Proud Mama Dog Grins With Joy After Her Whole Family Is Rescued From A Junkyard

For most pet owners, the thought of leaving your animals for a whole day unoccupied racks you with guilt.

So, the thought of anyone completely neglecting their pets is a hard thing to swallow.

Still, it happens all the time, and we are reminded by the many stories we see online.

The good news is that neglected and abused animals are rescued all the time. For example, a dog who was found in the icy waters of lake Michigan was rescued by a shelter and found her forever home.

There are many stories of wonderful rescues, including this one about Goldilocks and her puppies.

A family of dogs were found in extremely dire, junkyard conditions in Baltimore.

At first, reports only accounted for two dogs, but with a little help from the mama, rescuers were able to uncover three tiny puppies.

Goldilocks and her partner in crime, Joe, were found living in unfortunate conditions in a junkyard.

Baltimore Animal Control was called by neighbors who reported the two dogs, but they weren’t the only ones there.

Yesterday, Baltimore City Animal Control responded to a call in the Broadway East neighborhood. It was reported that there were two dogs living in an alleyway junkyard. The “junkyard”—which is really a typical narrow Baltimore City parking pad—was filled with trash and refuse pilled nearly to the roof.

Living in the filth and chaos was two dogs, Goldilocks and Joe. While the officers climbed through the piles, timid Goldilocks approached them and then seemed to point towards something she wanted them to see. Buried within the trash were her three newborn puppies, not even two weeks old.

It was reported that the original owner of Goldilocks and Joe had passed away, though there were still people living on the property.
No one was caring for these dogs, they were surviving on trash, sleeping on trash, trying to keep their puppies alive in trash.

Because the dogs were not being provided the necessities to thrive—food, water and proper shelter—Joe, Goldilocks and their babies were removed from the property and brought to BARCS, where we are working to find the best possible outcome for them.

The dogs may not have originally had the proper necessities to thrive, but they certainly look more than happy with the basics.

Have you ever seen a more proud mother?

Now that Goldilocks and her puppies are safe and being cared for, they can be nursed back to health. They are on the way to finding their forever homes!

Joe, who was not bonded with the pups or Goldilocks, has already been adopted. Mom and babies will follow once the pups are weaned.

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Dog Left To Die With Trash At Rec Center – Community Gathers Support

Here we have a really dreadful case of animal mistreatment, this doggie deserves the rest of his life knowing he is safe and loved, spoiled and days filled with fun! This is such an uplifting tale, in the end, of a community coming together to save the poor helpless victim.

Nikki Rubino with her roommate Rob Rossi left for the Cobbs Creek Rec Center at about 4:15pm on a Tuesday. Nikki had been tagged on Facebook, a post about a doggie found in the trash, at 63rd Street South, in a Dumpster!

They found something really awful indeed!

Nikki said: “When we got there, he couldn’t even move and I thought he was dead” – “I tugged on the small piece of string attached to his neck that attached him to a pole. He turned his head and gave me the saddest face.”

The Pit Bull mix breed dog was looking very sad, but his life signs were strong.

He was lay on the garbage bags and though he had strong signs of life he wouldn’t move from the bags…

Nikki went on to say:

“I had to crawl onto the trash pile to get close to him and pet his head”

“He was covered in flies and filth. As soon as I gained his trust, I untied him and he surprisingly wobbled over to my car and crawled into the front seat.”

“It was like he knew he was safe.”

The folks of Cobbs Creek named this dog ‘Charlie’, Charlie was now in safe hands at last! The rescuers rushed Charlie to Philadelphia Animal Hospital fast, 45 minutes, he is getting the treatment he needs there and is now on the road to recovery.

Amazing donations poured in through the “West Willy” Facebook group with the YouCaring page contributing to this, in under 2 hours there was more than $700 donated and ever increasing!

The Law Enforcement unit of the Pennsylvania Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ is carrying out an investigation to get to the bottom of what happened, let’s hope they are successful.

