Middle-Aged Shepherd Surrendered to High Kill Shelter Cries Himself to Sleep Every Night

Hell of a place for dogs
There are a lot of kill shelters for dogs that give us cold chills whenever we walk in them. The San Bernardino City Shelter (SBAS) in California is one of those places as you get a sense of urgency, desperation and horror as you walk in. To add to worse, dogs are confined to really small and stinky kennels as they wait desperately of their fate. Some have a few days and some get euthanized any day.

Bobo is such a dog who was surrendered to the shelter on October 15 and one of the workers at the shelter said that Bobo lost life in him just a few days after coming to the shelter. He was once alive and happy when he got there but now he cries himself to sleep every night.

If you want to help Bobo, you could share this story on Facebook, Twitter or maybe ask a few friends and family to see if someone would like to adopt him. Please call San Bernardino Animal Shelter at (909) 384-1304 and reference the shelter ID #A388737.

Source: puppiesway.com

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12 Year Old Girl Saved From Rape By Stray Dogs

There are many bad people in this world today, sadly, going back as far as time itself! Back in the 5th century A tutelary, that’s a deity or spirit who is a guardian, protected and guided us, in modern day we call them guardian angels…

It’s said that guardian angels can come to protect us in many ways, I think that maybe these stray dogs had a higher being whisper in their ears and encourage them to know where to be that day, as they were in just the right place to come to the rescue!

This young girl, 12 years old, innocent and only just beginning life, was sadly attacked, her guardian angel was ready to protect her, with the help of five stray dogs after a man tried to rape her…

The girl who remains anonymous was walking on her way to her aunt’s house in the barrio Costa Azuld in Argentina, from here things really got bad.

The man seemed to come out of nowhere and grabbed her, he covered her mouth and dragged her to somewhere that he must have known to go where he thought he wouldn’t be disturbed.

stray dogs

The terrible act happened around 9.30 in the morning and the little girl screamed as hard as she could when the man attacked her, the dogs nearby heard her screams!

The dogs came and they knew just what to do, they started to bit the man, the girl was able to thankfully break free of his hold on her and run!

She ran back to a neighbor’s home where she was safe, they called the police straight away who came and brought the girl back to her parents.

The Police were not able to find the attacker and it wasn’t reported what happened to the dogs either, but without a doubt, the dogs are the true heroes here!!

Making a Damascus throwing knife

This Damascus throwing knife is made by saw blads and some normal steel sheet stacked into 25 layers

I hope you take or learn something and thanks for watching.

It might just change the way the human mind thinks and behaves, the way the human species evolves and stuff….

Helpful community for knife makers of all skill levels to talk about different techniques, steels, and tips for others. Thank you for the love and support!

Thanks for watching and enjoy!

Original Boss 302 Concept Shows Up In Farmer’s Barn

This rarity definitely did not spend its life in a museum. It’s seen things.

Let’s go through a bit of background here. Larry Shinoda is a name every GearHead should recognize and revere for his involvement in projects such as the Corvette Stingray Coupe, the Chevrolet Corvair, the Mako Shark Concept, and most importantly here, the Ford Mustang Boss 302.

GM lost Shinoda to Ford’s production team in 1968. To make a long story short, Shinoda was brought aboard to design the 1969 Mustang Boss 302 Concept, which was based off a Mach I Mustang Cobra Jet 429 fastback. The concept didn’t actually get a 302– it was a 429 with 302 badges on it.

The car toured around the country a while before being sold off to Shinoda’s buddy. The radio goes silent here for a while, until an unsuspecting buyer obtains the car from a farmer. The farmer who sold the car, sold it to John Grafelman. He indicated that the Mustang had some sort of historical significance but didn’t know the details. Grafelman apparently didn’t care much, and drove the Boss 302 as his daily driver for years before retiring it to his barn.

Years later, his son was researching said Mustang when bits and pieces didn’t add up. The car had an unusual Momo steering wheel with the initials ‘LB’ on it. Pieces of the car didn’t match up with factory replications. And some parts appeared to be handmade. But the ‘LB’ on the wheel was the trigger.

John’s son recognized the initials as similar to the ‘LC’ Larry Shinoda had on the steering wheel of his Corvette– meaning ‘Larry’s Corvette’. Unknowingly, Grafelman had been holding on to a piece of history for years.

Now that it has been identified, John and his son plan to restore the car to its former glory and show it off at car shows across the nation.

Let’s see how this tidbit of American automotive history turns out.

Pit Bull Left In Tears Alone At Train Station – He Was Crying For Hours


Left to Die on a Station

People live keeping pets and they make all ends meet to have a pretty pet at their disposal but then why do they fail to carry out the commitment in the longer run. Well, it is very commonly observed that people when are tired of keeping a pet end up leaving it alone in an abandoned form sometimes that place is a public place and sometimes there is not even a single person who could help the pet out.

