Middle-Aged Shepherd Surrendered to High Kill Shelter Cries Himself to Sleep Every Night

Hell of a place for dogs
There are a lot of kill shelters for dogs that give us cold chills whenever we walk in them. The San Bernardino City Shelter (SBAS) in California is one of those places as you get a sense of urgency, desperation and horror as you walk in. To add to worse, dogs are confined to really small and stinky kennels as they wait desperately of their fate. Some have a few days and some get euthanized any day.

Bobo is such a dog who was surrendered to the shelter on October 15 and one of the workers at the shelter said that Bobo lost life in him just a few days after coming to the shelter. He was once alive and happy when he got there but now he cries himself to sleep every night.

If you want to help Bobo, you could share this story on Facebook, Twitter or maybe ask a few friends and family to see if someone would like to adopt him. Please call San Bernardino Animal Shelter at (909) 384-1304 and reference the shelter ID #A388737.

Source: puppiesway.com

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