Charlie really left his mark on everyone that was part of the effort to save and care for him….

Renee Jeanine Ragno said:

“His eyes show so much sadness, no hope”

Another rescuer said:

“He so deserves a forever where he knows he’s safe, is loved, a bit spoiled and has fun!”

Charlie was so poorly that if he had been transferred to the PSPCA, from the Hospital, it could have severely impacted him, he stayed Wednesday night right into Thursday. Nicole Wilson, director of the PSPCA’s humane law enforcement team, understood the need for that continued care.

Nikka said:

“She said that it would be OK to leave him there as long as they could take forensic photos to start the cruelty case charges”

The hospital isn’t accepting donations for him but instead are caring for him for free and giving the donations to the City of Elderly Love: Save a Senior Pet, what a great thing they are doing!

The hospital said in their Facebook Post:

“It’s a terrible tragedy when innocent animals are treated in such a way, and we recognize that this is not an isolated incident”

“Charlie is a very sweet dog and is in stable condition.”

The search is well and truly on for the person or persons who left him for dead near the Cobbs Creek Rec. centre, the good thing is there are some positive leads already.

PSPCA’s director of public relations Gillian Kocher said:

“While he was not adopted from the PSPCA, it appears that he did have a microchip implanted here as part of our front clinic/vaccine clinic services.”

“Our officers will be investigating to find out more as to what happened, how he ended up in this condition, who his owners are and if charges will be in order.”

“We have good leads and are following up in those leads.”

Nikki said finally:

“It’s amazing to see two organizations working together on different ends of animal abuse all in Charlie’s best interest.”

“I’ve never had so many things fall into place like this, especially for a stray dog.”

“I think his story touched a lot of people and that’s really how it worked out.”

Let’s help them catch the perpetrators, share this storey and let’s hope that it helps catch them and bring them to justice!

I Carved A Dog-O-Lantern That Looks Like My Pomeranian Sophie

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, and pumpkin carving was something I especially looked forward to as it was a great way to channel my artistic skill and interest into the holiday.

I started off using pre-made patterns you would find in those books by Pumpkin Masters. However I soon grew bored with those patterns and decided I would try my hand at my own patterns. Each year I would challenge myself to do something different and more difficult.

In 2009 I carved my first ultra-detailed pumpkin, Iron Man. I posted it to a few sites and entered a few contests for fun and it really seemed to take off. Since then I have tried to do something newer, better, and more challenging every year, and here we are today!

A few tidbits about my carvings:

– I only carve REAL pumpkins. Though it is disappointing that they do not last, they offer a unique final appearance that is not matched by the synthetic foam pumpkins.

– I carve using an X-acto knife almost exclusively. It’s amazing what such a small little knife can accomplish.

– A carving may take between 8 and 20 hours of total carving time, not including pattern drawing and transfer.

– I light my pumpkins using a CFL bulb on a cord. Candles are simply not enough light.

I carved this dog-o-lantern of my Pomeranian Sophie this year


I first made a sketch of Sophie on a pumpkin

Then I used X-acto knife to carve the pieces

This was the final result

You can see the process of carving my dog-o-lantern in the video below:

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In his youth, Bennie saved his family from a house fire. Then at 10, he found himself abandoned at a boarding facility and shuffled to a rescue group. At first he was sad and confused, but now he has a reason to smile again – he’s getting a new home!

According to the Daily Mail, the chocolate Lab had to be surrendered because his owners had a child who Bennie did not get along with. Soon he was rescued by Toronto-based Canine Haven.

“He was surrendered to a boarding facility in Toronto. Luckily my sister works there and she reached out to me since I run Canine Haven,” said Tarah Motuzas.

Bennie’s story was shared with their fans, many of whom had harsh words for his former family. But because Bennie had been at the kennel before, Motuzas saw the positive side of the situation:

“I think surrendering him to a place where he knows people and is comfortable was the best they could’ve done for him. It’s better than a shelter.”

