Adorable lion cub does his best to frighten the cameraman

Lions are known as the kings of the jungle, though in reality these dash-and-pounce hunters tend to prefer grasslands and the deer, zebras, boar, and and many other tasty animals found there. But regardless, lions are formidable apex predators that have long provoked both fear and admiration from human observers. Although they grow up to be big and tough, lion cubs are incredibly adorable.

There’s just something about baby animals. Even someone who isn’t normally a fan of our four-legged friends can be transformed into a helpless state of cooing by a kitten or puppy. One endearing aspect of baby animals (and humans) is the way they’re constantly exploring the world. There’s so much that’s new and so much to learn. There are things they can learn from mom and dad, but there’s plenty that has to come through trial and error. As you’ll see, even the error can be thoroughly endearing.

Wild animals are usually afraid of people and sad to say, they’re often right. Lion cubs aren’t born knowing this and as you’ll see, the result can be both cute and hilarious.

So just picture a little lion cub who’s exploring his new territory, perhaps imitating things he’s seen his parents do. And so he tries to chase away a cameraman and, just like dad would do, lets out a couple of roars. Except the problem is that the cub hasn’t quite mastered the whole roaring thing.

To fully appreciate this wanna-be tough guy, you need to see him in action and, above all, hear his “roars.” We’ve posted the video for you below.

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For Years The Dog Lived Skinny And She Barely Resembled A Dog… But Her Transformation Will Make Your Jaw Drop

It’s a sad fact that not every dog will be born into a loving home – so many are born on the streets or are abandoned early on by their owners. Kelsey was one of these dogs.

She spent the early years of her life wandering the streets, living off scraps, and barely finding enough food to stay alive. That life took a dreadful toll on her body and spirit. What rescuers found her on the side of a road, she barely even resembled a dog.

Here is where Kelsey was found.


She was skinny, covered with wounds and had almost lost her coat completely.


You could see in her eyes that she had almost no hope left and she stepped into the car without any struggle.


Here she is at the veterinary hospital, a totally new environment for Kelsey.


Finally, she had enough to eat and drink.


The vets were shocked when they saw Kelsey.

But they decided to do everything they could to get her back on her feet.

But they decided to do everything they could to get her back on her feet.


It didn’t take long before Kelsey began to feel better and her spirits were up.


She made new friends as well.


She started to relax as she realized that she didn’t need to be on guard all the time. Step by step, she left her tough life on the streets behind.


Her fur grew back.


She gained some weight.


Today, Kelsey has fully recovered and lives in a loving home.


Isn’t she beautiful, now?


All dogs deserve a safe home!


Can you believe that’s the same dog from the first photo? I’m always amazed at the incredible things that can happen with the right amount of love and dedication. I’m sure Kelsey will experience nothing but love and happiness for the rest of her life. She deserves it.

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Coward Caught Swinging Terrified Small Dog By The Leash Before Slamming It On The Floor

Check this out. This cruel man is actually swinging the dog by the leash – up in the air, and then the dog was slammed down onto the floor. This occurred in Viera, Florida and the man has been arrested. The suspect’s name is Joseph Pendergrass, 19, he was seen on surveillance camera abusing the dog on Sunday.

The dog was a Shih Tzu that was named Lily. Sheriff Wayne Ivey from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office said that this was the most despicable act of cruelty he has seen. Pendergrass worked at the Barkingham Palace, and the dog belonged to the owners of the facility. Lily was dragged by the leash, flung into the air twice and slammed against the concrete floor.

Take a look at this video

She was then kicked before being dragged out of view of the camera. She suffered a broken leg but is expected to recover.

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Dogs are man’s best friend – and continue to prove it over and over (and over)! On July 28, a 10-year-old girl in Virginia was approached and physically assaulted by a stranger while she was walking her dog at about 3:45 pm. The man grabbed her arm, but didn’t expect the dog to react!