Well, in this story as well what we can see is the similar situation. This pit bull dog was also left by its owner on a train station. The dog was much upset initially when it was found by an animal rescue. The dog was actually crying as it was lost, it was looking for its owner and wanted to go back home but this poor creature did not know that it has been abandoned by the owner and will now never go back home.

Well, here the luck of this dog was good that the rescuer saved it and also the dog was provided with food and medical care as well. It is pretty essential that such people must be punished for doing such worst acts with the animals.

Tell South Korea: Stop The Abuse And Torture Of Dogs For Dog Meat Consumption! – ACT NOW

This petition was intended to voice our concern and bring awareness and change for the brutal torture of dogs for human consumption. Sadly over an estimated 2 million dogs are inhumanly killed each year in South Korea. These brutal killings involve innocent dogs with loving hearts being electrocuted, beaten, and boiled alive before being eaten! (please watch this video for proof:

Animal protection laws have been made in South Korea, but unfortunately the illegal torture of animals continues as officials refuse to classify the countless killings under animal protection. Police and enforcement would rather not bother and because of this thousands, of dogs are kept in horrific living conditions and then stunned with high voltage electricity and beaten to death for meat!

Instead of properly dealing with the issues at hand, even to this day you can find an estimated 6,000+ local restaurants out in the open selling dog meat soup and various other dog meat dishes.

Sadly the rampant killing of over 5000 dogs per day continues. Many people believe that petitions cannot change what is happening, however on the contrary we believe that by bringing awareness to these horrible acts we can voice our anger and contempt towards these horrible acts and bring change! If we can get the attention of world media with enough signatures, we can make a change through a public outcry against these evil inhumane events.

We are asking on behalf of the countless dogs killed each day, that you please SIGN this petition, showing your outrage of these horrific bloodstained killings!

With your help, we can show the world that this inhumane practice cannot be tolerated any longer


This Rescue Dog Still Sleeps In His Cardboard Box. I Don’t Know Whether To Cry, Or …

Meet Captain. The staff at Detroit Dog Rescue, where Captain lives, didn’t know much about him when he came to their shelter last November.

He’d been found on the streets of Detroit searching for food. He was very hungry and very sick, wearing only a red collar. They did soon discover he had a peculiar bedtime habit, though.

The Captain’s Bed

The shelter has a large number of fluffy soft dog beds, none of which interest Captain in the least.

Every night, Captian passes them by in favor of his cardboard box. “All he wants at bedtime is a cardboard box,” Kristina Millman-Rinaldi, founder of Detroit Dog Rescue, wrote on Facebook.

“This cardboard box, or whatever size box we have at the time, is the only way he’ll sleep because it’s the only way he’s ever slept to feel safe.”

Captain had to be treated for a respiratory infection and heartworm infection when he first came to the shelter. Since then, he has fully recovered and is a favorite of everyone there.

Millman-Rinaldi says that Captain is a lovable darling who “will do anything for a scoop of peanut butter. He has the best wiggle butt and loves showing off his tricks.

Despite all he’s been through, he is super sweet.” He knows his basic commands and is great at walking on a leash.

Finding Captain’s Home

According to his adoption listing, Captain is shy around men and would like to be in a home with a female owner. Captain is good with most dogs, but needs to be introduced to new friends carefully.

Captain would also benefit from an owner who will continue basic training with him because he can be timid and new things can be scary for him.

What do you think? Love at first sight?

Blind dog gets surgery so he can see, and 14 million have fallen in love with his reaction


The gift of sight is one sometimes taken for granted.

For example, how would you describe the color red to someone who can’t see? How would you describe flowers, the sky or the ocean?

However, there is some hope. Some people suffering from blindness can recover their sight if they qualify for eye surgery.

Even better, it’s not just people who can recover their sight – animals can do!

One lucky Irish Terrier got to experience getting his sight back, and his ecstatic reaction says it all.

Source: YouTube

Duffy, a lovable Irish Terrier and rescue dog, has had many struggles with his health. He developed diabetes, and at one point lost his eyesight due to the illness.

His diabetes became stabilized with the help of medication, but Duffy wasn’t the same without his sight. I can only imagine how he must have felt, from being able to see his beloved family one day to not being able to see anything, let alone their faces, at all.

Thankfully, Duffy qualified for an eye surgery that would be able to restore his sight. It was great news for this very good boy.

Duffy’s family didn’t hesitate to sign Duffy up for the surgery. His treatment and surgery took place at the Veterinary Referral Center in Malvern, Pennsylvania.

The video below shows Duffy coming out of surgery and seeing his parents for the first time in months.

As Duffy’s tail wags a thousand miles per hour, you can see how truly happy and excited he is to see his family again for the first time in months.

In fact, he’s so excited that he even starts making little high-pitched cries – his own way of showing tears of joy. It is truly so heartwarming and touching to see.

Dr. Kevin Kumrow was the veterinarian who regulated Duffy’s diabetes, and once he was stable for surgery, Dr. Brady Beale operated on him.

Together, the two doctors gave this dog another chance to live a happy and fulfilled life, and it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving pup.