However, she followed up with a reminder that it is up to owners to provide for their pets.

“These are our companions – we are supposed to look after them, care for them, and keep them out of harm’s way.”

Applications for Bennie flew in, but it was discovered that he was not good around cats or other dogs, so he would require a quiet home with no pets or small children. Soon – possibly by the end of the day – Bennie will be going to his brand new home!

Update: Bennie got a new home, and now enjoys old age

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Cop Kneels In Street At Dawn To Comfort 2 Frightened, Abandoned Pit Bulls

It was still dark out at 4:30 a.m. when Patrick Hennessey drove to work in Orange County, FL.

He thought it was going to be a morning like any other, until he saw mysterious shapes cowering in the middle of the road. Slowing down, he was shocked to discover the shapes were two pit bulls. One was injured and bleeding, and they each refused to leave the other’s side.

Hennessey immediately called the police. Soon, Deputy Reed and Deputy Boggs from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office arrived on the scene. The dogs were nervous, but seemed calm when the officers approached them gently.

Pit bulls are in a precarious situation thanks to misconceptions about the breed. Because people think they’re inherently violent, they’re often passed over in shelters, abandoned, and euthanized. In particularly gruesome circumstances, they’re even exploited as fighting dogs.

But anyone who’s been around one knows how sweet they are, and how they’re willing to make friends with just about anyone, even a cranky chicken.

On the street, the officers gently led the dogs off the road to a safe area.

By that point, the dogs were convinced the officers were there to help. They snuggled up to them, looking for a little comfort after what must have been a harrowing night.

Deputies Reed and Boggs arrived on the scene at 4:30 a.m. in Orange County, FL, surprised to find two frightened, seemingly abandoned pit bulls cowering in the middle of the street.

They’d been spotted by a man driving to work, who immediately called for help. One of them was injured, bleeding from her leg.

After moving the pit bulls out of the road, it became clear that they were in serious need of some comfort. The officers were more than happy to oblige.

The dogs leaned against them and cuddled them. No one’s sure what they went through, but it seems it was a lot.

The officers applied gauze bandages to the one dog’s injured leg, stopping the bleeding.

The dogs both had collars, so it’s possible they were intentionally abandoned.

Deputies Reed and Boggs stayed with the dogs until Orange County Animal Services arrived. They took the dogs to the local shelter, where they were checked out, cleaned up, and given time to rest.

After posting the photos above, the community was delighted at the quick action and compassion of the officers.

Especially touched were people with pit bulls of their own, who know how often dogs of this breed end up in bad situations.

Today, the rescued dogs are doing well and looking for forever homes.

The dogs, both girls, were given the names Justice and Liberty. The shelter staff says they’re sweet, lovable, and friendly.

You can see more of what Orange County Animal Services does on their website and Facebook, and consider donating to make sure pups like Liberty and Justice get the care they need.

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He Looks Like A Normal Horse, But Wait Until He Turns His Head Around..

Horses are majestic creatures – their beautiful, shiny coats, flowing manes, and powerful bodies make them breathtaking to watch. But there is one horse who just might be “the fairest of them all.”

Frederik the Great, a Friesian stallion, has been called the world’s most handsome horse. He lives at Pinnacle Friesians in the Ozarks with a team of other purebred stallions

Friesians, which originated in Friesland in the Netherlands, are known for their large size, shiny black coats, and long, silky, often wavy manes and tails.

When you see Frederik, you’d half expect a knight in shining armor to be riding on his back – the majestic horse looks like he just stepped out of a fairytale.

Unfortunately, Frederick’s breed has reached the brink of extinction three separate times. His breeder, Stacy Nazario, has taken it upon herself to keep the breed alive and well, and Frederik is proof that she is doing just that.