Image Credit: Global News
The dog bit his arm, and he let go! The man ran off, and the girl was not injured. Why would someone attack a person walking a dog?! That doesn’t seem to make sense. The police have not found the suspect but say he is a Hispanic male, about 145 lbs. with short brown hair and a goatee.
It is likely the man also has a dog bite on one of his arms! He was last seen wearing light colored long pants and a white striped shirt. Lesson learned here – don’t mess with a little girl walking her dog! In fact, don’t mess with girls.



American History Forgets About Native American Mass Murder

The mass killings of today are among some of the worst in history, with the media quick to announce that they are such as the Sandy Hook school shooting was the deadliest in the history of the US. While these are terrible crimes, it seems that some of American history has been forgotten about, the genocide of Native Americans.


Christopher Columbus made his way to the Caribbean in 1492 and so began an era of murder, slavery, and colonization, along with the exploitation of indigenous inhabitants, something which many people seem to have forgotten. In the journals of Columbus, along with those of his men, there are terrible stories of all the things that they did to the indigenous people.

Columbus, a so-called civilized person, along with his men killed and chopped up the bodies of the native people and then fed them to their dogs. They kidnapped pre-teen girls and then sold then into the sex trade. They enslaved the Islanders and even had bets on whether they could slice a native through with just a single stroke.


It is thought that in the islands that Columbus conquered around 3 to 5 million indigenous people disappeared due to the brutality of the tactics of Columbus or illness brought on by it. The slaughtering of native people continued and went on to spread through the western hemisphere and the so called civilized people went on to kill more than 100 million people. It has been estimated that just in North America 20 to 50 million people were killed in campaigns that were brutal in the Americas.

This big part of American history is for the most part left out during history lessons in the classroom as the US seems to want to remove it from history. If it had not been for people doing research of their own then people would still live with the fairy tale of Christopher Columbus and think of him as a hero that discovered new land and who had a national holiday in his name, instead of being known as a mass murderer along with slave trader.


It seems that the erasure of the genocide of the Native Americans from classrooms today along with popular culture want to take away the distasteful memory from the collective. If people forget then perhaps you are absolved of any crime. While the mass shootings of today are terrible events, it should not be forgotten that some of the worst mass shootings and killings took place from 1492 onwards when Columbus reached land, against an indigenous people that seem to have been forgotten.


It seems that the erasure of the genocide of the Native Americans from classrooms today along with popular culture want to take away the distasteful memory from the collective. If people forget then perhaps you are absolved of any crime.

Giant Shelter Dog Was Almost Put Down Because He’s ‘Scary Looking’

It’s important to remember that things are not always as they seem. Loki, an 8-year-old dog, Neapolitan mastiff, was picked up by animal control after his owner was evicted from his apartment and taken to the Manhattan Animal Care Center (ACC) earlier this month.

Loki is an extremely large dog, weighing in at 170 pounds, and on first glance can look kind of scary.

Loki was unfortunately shot with a dart and sedated by the animal control officers, as they were afraid of his size. Then he was wheeled in on a stretcher.

Two days after arriving at the ACC, Loki was put on the list to be put down — before anyone had taken the time to interact with him at all.

dog neapolitan mastiff (3)

Luckily for Loki, his former owner heard about what was happening and came in to vouch for him. He told the shelter what an incredible dog Loki is: how he loves adults, kids, dogs, cats and everyone in between.

His size is deceiving, because really, Loki is just a gigantic love bug. Clearly, if his owner hadn’t been evicted, he never would have given Loki up.

dog neapolitan mastiff (4)

Unfortunately, though, Loki was suffering at the shelter. He had no human contact, wasn’t being taken on walks and needed medical attention. The gigantic dog that no one would go near desperately needed someone to notice him.

Finally, someone did. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC heard about Loki and knew that he needed help fast. They decided to take a leap of faith and rescued him from the ACC.

Despite his glowing recommendations from his former owner, they were still a bit apprehensive.

“At first, upon meeting him, he is quite intimidating due to his size, and you can see he’s emaciated and should be at least an additional 50 pounds,” Stacey Silverstein, of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, told The Dodo. “Honestly I was a little intimidated myself but quickly he won me over.”

