Watch Man And Pit Bull’s Heartwarming Reunion After Car Crash !!

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A man and his pit bull were reunited after they were in a crash. Izzy the pit bull could be seen hopping onto owner Chance Patterson’s wheelchair, covering his face with slobbery kisses. Izzy suffered a sprained toe, and after being treated by a veterinarian, stayed at the facility until Patterson was well enough to get her. The crash killed Patterson’s other dog, a German shepherd.’s Leigh Scheps

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He Doesn’t Know His Family Is Never Coming Back For Him


Abandoning a dog at the side of the road is one of the most cruel things a dog owner can do.

The dog is left confused as to why he’s not wanted anymore, and is exposed to the elements and dangers of the wild. Not many dogs manage to pull through these circumstances, but there are some who get the chance they deserve to receive some love and affection in a new home.

On a Miami street corner, people found a dog who started living in a cardboard box. He’d been dumped on the side of the road by his previous owner, who had been kind enough to leave a few blankets behind and a container of water. Soon, someone erected the small structure out of a cardboard box for the dog to sleep in. And then a tarp was placed on top to keep his new place dry.


Soon, the entire community was doing all that it could to ensure that the dog was at least comfortable as he waited for he owner who wasn’t coming back. But even with those necessities, it isn’t a place he could really call home.



When temperatures became cold, some of the local residents tried to coax the dog into their homes to keep him warm, but he would only growl and run away. Not wanting to stress the dog, they simply added more blankets to his box to help him withstand the dropping temperatures. This isn’t the first time the neighourhood has rescued a stray dog either. The area is notorious for being close to dog fight rings, and these ownerless dogs will wander into their streets.


They do what they can to make these animals feel safe in their time of need, but they admit that they’re not professionals and that they’re going to need the help of a rescue or shelter eventually. For the time being, they’ll keep feeding this stray dog so that he knows someone still cares about him. If you or anyone you know can help, please reach Julian Rovito at If you want to donate towards his vet bills, please click here. Share away, people…

Natchez man accused of stealing at least 10 dogs

NATCHEZ, Miss. (KNOE) – Authorities say a man is accused of stealing at least 10 dogs in Mississippi.

According to the Associated Press, Natchez Police Chief Walter Armstrong told the Natchez Democrat that 37-year-old Charoyd Henrence Bell is charged with larceny in connection with the dognapping that happened last month. Some of the dogs have been returned to their rightful owner.

KNOE has discovered that this arrest is just the latest in a series of incidents for Bell involving the alleged abuse of dogs.

In March of 2016, Bell was charged with animal cruelty after the pictures above were posted to Facebook. The photo sparked outrage online and led Natchez police to investigate the matter. Despite the photo many say suggested being evidence of dog fighting, police said no signs of dogfighting were found at Bell’s home and his three dogs appeared to be in good condition.

In May of 2017, Charoyd Bell was arrested again. As KNOE reported in May, a tip led authorities to a home at 507 Lasalle St. in Natchez where they say they found Bell abusing pit bulls. Another person, Georgia Chapman, was also arrested in connection with the incident. At the site, police say they found 14 dogs which showed signs of abuse.


Battered, Broken, & Abandoned Bait Dogs SAVED from a Life of Hell

Last week, a Philadelphia woman was astounded to look out her window and see two bait dogs in the worst shape she’d ever seen, just sitting on her porch, silently waiting for help.

They are clearly victims of the opprobrious world of dog fighting, and have been thoroughly tormented, they are bait dogs.

It is a godsend they were dumped on this woman’s patio, because now they are receiving medical care and love, possibly for the first time in their lives.

“These dogs were on my patio this morning when I was leaving for work… they were badly beaten and used as bait … bleeding. Broken bones… malnourished,” Tara Whitaker said. “Makes me sick to look at these poor animals.

How people can do this is beyond me.”She spent three hours caring for them before animal control arrived.

They were taken in by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, the staff of which is doing everything they can to get Sweet Pea and Dizzy treatment for all their physical injuries, and love for their emotional ones.

Tara later contacted the rescue group to share more of her story and her gratitude for caring for the pair: Thank you so much for taking them in and taking such wonderful care of them. I’m so happy they’re with you and your rescue. God bless you all! Poor babies.

bait dogs

When I fed them they gulped down the food, and so thirsty. The female [Sweet Pea] ate more than the male [Dizzy]. He was just in too much pain. Looked like he lived his life in a cage.

All cramped up and legs crooked and bent up then when we went to sit he couldn’t do he used his tail to hold himself up to sit. Was swaying back and forth like he was going to pass out.