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Man Arrested Without Bail For Repeatedly Beating And Dragging His Dog

A man from Massachusetts was accused of repeatedly beating on his pitbull dog until the dog started to cough blood and limped in pain, the thought of that picture is enough to make you feel sick to the stomach, the poor dog was left in critical condition.

Mark Rodney Hurd, 22 years old, nearly killed the dog leaving him in this critical condition, hanging onto his life by a thread. Officers said that they found Mark Hurd dragging the poor dog across a driveway after they received a report the abuse from a concerned citizen.

Chief Steven Mazzie, of the Everett police said:

“It’s extremely disappointing to see this type of violence perpetrated on an animal especially a domesticated pet”

“The Everett Police Department takes these cases seriously and would like to remind the public to report abuse of this type if they witness it.”

Neighbours had seen the dog before and said that Chance was really “docile and friendly”

A few other people came forward to say that the utter pandemonium from the direction of his house woke them up Friday morning.

The police said that Chance was taken to a veterinary hospital as quickly as possible for emergency care.

Hurd was arrested and is being held accountable for his actions, in addition to his probation violation charges too, without the possibility of bail!


Dog Waits Alone With Note Around His Neck, People Cried When They Read It!

Now and again, there is a story about a dog owner who is irresponsible and leaves their dog in a public place, with only a note prominently attached to the poor dog, asking for anyone to look after him!

It really is a wonder that people can do this to their faithful companions, or even how they get any sleep at night after they have done it!

BUT… happily, this is not one of those sorts of stories, although there is one striking similarity… The beautiful dog, on his own, has a note around his neck, and everyone who reads it wants to take the gorgeous golden retriever home with them.

At a first look the Target store customers, in southwest Pennsylvania, made it obvious that they initially thought that this was another abandoned doggie!

The very friendly dog was sat patiently on the sidewalk with the note around his neck for all to see…

Once people had approached the retriever and got a bit close to the note to read it, then it became completely clear that the dag was loved and well looked after.

“Dad told me to wait here. Me waiting.”

Steve Moore, from Altoona, had adopted Jackson, the three year old dog from a shelter, after which he spent over a month diligently training him to ignore distractions!

For any dog that is a feat of training and it meant lots of tasty treats and journeys to extremely busy places where he would be able to practice and learn to sit quietly and hone his impulses perfectly.

Even though the sweet golden retriever is adored by all the people that come over to him he still patiently and determinedly waits for his dad to return to him after he has finished his errands, that’s a doggie that knows how to stay put!

Steve said:

“Everybody wants to take him home. I just find that amazing because four weeks ago, nobody wanted him”

You just won’t believe how this dog has mastered his skill he learned and how he poes for everyone with his note, wonderful!

It just goes to show what you can teach your four-pawed friend, share if you agree how adorable he is…

She pours warm water over his skin. When the camera pans back? I’m speechless!

Image result for She pours warm water over his skin. When the camera pans back? I’m speechless!During a trip to the remote area in Cozumel, Mexico the IFAW team came upon a stray dog covered in used motor oil and little more than skin and bones.

He was starving and scavenging for anything to eat. With the help of IFAW’s local partner, the Humane Society of Cozumel Island (HSCI), they took the dog they fondly named Coconut in for immediate care.

Coconut only knew what it felt like to be ignored, to starve, and to be cast aside.

But when he was rescued, one of the saviors on the team realized something for which Coconut had been waiting his entire life.

She said, “The split second I saw him, I knew I loved him and wanted him in my life.”

The woman decided right there on the spot that Coconut belonged to her and her family. As she fell in love with Coconut, however, she also mentally prepared for him to die. It didn’t look good.

Back at the vet, Coconut tested positive for heartworm. But soon, he was on his way to recovery.

After a nice bath, a haircut, and a manicure, Coconut made a transformation you have to see to believe. His fur is shiny and clean, and his outside finally matched his beautiful inside.

Now, after so many dark days, Coconut’s living the life in Mexico. He’s finally surrounded by a loving family and never has to go hungry again.