And she wasn’t the only one. Everyone who came into contact with Loki quickly fell in love, and, soon enough, everyone was fighting for his attention.

Once people took the time to look past his appearance, Loki was able to show them that he’s the sweetest, most gentle dog in the entire universe, size be damned.

dog neapolitan mastiff (6)

Loki is the perfect example of how you should never judge a book by its cover.

“He’s just a huge baby who loves hugs, belly rubs and to be petted,” Silverstein said.

dog neapolitan mastiff (5)

After being treated for ear infections, skin infections and heartworms, something amazing began to happen. Adoption requests began pouring in. The dog whom everyone had been afraid of was finally able to show them how lovable he really is.

On Monday, Loki’s new family finally arrived to pick him up. It was love at first sight, and that’s exactly what Loki deserves.

dog neapolitan mastiff (7)


Man Finds An Enormous Wolf Caught In a Trap. Watch Him Set The Big Beautiful Animal Free

The timber wolf, also known as the eastern wolf, Algonquin wolf, and deer wolf, stalks the forests of the Great Lakes region. While long considered a subspecies of the gray wolf, more recent genetic studies indicate the timber wolf may be a species in its own right.
Wolves have often been feared and loathed by people. While some agrarian and hunter-gatherer societies held them in high regard, keepers of cattle, goats, and sheep felt very differently. In folklore, this apex predator is often pictured lurking in the forest waiting for its next victim, sometimes devious enough to dress up as someone’s grandmother! In fact, attacks on humans are very uncommon and usually involve a wolf with rabies. Wolves are closely related to dogs but are nearly impossible to domesticate.

Image result for Man Finds An Enormous Wolf Caught In a Trap. Watch Him Set The Big Beautiful Animal Free

The timber wolf mainly preys on mid-sized game like white tail deer and beavers. Larger prey like moose and elk are the preserve of the larger gray wolf. The arrival of European settlers in North America introduced livestock to the timber wolf’s diet. This and the traditional fear of wolves led to the eradication of the timber wolf over wide areas. Bounties were even offered to encourage this. As things stand now, human activity and hybridization with coyotes have resulted in the timber wolf becoming an endangered species. The good news is that in some places, measures have been taken that have resulted in wolf populations rebounding.
While out in the woo

ds of Wisconsin, John Oens saw a great big timber wolf with its paw caught in a trap. Fortunately for this beautiful animal, he knew just what to do. In the video we’ve posted below, you’ll see his simple but ingenious wolf release technique.
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Betsy Refused to Fight & Was Torn to Shreds… But She Fought to Survive. You Should See Her Now!

Betsy (Pit bull) is a “fighter”. But she doesn’t fight with other dogs. She was supposed to, but she refused, and her skin was left in tatters.

However, that hasn’t stopped her from being the happiest, most loving pit bull possible. Seeing her now shows just how much of an incredible survivor she is. Her photos are hard to look at, her video nearly impossible to watch.

The constant fear and pain she endured must have been agonizing. But she is not living in the past – she has moved on to a new life with thousands of supporters.

“Pit bulls and about three dozen other breeds were banned in many parts of Germany after a rash of attacks. One of these deadly attacks was on a schoolboy by an unleashed pit bull who had been trained to fight by a man who had been previously convicted on numerous counts of robbery and dog fighting.”

But now Germany is reconsidering their position on what they consider to be dangerous because of Betsy. Intelligent people know to “punish the deed, not the breed.” Pit bulls are not inherently aggressive.

Yes, they can be very strong and destructive, as any large breed can be, and any dog who is not trained well or is purposely trained to fight can be a menace. But most dogs are not born with the desire to harm people.

pit bull

Betsy is a testament to just how wonderful any dog is meant to be, even in spite of her horrific treatment.

She was forced to fight, and she refused.

“Because of this she suffered even worse injuries than she might have had she tried to defend herself. She was rescued six weeks ago, and she is still recovering in an animal hospital.”