Eyes shaking back and forth from pain it looked. As soon as that leash was taken out by ACCT he peed everywhere. Fear.

Those dog fighting scumbags use leashes to drag these dogs in for bait. It’s sickening. No wonder he was terrified. He didn’t want to leave me and it broke my heart but cops had to investigate, file [a] report and contact ACCT as protocol.

I tried finding a rescue or someone to take them first but two hours passed by and nothing. I couldn’t let them suffer.

It killed me seeing them like this and sitting with them not knowing what to do. But I promised them both I’d find a good rescue to save them. And thank the Lord God sent them YOU! I called ACCT constantly and Melissa at Channel 10 news kept on ACCT as well to keep them safe from being put down until rescued.

I was down as their sponsor because if no one came for them I would have. Thank you all so very much! I can’t thank you all enough! Keep me posted and give them my love.

This message comes from the post about them on Rescue Dog’s Facebook page: These photos pretty much tell their own story… They were used, abused & suffered the ultimate betrayal by humans, used to train other dogs to fight and be bait dogs.

We are saddened & repulsed by their story. Our hearts are broken. Dizzy is so painful he can barely move. He has bite wounds EVERYWHERE! Sweet Pea looks awful with her swollen face, but she’s physically & mentally in a better place than Dizzy. He cowers when approached by humans. And why we would he trust us?!

After all, the human race has failed these dogs.

How does dog fighting flourish in today’s society?! Why hasn’t it been stopped?! It’s truly mind boggling it exists in our “civilized” society.

We hope the story of these two innocents will help educate people and spread the word! This doesn’t just happen in Philly or NY, it happens EVERYWHERE & we MUST work together to end it!

Pumpkin The Stray Goes From Rags To Riches, And It All Started With A Facebook Post !!!

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We’ve seen some amazing rescue videos, but none quite like this. Grab your tissues for this one, because you’re gonna need ‘em. I was sobbing like a baby halfway through.

When we first meet Pumpkin, she’s standing alone in the middle of a road. Her body is burned. Her skin is exposed. Her fur is matted.

She’d been shot with a BB gun and left to die. To top it all off, a man snapped a picture of her wandering the streets, posted it on Facebook and made fun of her. “LOL. Only in the 3rd ward, I see a burned up dog,” he wrote.

But news travels fast on the Internet, and good people saw this terrible photo of Pumpkin. It wasn’t too long before one man’s sad attempt at sick humor transformed into something incredible.

Local dog rescue volunteers quickly tracked Pumpkin down — and what the man’s picture didn’t show was that Pumpkin was a mother. Her newborn was covered in fleas and on the verge of death, and sadly didn’t make it.

But as Pumpkin recovered, her life took a drastic turn. Her fur grew back, shiny and white. Her scars were healed. Her beautiful spirit began to shine through.

Then, Pumpkin was taken in by her foster mom Kelly. But that didn’t last long… you’ll see what I mean.

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Dog Comforts Fellow Rescue Puppy To Tell Him He’s Finally Safe

A young Boxer mix dog named Sammie, now receiving care at Paws & Claws Animal Clinic in South Carolina, was surrendered to a shelter with a bullet hole in his head, covered in blue spray paint, and bearing infected wounds from being dragged behind a car.

Rescue Dog Rock in NYC has agreed to fund his care and find him a home once he recovers; Sammie has already raised nearly $20,000 on his fundraising page (**please note, the photos in this link are graphic).

Sammie was “signed over” as a stray by an individual who claimed “he wouldn’t die”. Due to the circumstances of his surrender, there will be no investigation.

Though he is certainly improving, Sammie is not yet in the clear regarding his infected leg wounds.

RDR calls it one of the “most horrific” cases they’ve ever seen; but as Sammie fights for his life; he—and everyone around him—have been touched by the actions of another dog who is no stranger to suffering.

rescue puppy dog

Simon is recovering from his own sort of horrific past; he was surrendered as a stray and is recovering from mange.

Owner of the vet clinic Dr. Mike Sauer told People that when he let Simon out of his cage, he “went straight to Sammie.”

He even hopped up on the examination table and placed a paw on Sammie’s; almost as though reassuring him that he no longer needs to be scared.

rescue puppy dog

Following a three-hour surgery to assess and attempt to mend the damage in Sammie’s legs and repair the bullet wound in his head, Simon continues to check on him.

Sammie is on strict cage rest—the bone in his hind leg was worn down from being dragged; he has severe infections in the days-old lacerations in his front legs, and he receives daily bandage changes from his amazing caretakers.

Simon, too, has some recovery ahead of him, but he is improving quickly and will be available for adoption sooner than his friend.

