Tell South Korea: Stop The Abuse And Torture Of Dogs For Dog Meat Consumption! – ACT NOW

This petition was intended to voice our concern and bring awareness and change for the brutal torture of dogs for human consumption. Sadly over an estimated 2 million dogs are inhumanly killed each year in South Korea. These brutal killings involve innocent dogs with loving hearts being electrocuted, beaten, and boiled alive before being eaten! (please watch this video for proof:

Animal protection laws have been made in South Korea, but unfortunately the illegal torture of animals continues as officials refuse to classify the countless killings under animal protection. Police and enforcement would rather not bother and because of this thousands, of dogs are kept in horrific living conditions and then stunned with high voltage electricity and beaten to death for meat!

Instead of properly dealing with the issues at hand, even to this day you can find an estimated 6,000+ local restaurants out in the open selling dog meat soup and various other dog meat dishes.

Sadly the rampant killing of over 5000 dogs per day continues. Many people believe that petitions cannot change what is happening, however on the contrary we believe that by bringing awareness to these horrible acts we can voice our anger and contempt towards these horrible acts and bring change! If we can get the attention of world media with enough signatures, we can make a change through a public outcry against these evil inhumane events.

We are asking on behalf of the countless dogs killed each day, that you please SIGN this petition, showing your outrage of these horrific bloodstained killings!

With your help, we can show the world that this inhumane practice cannot be tolerated any longer


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