Man beats puppy to a pulp for chewing decorative pillow up, is released on $1,500 bail

Steven Thompson, a 26-year-old grown man, was very upset and could not control his anger. So, he had to exert his dominance and express his frustration by punching his 14-pound 9-month-old terrier mix in the face.

He beat the dog so badly that he had to take it to the emergency room.

The reason for all that rage and anger? Well, we’d assume it had something to do with the way he was brought up and possible abuse he endured as a child but, like we said, that’s an assumption. The Sarasota County Sherriff’s Office said that Thompson was upset because the dog chewed up a decorative pillow.

The Sarasota County Sherriff’s Office said that Thompson was upset because the dog chewed up a decorative pillow. Yes, he beat up a living breathing adorable dog, named Sugar, to the point of hospitalization over a pillow.

Thompson brought Sugar to an emergency clinic in Sarasota on Aug. 15. The veterinary staff discovered that the dog was in critical respiratory distress and was suffering from internal injuries.

They knew something was up and started asking Thompson questions.

After a bit of questioning, Thompson finally admitted that he not only struck the dogs several times with a closed fist but he also threw Sugar against the floor, according to WFLA. All because the dog chewed up a pillow that belonged to his girlfriend. Apparently, he didn’t get the memo on dogs and how they like to chew things up.

Apparently, he didn’t get the memo on dogs and how they like to chew things up. Not sure what his idea of owning a puppy was all about, but he clearly was not fit for the position of dog dad. Thompson was arrested, taken into custody and charged with Cruelty to Animals.

He was later released on $1,500 bail.

According to Goodfullness, Thompson said he was exhausted after a 12-hour day of work which is why he acted erratically. He also said he was bitten by the dog at some point during the incident. Goodfullness also reports that authorities said that he “displayed a great deal of remorse” for his action during the arrest.

Sugar was left in the care of the veterinary staff.

It’s really sad that some people are conditioned to react with violence. Especially, when same fragile animals and children are involved. Hopefully, his sentencing required some anger management that will actually solve some of his anger issues so that he will never react with violence again.

And we also hope that Sugar has or will find a new home where she will be safe, loved and cared for forever.

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After Being Locked For Two Years In A Small Cage, Landis The Pit Bull Got A second chance at life.

It’s the story that shows how horrible some humans are. A pit bull dog was abandoned, but his case was completely special.

A two years old pit bull dog was rescued by second chance rescue NYC , someone inhumane and cold hearted caged the dog in a very small cage that it’s too small for his body, it is the reason that this pit bull dog has a curved spine and folded legs; sadly, this pit bull is dwarfed.

The Georgia shelter took the dog to start his medical and physical treatments.

The rescued pit bull dog was very lovely and kind, all he needed in life is a second chance, all the volunteers were amazed by how lovely and cute he is.


Maybe he does not look pretty like the other dogs; but he has a pure heart, and all he needs is some love.

landis pit bull 3

And now, he had suffered enough, he deserves all the happiness in the world.

landis pit bull 4

The volunteers in the Georgia Shelter decided to do their best to help the dog, they started the medical attention he needs, to help him have a good future as possible.

In the shelter, they named him Landis, they started to document every single recovery; and they set a Facebook page and they called it Project Landis.

landis pit bull 5

After the medical treatments, Landis is now looking beautiful and different, he is looking lovely inside and out.

This pit bull dog faced lots of troubles, and after what he faced, he deserves someone to love and give him the forever safe home; he is now waiting for someone to adopt him and offer him those things.

Maybe he does not look that handsome like those normal dogs; but he is very loving and kind and he deserves to be loved.

landis pit bull 6

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landis pit bull 1


Escape Dog Returns To Shelter 11 Times. Then They Realized He Was Trying To Tell Them Something…

Can you take a hint? Most of us would like to think that we are sharp enough to take a hint. Some of us can’t. This is Gumby.

He is a 7-year-old hound that was trying to give the people at the Charleston Animal Society (CAS) a hint, and they didn’t get it. Well, they did eventually get it!

Meaning he has escaped many (many) times from homes only to return to the shelter. Gumby is affectionately a Houdini dog.

Gumby has been adopted out seven times from CAS, picked up as a stray three times and surrendered a staggering eight times.

The staff at the shelter were doing their job each, and every time the found Gumby a home. Gumby just had a different idea.

