You remember the show Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor. (VIDEO)

How Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor is far from the first boxing vs MMA ‘freak show’
The reason Floyd Mayweather’s forthcoming fight with Conor McGregor is so eagerly anticipated is not because it’s expected to be a particularly close contest – the American can currently be backed at odds as short as 1/7 – but because fight fans are intrigued as to how well the skills of a mixed martial artist will translate in the boxing ring.

McGregor is known as one of the greatest strikers in the UFC, with few of his opponents unable to survive his devastating pull-back left-hand counter. But how quickly will the Irishman have learnt the many nuances of boxing, with a set of skills that Mayweather has honed day in, day out for the past 30 years?

But McGregor is far from the first fighter to chance his arm in a different sport. From Muhammad Ali to Kimbo Slice, Ray Mercer to James Toney – the two sports of boxing and MMA have often found themselves entwining in surprising new ways

Here, we run through some of the most memorable boxing vs MMA clashes.

Muhammad Ali vs Antonio Inoki
Ali took place in a bizarre crossover clash (Getty)
It’s often forgotten that even The Greatest took part in a bizarre mismatch of boxing vs MMA. In 1976, as Ali’s storied career was beginning to approach the end, he agreed to face Japan’s biggest pro wrestling star. Why? “Six million dollars, that’s why,” was his now legendary reply.

But the fight was a farce. Inoki was on his feet for the first 14 seconds of the very first three-minute round, and then lay flat on his back throughout. His approach to the fight meant that it took until the seventh round for Ali to throw his first punch. He would throw five more before the fight was declared a draw, with the two making hasty exits from the ring amid a chorus of jeers.

Royce Gracie vs Art Jimmerson

A national Golden Gloves middleweight champion as an amateur and riding a 15-fight win streak in his normal sport, Art Jimmerson was no joke. Unfortunately, UFBut MC 1 was. The tournament of clashing styles pitted the boxer against Brazilian jiu jitsu star Royce Gracie, and when the fight went to the mat, Jimmerson had no chance.

Bizarrely, Jimmerson fought with only one glove on, after future UFC ref John McCarthy told him it could be difficult for the referee to spot him tapping out wearing a heavy boxing glove. That’s exactly how the fight ended — although Jimmerson was clearly intrigued by his first foray into MMA. He now works as the head boxing coach at the UFC Gym in Torrance, California.

Ray Mercer vs Tim Sylvia

The fight between former world heavyweight boxing champion Mercer and reigning UFC heavyweight champ Syliva was meant to be a boxing match. But the New Jersey state athletic commission refused to sanction it, forcing a move into the cage, with 4 oz gloves.

Ahead of the fight there was a gentlemen’s agreement between the pair that they would only throw punches at one another, thus rendering the contest a de facto boxing match. But it took Sylvia just seconds to break that agreement, when he struck Mercer with a hard inside leg kick.

Mercer’s response? A booming overhand right before two more lighting quick rights on the mat. The boxer won via KO.

Kimbo Slice vs Brian Green

Kevin Ferguson aka Kimbo Slice found fame during the early days of YouTube, as videos of his brutal back-alley brawls began to go viral. He then decided to dip his toe into the world of professional MMA — with mixed results — before embarking on a boxing career.

In his fourth pro fight, he found himself up against Green, a middleweight MMA fighter making his ring debut. Despite being by far the smaller man, Green dominated the first three-and-a-half rounds and looked to be on the path to victory. But with just seconds left on the clock, Kimbo landed a stinging combo which floored his rival.

Kimbo also tried his hand in professional MMA (Getty)
Ricardo Mayorga vs Wesley Tiffer

When Mayweather declined the opportunity to meet McGregor in the Octagon, perhaps he had the sorry career of Ricardo Mayorga in his mind. The Nicaraguan former lineal welterweight champion was a big star in boxing when he decided to give MMA a go, known for his relentless trash-talk and 20-a-day smoking habit as he was for his long list of knockout victories.

His first fight in the cage got off to a reasonably promising start, as he finished Wesley Tiffer , but his win was turned into a no-contest because of an illegal knee into Tiffer’s spine. Undeterred, Mayorga would make three more appearances in the cage, but lost them all.

Randy Couture vs James Toney

Toney had more success in the ring than the Octagon (Getty)
If McGregor is the most talented man to switch from MMA to boxing, James ‘Lights Out’ Toney is the most talented man to switch the ring for the Octagon. He’s also almost as loud-mouthed as the Irishman, infamously branding UFC president Dana White “a straight-up ho” in order to land his shot in the MMA game.

