to discover that she had wedged herself underneath one of the sheds out back. But that wasn’t all…

Pumpkin wasn’t just a silly pooch that had gotten herself in trouble. Pumpkin was a silly PREGNANT dog that was in a very serious predicament!

Caretaker Kennedy Margetjak said in an interview:

“I walk out and her pregnant self is wedged underneath the shed and is struggling to get out but just can’t.”

Poor Pumpkin was terrified.

She was struggling to break free but she had dug too deep underneath the cement-floored shed, and her bottom half was completely stuck in the mulch below the shed.

It was heartbreaking, and rescuers knew they had to save her sooner than later. But what could they do?

They attempted to pull her from her prison, but neither the mulch nor the dog budged.

Perhaps someone could dig her out? But then the building might fall on her! What to do?

Luckily, the Humane Society has a dog-whisperer volunteer maintenance man; this guy really is special, and does amazing things for trapped animals.

The Society called this perfect Mr. Fix-It the moment they realized poor Pumpkin’s predicament was beyond their ability to fix.

Not long after, Joey Arnold came racing up, ready to help. He took in the situation and made his plan immediately:

First, he slowly approached Pumpkin and placed his hand on her head.

He needed her to understand he was there to help; he knew had to gain her trust before he could do anything to free her.

Luckily, poor pitiful Pumpkin seemed to welcome his attention.

Once he had calmed down the pregnant pooch, he was off like a flash to get the only tool he could think of that could get her out of the situation.

A car jack.

Yep. Just like changing a tire. You can’t lift up a car to get the flat tire off, but with a jack it becomes easy.

Joey hoped that the storage building would raise up just as easily as a Jeep or Chevy would.

Crank after crank, the building groaned. Finally, Pumpkin began to wriggle as she felt the pressure lifting off of her body.

A look of vast relief came across her face as she realized she might not be trapped much longer!

It was practically a miracle to watch the building slowly rising with very little effort on Joey’s part.

Soon, Pumpkin could almost sit up beneath the building instead of being trapped on her side as she had been.

Watch the video below to see the amazing rescue for yourself:

Pumpkin, at the time of this story, was looking for a foster home where she could safely have her puppies.

Once the puppies arrive and are weaned, healthy and vaccinated, both Pumpkin and her babies will be available for adoption.

The way she was kissing on Joey, I think we all know where she hopes she ends up! He definitely made a friend for life!

If you’d like to apply to adopt Pumpkin or one of her babies, or would like to make a donation or send a thank you note to a group of people who do a mostly thankless job, check out their Facebook page HERE.

Sources: The Dodo, Honest To Paws

Woman gets 10 years in prison for 15 false rape accusations

Related image

Jemma Beale, 25, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison after she falsely accused 15 men of rape and sexual assault. One of her victims was falsely convicted and spent seven years jailed or in prison before Beale was caught.

Beale is a habitual liar who claims to have been a lesbian since the age of 10 with “no interest” in men reports the Daily Mail.

The West London criminal would injure herself with small cuts and bruises before making a complaint to police. Her deceitful claims sent Mahad Cassim, an innocent man and her first victim, to prison. She told authorities that Cassim had offered her a ride home and then raped her. It was later discovered that she exited the car and instructed Cassim to “get your pants down.”

In 2011 Cassim was tried for rape, and then re-tried in 2012 before a new jury. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison and Beale was awarded $11,000 as compensation.

“We drove for about ten minutes and while we were in the car we were talking and then she came and gave me a rub on my knuckles, my hand,” Cassim said. “She was asking me kind of questions, whilst rubbing my knuckles, asking, obviously about sex,” he continued. “I said ‘Are you sure?’ and she said yes – I asked three times ‘Are you sure?’ – and said OK.”

In 2013 police launched an investigation after one of Beale’s ex-girlfriends claimed that Beale had lied about being raped and sent an innocent man to prison. The Guardian reports that the officers were already investigating a recent report by Beale that she had been raped by several men. They soon found several discrepancies in her account that didn’t make sense.

Cassim’s defense team learned about the new police investigation and appealed his conviction, which was denied at the court of appeals in 2015.

Beale claimed that she was groped and gang raped by a group of men outside The Windsor Castle pub in 2013. Crime scene investigators examined the scene and DNA evidence which showed Beale’s injuries were self inflicted. She accused Noam Shahzad of groping her before participating in the gang rape. “The group of men did not exist,” said prosecutor John Price. A closed circuit security camera caught Beale assaulting Shahzad, which contradicted her claims that he attacked her.

Later that same year she accused two men of participating in another gang rape. “She described a gang rape at night in a street of the most appalling kind,” Price continued. “She alleged that she had been raped one after the other by four of a group of eight men, and she identified two of them as Luke Williams and Steven McCormack.” Willimas and McCormack were arrested but never charged. “She had not been raped,” Price said. “Nor had she been sexually assaulted on any of these occasions.”

Beale spent 5 weeks on trial at the Southwark Crown Court before a jury found her guilty on multiple counts of perjury and “perverting the course of justice.” Sentencing Judge Nicholas Loraine-Smith was unforgiving as Beale continued to claim she was innocent. “This trial has revealed, what was then not obvious, that you are a very, very convincing liar and you enjoy being seen as a victim,” he said. “The prosecution described your life as a ‘construct of bogus victimhood’.”

“These offences usually began as a drunken attempt to get your partner’s sympathy or perhaps to arouse her jealousy,” the judge continued. “They each began impulsively, but what is particularly chilling is the manner in which you persisted in making allegations which you knew were untrue even to the extent of committing and repeating perjury.”

Judge Loraine-Smith condemned Beale for her lies. “These false allegations of rape, false allegations which will inevitably be widely publicized, are likely to have the perverse impact of increasing the likelihood of guilty men going free.” He explained her deceit will only make things harder for actual rape victims. “Cases such as this bring a real risk that a woman who has been raped or sexually assaulted may not complain to the police for fear of not being believed.”

Beale was sentenced on August 24th, 2017 and given 10 years in prison.

Father shows his son how to load the M1 Garand the “Army way”

YouTuber 007connecticut shows how to operate a M1 Garand using the methods taught by his father, a WWII veteran serving with Company C of the 305th infantry regiment in the US Army 77th infantry division.

He shows the three load out options as well as a minor modification used to protect the brass for reloading.

Don’t you just love this classic rifle?

Image result for Father shows his son how to load the M1 Garand the “Army way”

Five simple facts completely destroy the gun-control argument

As a gun-owner and active support of the 2nd Amendment, it’s hard to understand how anyone could support the gun-control lobby.

The fact is most anti-gunners have plenty of fear but very little education when it comes to firearms.

Here are five basic facts that completely destroy the major points of any gun-control argument.

Share this with the frightened anti-gunner in your life, then offer to take them to the range. Be a part of the solution, help educate a gun-control supporter near you.

How To Make a Fighting Dagger Out of an Old Steel File

Today we’re making a fighting dagger with a stacked leather handle. This one borrows from many different styles and the inspiration is drawn largely from several daggers made by Boker in Germany and the Fairbairn-Sykes fighting dagger variants.

Thanks for watching and enjoy!

Some of the tools and supplies BackyardBowyer used:

For the little makeshift forge/heating station:
A Propane Weed Burner/Ice Melting Torch similar to this one –
Soft Fire Bricks –

1/2″ wide, 1/8″ thick brass bar for guard and butt plate –