He stayed in his first adoptive home three days, he doubled that and spent six days at his second home.

At his third home, Gumby kept escaping and wound up back at the shelter four times. You have to wonder what was going on in his mind?

Why couldn’t he allow himself to relax in these homes?

His fourth, fifth, and sixth adoptions ended much the same as the others, Gumby escaped and wound up back at CAS. It was then that the staff realized that Gumby belonged at CAS – he was happier there.

Gumby has been adopted by the shelter and hasn’t tried to escape once! Gumby knew what he wanted all along! Gumby helps calm any new arrivals at CAS – so, he has a purpose and a forever home!

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Harvey Tore These Owners And Their Dogs Apart: Their Reunions Made Me Cry

Hurricane Harvey separated countless dogs from their parents. The animal shelters are imploding with hundreds of displaced pets.

Heartbreaking photos have emerged of families being lead to safety as their dogs drift away, barely keeping their heads above water.

The bond between man and dog is strong. Life isn’t quite the same once that companionship is lost.

Amongst all the sad news of how many dogs are now homeless because of Harvey, there are two touching stories of reunion that are lighting up the internet.

Cancer Patient And His Dog Are Reunited After A Heartbreaking Separation

Jeff Blackwell was hospitalized at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston when Hurricane Harvey hit. He was trapped there for days, unable to see his wife and his dog, Auryn.

Before the hurricane, Jeff had routine visits with his dog, but when the flood waters got too high, those visits had to stop.

Jeff’s wife, Jessica, informed him that Auryn wasn’t doing well not seeing him. She promised to reunite her husband with his dog as soon as the waters receded.

When that day came, Auryn ran down the hall of the hospital, tail wagging and barking so everyone could hear. When Jeff embraced Auryn, witnesses described it as a father-like embrace, as if he were holding his child.

Hero Family And Their Dog Are Reunited After Saving Dozens Of Lives

Shortly after Hurricane Harvey hit, Chelsea Kasper was driving through the Sam Houston National Forest when she found a dog in a creek.

She noticed that no one was around to help him. He was bitten up and looked hungry. No one was calling for the dog, either. She waited a while before loading him into her car.

Then the question became, “who does this dog belong to?”

Chelsea checked for a collar. There was none. But because of how trained the pup was, she knew he had an owner, so she started making calls. She called vets, shelters and lost animal hotlines. No luck.

Chelsea fed the dog and decided to start a social media campaign to find the dog’s owner. She posted pictures of him on Facebook, describing him as a displaced pit bull. The post was shared thousands of times until one comment caught the attention of the readers.

A woman named Trish Cranney claimed it was her dog. She and her husband had been busy rescuing people with their family boat. When they finally went home, they noticed their dog was missing. “We were assisting people in bad shape. While we were helping, our dog got out,” said Ricky Cranney.

Though this was great news, Chelsea wanted to know that this couple was the real deal. She asked for family photos with the dog. The family sent her pictures they still had and she knew that the dog was theirs.

When Chelsea called him by his name, “Angel!” his tail went crazy! He knew he was going home.

If you have friends still separated from their pets because of Hurricane Harvey, check here to see if they’ve been found!


Florida man boned pit bull 100 times over three years, police say…

A Florida man was arrested for having sex with his family’s pit bull for years before a roommate finally told the authorities.

Bradley Hubbard, 23, moved in with his dad and his dad’s girlfriend in Pensacola three years ago. The family had a pit bull named “Baby Girl.”

A family member who lived in the home says she saw Hubbard bringing Baby Girl back to his room. She says she could see the action through a hole in the door. At first she would hear the pit bull whimper and cry out. When asked what was going on, Hubbard would say the dog was in heat. Eventually the dog stopped making noises — probably because she was traumatized, Pensacola News Journal reported.

On Dec. 28, Hubbard took the dog from the woman’s room and locked his door. The woman heard noises and “could not take it anymore,” so she called the cops. Hubbard’s father denied that his son was involved in any wrongdoing. But the person who reported the incident said the father had covered for his son before.

A local veterinarian examined the dog for signs of rape and found that the dog’s genitals showed signs of sexual abuse.