It took Couture — a former UFC heavyweight and light-heavyweight champion and the first man in the history of the promotion to hold world titles in two different weight classes — just 15-seconds to secure a takedown. Toney was able to hang on in there for a while, but eventually lost via an arm-triangle choke after three minutes and 19-seconds.

And all the fights that never happened…

Perhaps the greatest boxing vs MMA clash that never took place is Anderson Silva’s much-mooted fight against Roy Jones Jr. The pair came close to a money-spinning clash in 2008, only for negotiations to unfortunately break down.

Meanwhile former heavyweight champion of the world Tyson Fury has boldly declared that he could beat Cain Velasquez in the Octagon, while Jimi Manuwa has been busy calling out David Haye in recent weeks. And just a few weeks ago, the British light-heavyweight contender revealed there had been a conference call between the two men and Dana White.

China – Dogs have legs tied up, before being skinned alive and cooked at food festival!

The Yulin festival sees thousands of dogs skinned alive and cooked for their meat in an event that takes place in southern China each year on June 21st , to mark the Summer Solstice. Residents believe that eating dog meat will keep them healthy and will bring them good fortune for the rest of the year. Do not let this inhumane event take place.

The first edition of the festival took place in 2010, to mark the Summer Solstice, an important date in the Chinese calendar. Advocates of the event have claimed that eating dog meat during the summer season has become a culinary tradition and the idea of a festival came only too natural. In fact, residents are extremely proud to host this event and boast about preparing the best dog meat in the world. Their secret – they claim – is to make the canines suffer as much as possible before the cooking process starts, because the adrenaline pumped up in the canines’ bodies makes the meat softer and juicier. This is why dogs are usually kept in cages, with their limbs and muzzles taped shut, before customers can hand-pick the dogs they will like to eat. They are also hit with heavy sticks or bats and knocked unconscious.
Exclusive: Justice for monkeys set on fire and left to die in tremendous pain!
The dog meat industry is heavily unregulated and this event is extremely representative for the inhumanity and lack of hygiene associated with this vile and despicable trade.

Since 2014, the local government has tried to distance itself from the event: government employees are now forbidden to take part at the event and some of the dog markets and abattoirs have been shut down. This year, the government went even further and advised local residents against hosting the dog meat festival. However, authorities have failed to take more concrete action to effectively prevent this event from happening.

Even Chinese celebrities such as pop stars Chen Kun and Yang Mi have spoken against the festival on social media. In Western Europe, figures such as entertainer Simon Cowell and comedian Ricky Gervais have also denounced the event.

Whether you’re an atheist or believer, vegan or hunter, you must agree that mistreating a dog then skinning it alive is wrong – this is what Ricky Gervais tweeted recently.

Amid protests, dog meat restaurants have been forced to shut down terraces and moved their events indoors. Hosting massive outdoor events is now no longer a possibility. Despite a significant drop in the number of dogs that are cooked during the Yulin summer festival, still over a couple of thousands dogs are expected to be viciously cooked for their meat at this year’s edition.

It has become obvious that the Chinese society needs to progress with the times. Residents of Yulin claim this is all about culture and tradition, but no culture remains stagnant. People and societies evolve and progress and preventing further pain and suffering to these innocent creatures would be a huge sign of a mature, civilized society.

Do not let this terrible event take place next year as well. We must apply as much pressure as possible to ensure this inhumane gathering is shut down for good. Please do not let the 2017 edition of this gruesome festival take place!

Boycott Yulin by signing and sharing the petition and using the hashtag #StopYulin2017 on social media. Thank you for taking action.

Are Weight-Pulling Competitions for Dogs Fun or Cruel?

In a photo taken earlier this month on a South St. Louis, Mo. street, a small dog with three large weights attached to his leash sits on a sidewalk beside his owners. What we can’t see in the photo is that the dog was being pulled along, dragging those heavy weights behind him. When the weights got stuck in a crack, the dog’s owners wouldn’t help him as he struggled to continue walking.

“I just cried and cried. My stomach felt like a pit was in it,” Kathy Venegoni, who took the picture in front of her house, told News 4. “He’s just a puppy. It was the worst thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen cruelty before, but that was absolutely horrifying.”

When Venegoni confronted the dog’s owners, they told her they were training him. So Venegoni did the right thing and notified the Humane Society of Missouri (HSMO). But, believe it or not, that poor dog’s owners were doing nothing illegal, because the Missouri Animal Protection Law does not prohibit “the training of dogs or use of equipment in training of dogs.”