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Every year, the Social Security Administration collects billions of dollars in taxes that it doesn’t know who paid. Whenever employers send in W-2 forms that have Social Security numbers that don’t match with anyone on record, the agency routes the paperwork to what’s called the Earnings Suspense File, where it sits until people can prove the wages were theirs, allowing them to one day collect retirement benefits.

The Earnings Suspense File now contains Social Security tax forms that date back to 1937 and are linked to the taxes that were paid on nearly $1.3 trillion in wages. Some of the W-2s in it belong to people who got married and never reported changing their name. Others are people who filled out their tax forms incorrectly. As of 2014, efforts to track these taxpayers down allowed the Social Security Administration to match 171 million tax forms to their rightful owners.

But there are still about 340 million unclaimed tax forms recorded in the file, compared to 270 million nearly a decade ago. A good portion of those forms were filed by employers on behalf of some of the most unlikely funders of Social Security: undocumented immigrants. In fact, illegal immigration is considered largely responsible for the mushrooming of the file, with undocumented workers paying billions in taxes for retirement benefits they will likely never receive.

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California Woman Posts to Facebook about Two Lost Dogs; Cop Arrives and Kills them

California Woman Posts to Facebook about Two Lost Dogs; Cop Arrives and Kills them

A California woman posted to a Facebook group about two lost St. Bernard dogs in her cul-de-sac.

Ten minutes later, a Red Bluff police officer showed up and shot them dead.

The officer claims the dogs were acting aggressively.

However, a witness at the scene gave a different story.

“There was two large St. Bernard dogs in my cul-de-sac. I posted on 530 (the area’s zip code) needs hoping somebody would recognize the dogs I feared they would be killed because of their large size. 10 minutes later a cop shows up corners them in front of a house and kills them!! I am beyond loosing my mind. One dog is still in the front yard suffering as we speak,” Amy Diane Ball posted to her Facebook page.

It turns out, the dogs belonged to her neighbor, Kevin Hutchison, who also posted to his Facebook page about the loss of his dogs, a mother and daughter pair, along with some photos of the two pooches.

“We were the best of friends and I can’t believe I wake up one day to you being gone! Just feels like a crazy nightmare! Rest easy big sis!”
Now, people are taking to Facebook to warn others not to call police about stray dogs. One poster, John Gregory, apparently created a meme and public service announcement of sorts and posted it to Amy Diane Balls’ Facebook page.

The Red Bluff Police Department along with the Tehama County District Attorney’s Office are investigating the shooting that initially killed one of the dogs and injured the other, according to KRCRTV.

However, Ball posted to her Facebook page that the injured dog died at the animal clinic. Red Bluff police said at approximately 9:30 a.m., the department received a 911 call about two large dogs running loose on Nelson Drive.

The caller said the dogs had chased a small girl, who was riding a bicycle, and that the dogs were acting aggressively.

A Red Bluff officer, who has not yet been identified, arrived on the scene and approached the two St. Bernards. After he shot them, he claimed the dogs barked at him.

According to the department, the officer used his pepper spray on the dogs to deter them, at which time they ran down the street away from the officer.

The officer then followed the dogs in his patrol car and attempted to find the dogs’ owner and the home where they came from. The officer said when the dogs turned into the front yard of a house, he pulled his patrol car ahead of them and exited his vehicle.

While speaking with the person who lived in the nearby house, the officer claims the dogs began barking at him again and moving aggressively towards him. Officials for the department said the officer became trapped between his vehicle and a fence as the dogs continued approaching him.

Apparently fearing for his life, the officer then fired several shots at the dogs, injuring the one nearest to him.

According to the officer’s story, the dog did not run away after the first shots were fired, but continued to bark at him.

After the shooting, many neighbors who witnessed the shooting became hostile, which police claim delayed emergency treatment for the dog that was injured but still alive.

After things calmed, the injured dog was transported to nearby Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic after it was determined Valley Veterinary Clinic did not have the necessary equipment to treat the dog’s wounds. Amy Ball, who witnessed the incident, gave a different account of what happened.

Ball said she had never seen the dogs in the neighborhood before, but when she checked the dogs to see if they had collars, they didn’t growl or bark at her. She then returned back to her home. Minutes later, she noticed the Red Bluff Police Department had arrived, so she walked out to let the officer know the two dogs were friendly.

Ball says the officer stayed inside his patrol car and corralled the dogs, telling her animal control was on their way.

Ball says she heard gunshots after turning around and walking back to her home. Screaming, Ball then ran towards the officer, pleading for him to stop.

But the officer reloaded his weapon. At that point, Ball says the second dog was walking away from the officer, not acting aggressively or barking.

“Don’t shoot the other dog,” she screamed at the officer.

But the officer didn’t listen and turned around and shot the other dog, which got up and drug himself to a neighbor’s yard. Ball then posted several photos of the event to her Facebook page, along with a GoFundMe for the dog’s vet bills.

However, according to her subsequent posts, the second dog is now deceased.