She is a staff favorite, delighting them as she happily comes bounding into the room to see them. Betsy is full of smiles, and her tail wags incessantly. Pain notwithstanding, this is probably the most joy she has ever experienced.

pit bull 1

Knowing her story is heartbreaking, but knowing there are survivors like her gives us all hope that through awareness and rational legislation, dogs like Betsy will be better protected and in the right homes.

WARNING: Betsy’s intake video shows her extremely graphic injuries.



Woman Arrested For Shooting Gun In Grass To Save Neighbor’s Dog From Getting Raped

The Second Amendment to the Constitution guarantees citizens of the United States the right to bear arms. but this right doesn’t come without a large measure of responsibility too. In Centerton, Arkansas, Kerrie Lenkerd, 40, saw a 14-year-old sexually assaulting her neighbor’s dog (not the first time either). So, she went outside with her gun and shot into the grass to warn him.

He ran and left his iPad at the scene. Lenkerd called the police and was subsequently charged with aggravated assault, had her guns seized, and told not to have further contact with the teen. Witnesses recall seeing the teen run away from the scene in boxer shorts and a T-shirt. Seems to me that Lenkerd used her weapon in a responsible way.

Take a look at this woman

woman shoots grass

She didn’t shoot the teen but did stop him from committing a serious crime. The teen has been charged with two counts of bestiality.

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Cop Breaks Down As He Cradles His Fallen K-9 Partner In His Arms

Every day, police officers around the country have to say goodbye to their partners. Whether they’re leaving the force or they’ve passed away, it’s always hard to bid farewell to someone you’re so close with.

Police officers often save their partners’ lives — many have done so multiple times.

For some officers, though, the partnership is a little different. Not all cops have human partners — some have K-9 partners.

These K-9s are dogs that have been trained from a young age to work alongside police officers. They sniff out illegal substances, patrol neighborhoods, and catch bad guys.

Usually, these K-9s live with their partners as a member of the family.

This means that the dog is not just part of the officer’s work life but also part of their personal life. They grow extremely close to one another, and they depend on each other for both safety and comfort.

When the K-9s reach the end of their lives, it can be devastating for their human partner.

middletown police

The Middletown Police Department in Connecticut recently had to say goodbye to one of their K-9s, Hunter. His partner, Officer Michael D’Aresta, took it particularly hard.

The department posted about Hunter on their Facebook page, and within less than a week, the post had almost 10,000 reactions and nearly 2,500 shares

michael hunter

They write:

Officer Michael D’Aresta unfortunately has to make the toughest decision any K-9 handler dreads making this evening, at Pieper Olson in Middletown at 1830 hours.

hunter michael

K-9 Hunter has been ill for that past several days and when tests were conducted, they revealed that K-9 Hunter has a very aggressive form of liver cancer.

They unfortunately recommended that he be euthanized.

michael holds hunter

Officer D’Aresta and Hunter have been an exceptional team, serving the City of Middletown in a high caliber since 2007.

So as you can imagine, this is extremely difficult for Mike and his family.

michael crying

The photo above shows the heartbreaking moment Officer D’Aresta lost his composure and buried his face in his beloved partner’s fur.

The caption continues:

Hunter and Officer D’Aresta have been such a huge part of our department the past 10 years. Such a dedicated K-9 team. It will never be the same.

Rest in peace, Hunter. You’ve done well. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Officer Michael D’Aresta and his family.

officer k9

Everyone who saw the police department’s posts and photos was moved.

One person wrote, “My heart just breaks for you, your family, and the entire police community. Job well done, Hunter. Rest well, knowing you gave so much love, loyalty, and bravery to all.”

hunter k9

Another person commented:

Dear Middletown Police Department, Many of us know only too well how difficult it is to make that final decision and it hurts.

That dear dog probably saved his handler’s life many times, not to mention the service he provided to your Police Department.

Middletown, we are sending our deepest sympathy to dear Officer Michael D’Aresta and his family.

rip hunter

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