Even so, Venegoni filed an animal abuse report with the HSMO, whose Animal Cruelty Task Force is now investigating the incident. “Typically, our investigators discuss with the pet owner standards of appropriate care for their pets according to state law to ensure the well-being of the animal,” the HSMO said in a statement to News 4.

Just a few days after Venegoni’s photo made the news, a video of two dogs pulling large tires on a 94-degree day in Beaverton, Ore., was submitted by a concerned viewer to KATU. Denes Balazs, the owner of the Dogos Argentinos, told KATU it was his way of exercising his large dogs, with the harnesses used in weight-pulling competitions.

Beaverton police told KATU that Balazs was committing no crimes under Oregon’s animal cruelty laws because the two dogs appeared to be healthy and uninjured.

Beaverton police told KATU that Balazs was committing no crimes under Oregon’s animal cruelty laws because the two dogs appeared to be healthy and uninjured.

In weight-pulling competitions that are held legally in the United States and some other countries, dogs wearing special harnesses have 60 seconds to pull wheeled carts containing 1,000 pounds or more of concrete blocks or bricks down a 16-foot-long track.

This sport allows dogs “to perform a function that comes naturally to them – pulling enthusiastically,” says the United Kennel Club. The International Weight Pull Association (IWPA) enforces some rules at events, including no dog fighting, abuse toward the dogs or coercing them to pull using treats or other implements.

As for training dogs to pull something, the IWPA offers this rather disconcerting advice: “Very likely, they have been tethered by a chain to constrain them to some area. Put a harness on them and connect it to a heavy object, and their perception is not much different than being tethered. You need to teach them that this is something different.”

Because keeping a dog tethered on a chain is cruel, most responsible pet owners don’t do it, and many states have outlawed it.

But weight-pulling competitions have not been outlawed in the U.S., and supporters insist the sport is a fun bonding opportunity for dogs and their owners. The Stop the Weight Pull Hate page on Facebook says, “Weight pull is many things, but it is not ‘cruel,’ ‘torture,’ or ‘training for fighting dogs.’”

Animal rights groups say pulling all that heavy weight can cause dogs to have serious injuries like muscle strains and tears. “It can be extremely dangerous to dogs, especially if they haven’t been conditioned or trained for it,” said PETA spokeswoman Lindsay Rajt. “The other concern is when you have owners that are more focused on winning than the safety of their dogs.”

There are safer sports, like dog agility, that provide dogs and their owners with positive bonding experiences. If you think weight-pulling competitions are mostly fun only for the spectators, sign this petition asking the United Kennel Club to end them.

Karma? Another Trophy Hunter Has Been Killed by an Elephant

April 2017: Scott Van Zyl, owner of a canned hunting facility in South Africa and an organizer of trophy-hunting African safaris, is eaten by the crocodiles he’d intended to kill in Zimbabwe.

May 2017: Theunis Botha, a friend of Van Zyl and the owner of another South African hunting facility, is crushed to death by an elephant when he and his fellow trophy hunters surprise a breeding herd at a private hunting ranch in Zimbabwe.

August 2017: Karma strikes for the third time this year. While hunting in a private wildlife reserve in Namibia, Jose Monzalvez of Argentina is trampled by an elephant.

Monzalvez, who worked for an oil company, along with another Argentinian and three Namibians had been following a herd of elephants Aug. 12 at Farm Mopane, about 43 miles northwest of the small town of Kalkfeld. Before they were able to aim their guns at their intended prey, one of the elephants spotted them from a distance, according to Otjozondjupa regional police spokeswoman Maureen Mbeha.

The elephant charged the trophy hunters, who tried to run away. Monzalvez wasn’t fast enough and was trampled. This apparently wasn’t the first time Monzalvez had attempted to kill big game – Mbeha said he was “a professional hunter who had a hunting permit with him.”

Because of hunting, poaching and loss of their habitat due to development, the population of African elephants – the largest animals walking the Earth — has dwindled from 3 to 5 million in the early 1900s to only about 415,000 today. Yet in 2004, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) changed the status of this species from “endangered” to the less critical “vulnerable.”

“Endangered species are likely to go extinct very soon, while vulnerable species have a lower risk of disappearing, giving us a better chance to intervene and save them,” the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) explains.

Trophy hunters like to boast that they are doing just that: Helping to save vulnerable and endangered species while at the same time providing money to impoverished communities. A 2015 Safari Club International Foundation report claimed the sport “provides important economic opportunities for many areas where other common forms of income are limited.”