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Former Bait Dog Too Depressed To Lift Her Head Can’t Stop Wagging Her Tail Now

Life as a bait dog is the worst life imaginable. You are only alive so that you can be used to train other dogs to fight. You may be chained up while the dogs attack you. You are not allowed to fight back. Your job is just to sit there and be bait. There is no love or even the most basic care for bait dogs.

rescued dog from dog fighting

They are often neglected and starving with no way to get food or water for themselves. This past August, 14 dogs from a suspected dogfighting facility in Able Springs, Texas were found and seized.

rescued dog from dog fighting

The dogs were all very happy to see people coming to save them!

rescued dog from dog fighting

There was one dog that had a collar tightly attached to her neck. She was tied to an old car axle. Madeline Yeaman remembers that the dog had no shelter and could barely move.

rescued dog from dog fighting

The chain around her neck was so heavy that she had a hard time lifting her head up. When she was examined by vets, they found she was very low on blood.

rescued dog from dog fighting

She had run out of blood? How? The team started working on her right away. She was given a name, Gwen.

rescued dog from dog fighting

Gwen also got food, water, flea baths and blood transfusions. Gwen started to get better!

rescued dog from dog fighting

She could not only stand up, but she could pick up her head too! She is reported to have a very wiggly body!

rescued dog from dog fighting

She always greets everyone with a goofy grin and a wagging tail!

Some of her favorite activities are playing outside and running!

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Suspected Dog Fighting Breeder Tortured by Masked Men

A 52-year old Detroit man and suspected dog fighting breeder was reportedly outside feeding his dogs when he was confronted by three armed men wearing masks to conceal their identities.

The masked men forced him into his home where they tied him up before brutally beating and torturing him before cutting off his ear and driving away in his van. “They tied him up (the dog fighting breeder); they beat him up pretty bad. Broke ribs, broke fingers, stabbed him with ice picks, cut an ear off. It’s just messed up,” the victim’s cousin Marty Johnson said.

Police believe the man was targeted because of his Pit Bull breeding operation which may be tied to dog fighting.
When police arrived at the man’s Detroit property, they found at least 16 Pit Bulls tied up outside, emaciated and living in filth in the backyard, and at least a dozen more in the same poor condition in the home’s basement.

Image result for Suspected Dog Fighting Breeder Tortured by Masked Men

A second property owned by the man was also housing dozens of unhealthy dogs.
Animal Control was called to the properties to remove the dogs, but family members insist the man was not involved in dog fighting, that he only breeds the dogs to sell them.

“No, he don’t fight dogs. He breed dogs. No, he don’t fight dogs,” the victim’s brother explained. “He has a lot of dogs; it’s been like that since we was kids.”

Image result for Suspected Dog Fighting Breeder Tortured by Masked Men

The man is now recovering at the hospital. He is facing misdemeanor animal cruelty charges for the condition in which his dogs were found.
The men who tortured him have not yet been found and no arrests have been made.

Do you think this man got what he deserved?

She was chained for 14 years. Old man finds her and changes her life – Creating a Dog Sanctuary!

Thayne Hamilton and his late wife, Christine epitomized kindness. They went above and beyond themselves to do for others at their own expense. Ten years ago, they founded Grey Muzzle Rescue & Sanctuary in Orcas Island, Washington.

Over the years, they rescued over forty dogs; elderly dogs deemed unadoptable from all over the United states. These abused, abandoned, and neglected dogs, according to Thayne weren’t wanted just for health reasons, but they didn’t do well with people.

They may have bitten someone and therefore, been added to a euthanasia list. These dogs were saved from kill shelters and taken to the five-acre refuge.

In 2013, Christine died, but she wanted the legacy of the sanctuary to live on. In a video from Talk It Up TV, you can see the love and admiration Thayne had for his wife.

Christine came to the US from England. During the Vietnam war, she fostered over seventy children and rescued dogs. She inspired Thayne to become involved in her crusade to give those animals no one else wanted a second chance at living a happy dog life.

Thayne began his work rescuing dogs after suffering several industrial accidents. The dogs inspired him to get back up and recover. He put it this way: If these dogs who’ve suffered abuse and neglect can find the will to survive and be happy, so could he. Thayne vowed to make a difference for these animals.

Grey Muzzle has a cemetery where every dog who’s passed over the Rainbow Bridge has a grave marker. Thayne builds every casket out of recycled materials. In honor of Christine, he even created an actual Rainbow bridge with twenty spirals which represent all the dogs they’ve lost.