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Family Dog Drags Dad Down To Dam, Heart Drops When He Sees What’s Floating In Water

David Kenney and his family were visiting friends near Brisbane, Australia, when their 9-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier, Leala, came running up to the house soaking wet. She was barking and appeared frantic, so David followed her. She took him to a nearby dam.

When they got there, David saw something that made him go cold. His two-year-old son, Alexander, was floating face down in the water.

“It was what I wished not to see,” David said, “it was a mixture of disbelief, horror, and sadness, it was indescribable really, but then everything was a blur.”

David and his friends, Jason and Joshua Cluff, performed CPR on the boy for 27 minutes until the paramedics arrived. Finally, they were able to restart his heart, but they didn’t know if the boy would make it.

Lisa Brockbank, Alexander’s mother, was on her way back to the house when an ambulance raced past her. She was curious about what was going on, but nothing could have prepared her for what she found.

“I didn’t think it was my kid,” she said. “I didn’t think it had anything to do with us, and then I came to [see] a helicopter in the sky and the whole place just alive with police and ambulances and my son just lying there completely comatose.”

Members of the Westpac Rescue helicopter team pulled Lisa aside and told her the horrible news.

“They pulled me aside and told me this is as bad as it gets, there’s not a lot of hope, you should prepare for the worst possible outcome,” she recalled.

With his little life in the balance, Alexander was airlifted to Brisbane’s Lady Cilento Hospital. He was admitted to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit and put into an induced coma.

“The doctors said, ‘Be prepared, you may not be taking this boy home, and if you do take him home he’ll probably have some brain damage,’” Lisa recalled. “From a parent’s point of view, it doesn’t get much worse.”

Amazingly, though, Alexander beat the odds against him, surprising hospital staff and his parents with his miraculous recovery. Within 48 hours, doctors brought the tot out of his induced coma and, soon after, he was able to breathe on his own.

But it was his first words after waking up that melted the hearts of all the PICU staff.

“The thing that I think got everyone was that he wanted kisses, that was the first thing he wanted – he wanted kisses off us,” David said.

“It was quite miraculous that he came back so soon and so clear and fine and unchanged.”

The doctors were astounded by the little boy’s quick recovery. They attributed it to the immediate actions of David and his friends performing CPR on the child, which allowed oxygen to flow to his brain.

“We had them in tears,” Lisa said, “they said, ‘This just doesn’t happen.’”

“The doctors put it down to CPR being administered correctly when he was pulled from the water.”

But David knows they can’t take all the credit for saving little Alexander. If it weren’t for Leala’s quick and insistent actions, they never would have found his son in time.

Alexander Kenney, age 2, was found unconscious in a family friend’s dam at Nana Glen near Coffs Harbour on the NSW mid-north coast by his nine-year-old staffy Leala a fortnight ago. Leala went into the dam to try and rescue Alexander on September 5 before the drenched dog ran back to the house frantically trying to get his father David’s attention. Mr Kenney and his friends rushed to the dam and performed CPR on the ‘grey and lifeless’ toddler for 27 minutes before paramedics were able to arrive. The doctors put Alexander’s miracle recovery down to his father’s CPR and Leala’s quick-thinking instincts.

“Without obviously the dog and my two mates, he would be…” the emotional father reflected before choking up.

“Everything that went along in its little series, what happened was just flawless with maybe a little bit of luck chucked in.”

After Alexander was released from the hospital, things quickly returned to normal for the mischievous toddler and his parents. The relieved father said his little guy was in good spirits.

“You don’t want to rouse on him because he’s had a pretty rough time but you’re blessed to have him doing these little ratbag things, being a little monkey and getting into trouble.

“But you know, he’s cheated death, but he can’t get away with murder, you gotta do what you’ve got to do.”

Trouble-maker or not, I’m sure this ordeal has made Alexander’s parents even more thankful for their little monkey. And they’ll be forever grateful to their heroic and life-saving dog Leala!

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