However, a study earlier this year by Humane Society International (HSI) contradicted the Safari Club’s report. Not surprisingly, HSI found that trophy hunting in Africa provides little economic benefit and does not lead to effective conservation.

“It’s time to stop pretending that slaughtering big game and posing for morbid selfies by their slain bodies is anything more than killing for kicks,” said Masha Kalinina, an international trade policy specialist for HSI, when the study was released in February.

Although it’s very unlikely, here’s hoping that karma striking three times this year proves to be the charm as far as dissuading anyone from practicing this cruel “sport.” In the meantime, please sign and share the Care2 petition to end trophy hunting.

Dad And Son Stay Behind During Severe Texas Flooding To Save Abandoned Dogs

Dad And Son Stay Behind During Severe Texas Flooding To Save Abandoned Dogs.

Citizens in Brazoria, Texas were warned in advance about extreme flooding caused by rising rivers, according to Redditer “DUSTYHAM.”

Unfortunately, many family dogs, became abandoned dogs, were left behind amid the chaos—but that doesn’t mean they were alone.

DUSTYHAM’s dad and younger brother took it upon themselves to save as many of these abandoned pups as possible.

The post reads, “They made several trips and saved about 40 dogs,” and the father reports that waters in his bayou home had become unbelievably high.

Abandoned Dogs (5)

The dogs were taken to a temporary shelter organized by the local humane society, where they will remain safe and taken care of until their owners return or they find foster or adoptive homes.

Abandoned Dogs (2)

The SPCA of Brazoria County writes on Facebook:

Thanks to an outpouring of support from our community, we are in good shape right now on almost all supplies at the SPCA-BC.

Abandoned Dogs (4)

We are sending them out to other locations as needed. What we need still need right now is bath towels and lightweight blankets. We cannot use pillows, heavy blankets or comforters since they are too bulky to wash.

The shelter is also requesting monetary donations to purchase vaccines, medications and veterinary supplies, and fuel for transportation vehicles.

Abandoned Dogs (6)

They urge anyone searching for their pet to be patient and be sure to check nearby shelters and the Brazoria County fairgrounds, and to continue checking for updates on the SPCA’s Facebook page.

They will continue to add more photos of the dogs soon.

Abandoned Dogs (3)



Homeless Pit Bull And Her Puppies are Rescued – But Mama Tries to Tell Them Something Is Still Wrong

There are some really great people in this world.

When they got a call about a stray pit bull that had delivered her babies in a yard, they rushed to the scene. The mama dog was wary of the strangers, so she kept running off. But the rescuers didn’t give up. The pooch seemed afraid, but she was soon under their care. She had given birth to five little pups, but sadly one of them didn’t make it. The family was taken to the vet and the mom was named Lexus.

It’s a sad truth that around millions of dogs are abandoned every year for various reasons. According to the Animal Rights Action website, because pit bull terriers are seen and labeled as “dangerous dogs,” there are up to 4000 of them put down on a daily basis. People are afraid to have them around themselves and their children, but as you can see from this video, they can be as tame and as loving as any other dog. Many people don’t realize that dogs are going to turn out the way people make them. If you mistreat a dog or force it to fight other dogs, it is going to grow up violent. However, if you give the dog the love and care you would your own child, you can be rewarded with a loving member of the family.

Watch this amazing rescue in the video below! What did you think about this? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

She was chained for 14 years. Old man finds her and changes her life!

Thayne Hamilton and his late wife, Christine epitomized kindness. They went above and beyond themselves to do for others at their own expense. Ten years ago, they founded Grey Muzzle Rescue & Sanctuary in Orcas Island, Washington.

Over the years, they rescued over forty dogs; elderly dogs deemed unadoptable from all over the United states. These abused, abandoned, and neglected dogs, according to Thayne weren’t wanted just for health reasons, but they didn’t do well with people.

They may have bitten someone and therefore, been added to a euthanasia list. These dogs were saved from kill shelters and taken to the five-acre refuge.

In 2013, Christine died, but she wanted the legacy of the sanctuary to live on. In a video from Talk It Up TV, you can see the love and admiration Thayne had for his wife.

Christine came to the US from England. During the Vietnam war, she fostered over seventy children and rescued dogs. She inspired Thayne to become involved in her crusade to give those animals no one else wanted a second chance at living a happy dog life.

Thayne began his work rescuing dogs after suffering several industrial accidents. The dogs inspired him to get back up and recover. He put it this way: If these dogs who’ve suffered abuse and neglect can find the will to survive and be happy, so could he. Thayne vowed to make a difference for these animals.