A Facebook post on the rescue’s page says that “the bond between these two continues to grow, both know they are safe and rescued.”

rescue puppy dog

Man Cares For And Feeds 80 Stray Dogs In Thailand

Michael Baines may seem like an average guy, but he does something very special. Every day, he makes multiple stops to feed 80 stray dogs. He’s been doing this for five years.

Though raised in Sweden, Baines spent his childhood holidays in Thailand, and was eventually drawn back to the country in 2002. Although stray dogs generally are not treated very well in the streets of Thailand, the dogs he cares for have come to trust him and look forward to his visits every day.

Baines goes out of his way to make sure his wild, furry friends are cared for, much like these two brave men who went out of their way to free a frightened cougar.

Baines’s actions have not gone unnoticed by the locals. “People in Thailand say it’s a dog problem,” Baines told us. “I say it’s a people problem.”

Scroll through below for a look at this amazing man and the incredible work he is doing to help dogs in need.

What do you think of Baines’s efforts to help the stray population in Thailand? Let us know down in the comments!

thailand stray dogs (11)

Meet Michael Baines, the man who fell in love with Thailand’s stray dog population.

Baines’s love for the strays began after he moved to Thailand and began working at a restaurant.

thailand stray dogs (10)

At work one day, a street dog came by, and she was badly infected and very thin. Soon after, she ended up having puppies.

Baines says his heart broke for her, so he began to feed her every day.

thailand stray dogs (9)

That one desperate dog is how Baines’s mission to save the strays began.

Now, he makes 17 stops every single day day, feeding 80 strays along the way.

The food is a mix of dry dog food, boiled rice, vegetable oil and bouillon, and boiled chicken, pork or fish mixture for taste.

One time per month, Baines adds a medicinal powder to the food that helps keep the strays from contracting worms, ticks, or fleas.

thailand stray dogs (7)

Most of the costs are covered by donations and Baines’s own money.

In addition, he has made a huge effort to get as many dogs as possible spayed and neutered.

thailand stray dogs (6)

Although he isn’t able to house every dog, he keeps the particularly sick ones at his restaurant, or he will try to find them a home.

Unsurprisingly, he hasn’t been able to let go of some of them. He has adopted nine dogs of his own.

thailand stray dogs (5)

“Nine is not crazy, but 10 would be crazy,” Baines joked. “Nine is a good number.”

One of his dogs, Coke, is in a wheelchair. His previous owner let him run through the streets, and the poor pup got hit by a car.

Baines offered the owner a wheelchair, but the owner asked Baines to take the dog instead.

thailand stray dogs (4)

It is estimated that there may be as many as 300,000 stray dogs in Bangkok, Thailand’s capital.

There aren’t many shelters, and some locals see the dogs as pests rather than pets.

thailand stray dogs (3)

Baines says that change is going to take time, calling this a “people problem.”

Baines has created a special bond with his furry friends, and these dogs have come to trust him and enjoy his visits.

thailand stray dogs (2)

He is hoping to change the hearts and minds of the people of Thailand and make them realize that all dogs deserve love.

Baines’s work is an absolute inspiration to animal lovers around the world!

You can learn more and help support Baines’s cause on his website.

Let us know what you think of Baines’s noble efforts in the comments; and don’t forget to SHARE with the animal advocates in your life!

Woman Dresses Her Dog As A Mop, And It’s Probably The Best Pet Costume We’ve Ever Seen

If you’re tired of the same-old-same-old when it comes to canine Halloween costumes, get ready for something that just screams originality – and cuteness. The town of Covington, Kentucky recently held its annual Mainstrasse Paw-Rade, a big street party that lets dogs dress up and strut their stuff, and a Hungarian puli participant named Keki ended up stealing the show.
Puli pups are known for their thick, shaggy locks, which tend to remind us of a particular cleaning tool we all have in our homes. Thus, it made perfect sense that Keki arrived at the Paw-Rade sitting in a bright yellow mop bucket, carted around with a seemingly attached handle. Judging by her satisfied expression, she was happy to just be chilling and mopping up attention rather than having some awkward superhero getup strapped on.
Let’s show some love for Keki and her killer costume, and let us know in the comments what your dog will be dressing up as this year!
A Hungarian puli pup recently stole the show at a local Halloween-themed event in Covington, Kentucky


Can you guess what she was dressed as?


The dog, named Keki, arrived complete with a mop bucket and handle, a perfect match for her shaggy locks



It’s pretty much the best canine Halloween costume we will probably ever see


Twitter, understandably, fell head over heels for Keki, with one user even writing her a poem






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