Thayne says this place is very peaceful for both him and the dogs. Deer even like to come and lay there to chill.

dogsThayne Hamilton and his late wife, Christine, perfectly exemplify this description of kindness. Over the past 12 years, the duo has rescued over forty elderly dogs from kill shelters all across the country.

An obstacle Thayne and Christine faced before Christine’s tragic death was not having insurance. Christine was sent home from the ICU because she didn’t have insurance. She and Thayne couldn’t cover her mounting medical bills.

In short, Christine gave the ultimate sacrifice. She wanted the dogs and Thayne to be able to live on the property instead of ensuring she had hospice care during her final days. She died surrounded by Thayne and her beloved animals.

We highly recommend you watch the video from talking It Up TV. We can’t express in words the utter love, and passion Thayne has for these once unwanted animals. They’re his life, his everything.

When the local community learned of Thayne’s efforts, business owners pitched in and donated pet supplies and goods to help out. An attorney will also assist Thayne to establish the sanctuary as a 501C non-profit.


One of the many dogs taken in by Grey Muzzle is Lilla. Before her rescue, this sweet girl was chained up for fourteen years. When Lilla arrived at gray Muzzle, her condition was horrible. Her legs were virtually glued to her body. This didn’t deter Thayne. He helped Lilla move around by using a wheelbarrow.

Despite undergoing personal sacrifices, Thayne and Christine never lost sight of their goals. The dogs came first in their lives. They recognized if they didn’t help these dogs, no one would. They’re the real image of selflessness.

Dog lovers understand this passion, this love the Hamilton’s have. It’s not something you can put into words but actions, which Thayne continues to do every. single. Day.

Four boys save abandoned dog tied with cords!

While out in their Detroit neighborhood one day, four friends spotted a dog behind an abandoned house. These boys, all friends helped out in their community.

They were assisting a lady with her boxes and bags when they observed a dog tied up with bungee cord behind an abandoned house.

Kenny (13), Kenneth (11), Kevin (7), and Andrew (7 decided to rescue the pooch, ultimately giving the dog another chance at life. The dog shivered from being out in the elements; to keep her warm, one of the boys wrapped her in his coat.

The group of friends took the pup home and fed her bologne and water and did what they could for their new friend they named Sparkles.

Theresa Sumpter is the founder of Detroit Pit crew rescue. Theresa happened to be in the area that day. She and her team approached the boys with Sparkle. She later wrote on Facebook: “Our heroes of the day! Young dog rescuers starting early.

Theresa and her crew explained if the boys let them take Sparkles, they would get her to the vet and find her a forever home.

Hearing this, one of the boys commented that rescuing Sparkles made him “feel great.” The four boys were thrilled that they saved Sparkles from starvation and certain death.

abandoned dog

Though pleased for doing what they could for their new four-legged friend, Theresa explained how the four didn’t surrender Sparkles immediately: “You could tell they love this dog.

“They were protective of the dog and wanted to make sure the dog was going to a good place.”

Theresa later filmed an interview with the kids. She thanked them for being heroes of the day and made sure they received compensation. Since being in the care of Detroit Pit Crew, Sparkle’s health is improving.

The staff thought she had mange, but thankfully, she doesn’t. From the photos and videos posted by the rescue group, the pooch is affectionate, fun-loving, and great with kids.

abandoned dog

How awesome is it that these four young boys took the initiative and saved the life of a helpless animal.
They could’ve left her tied up to die, but they decided to let her have another chance to live a happy life. These four most definitely are heroes in our book.

He Looks Like A Normal Cat, But If You Take A Closer Look… This Is A Miracle !

Meet Oscar, a beautiful black cat that was given a second chance because of an amazing veterinarian using the latest in bionic technology. After having his back legs cut off in an accident by a combine harvester on a field, Oscar was lucky enough to get surgery with the sole purpose of making him able to walk again.

Image result for He Looks Like A Normal Cat, But If You Take A Closer Look… This Is A Miracle !

Vets did an amazing job. Now he is like any other cat. We are so happy that he got his legs back. This is Oscar`s first attempt at walking on his brand new feet. This is touching.

The following video shows the reactions of everyone involved right after the surgery. This is one of those stories that can make you cry and smile at the same time.

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