Grey Muzzle has a cemetery where every dog who’s passed over the Rainbow Bridge has a grave marker. Thayne builds every casket out of recycled materials. In honor of Christine, he even created an actual Rainbow bridge with twenty spirals which represent all the dogs they’ve lost.

Thayne says this place is very peaceful for both him and the dogs. Deer even like to come and lay there to chill.

Thayne Hamilton and his late wife, Christine, perfectly exemplify this description of kindness. Over the past 12 years, the duo has rescued over forty elderly dogs from kill shelters all across the country.

An obstacle Thayne and Christine faced before Christine’s tragic death was not having insurance. Christine was sent home from the ICU because she didn’t have insurance. She and Thayne couldn’t cover her mounting medical bills.

In short, Christine gave the ultimate sacrifice. She wanted the dogs and Thayne to be able to live on the property instead of ensuring she had hospice care during her final days. She died surrounded by Thayne and her beloved animals.

We highly recommend you watch the video from talking It Up TV. We can’t express in words the utter love, and passion Thayne has for these once unwanted animals. They’re his life, his everything.

When the local community learned of Thayne’s efforts, business owners pitched in and donated pet supplies and goods to help out. An attorney will also assist Thayne to establish the sanctuary as a 501C non-profit.


One of the many dogs taken in by Grey Muzzle is Lilla. Before her rescue, this sweet girl was chained up for fourteen years. When Lilla arrived at gray Muzzle, her condition was horrible. Her legs were virtually glued to her body. This didn’t deter Thayne. He helped Lilla move around by using a wheelbarrow.

Despite undergoing personal sacrifices, Thayne and Christine never lost sight of their goals. The dogs came first in their lives. They recognized if they didn’t help these dogs, no one would. They’re the real image of selflessness.

Dog lovers understand this passion, this love the Hamilton’s have. It’s not something you can put into words but actions, which Thayne continues to do every. single. Day.

Meet Lucky the dog who was saved during Hurricane Harvey!

With the waters above her paws and a leash tethering her to a pole, the dog looked on the verge of becoming a victim of Hurricane Harvey.

The mongrel was soaked to the skin and apparently abandoned in an area where every human had fled before the storm – until intervened.

Photographer Ruaridh Connellan rushed across the flood water, which was fortunately not dangerously deep, and untied the dog, who wagged her tail and bounded of to safer ground.

Her name now? Lucky – although she still needs a bit more luck to come her way. Lucky was left tied up by her owners on the land where they had been living in a trailer just outside Victoria.

They seemed to have fled, as did all their neighbors.


Before: A terrified dog was spotted by photographer Ruaraidh Connellan as record-breaking flood waters rose around her just outside of Victoria. Almost safe: Connellan made his way across the flood water to help rescue the dog, who was tethered to the pole.
Whether by accident or design, they left her tied to a post on a leash, where our photographer and reporter her found her on Saturday afternoon.

She was happy to be free and led to her friends: another dog, a pit bull cross breed, two cats and a small pony.


My hero: Connellan named the dog Lucky. And when he went back 24 hours after saving her she ran up to him and wanted to play. When Connellan visited the property the next day, Lucky ran out and greeted him while wagging her tail. He brought the pup food and fresh water.
The pit bull cross was also tied up, but on a longer leach and on the dry land; suggesting that Lucky being tied up in a more dangerous spot may well have been an accident of panicked people fleeing from danger.

Connellan said he couldn’t sleep that night wondering if the pet pooch was OK. And the next day returned to the trailer.


Just look at her now. Connellan spent the night worrying about Lucky, but when he returned she seemed to be in good spirits
‘I was happy to see Lucky when I pulled up to the property, she came running out through the fence and greeted and me wagging her tail,’ Connellan said.

‘I fed Lucky some food I had in my car and gave her some fresh water.’

Lucky and the other animals appeared frightened but otherwise safe, for now.


Lucky’s friends: Lucky waswith another dog – a pitbull mix – two cats and a pony. has called the local animal control agency to report the abandoned animals. They are safe but will need human attention soon
Connellan called the local animal control agency to report the abandoned animals and plans on adopting Lucky if possible. But the authorities are understandably overwhelmed by the scale of the unfolding disaster.

So far has been unable to trace who was living at the trailer before they left Lucky tied up. She and the other animals had been well-looked after before they left, but they need human attention soon.

Connellan would be happy to step into the breach, after forming a bond with the energetic mongrel.


Lucky’s friend, a pit bull mix, was also found tied up on higher ground. He had more freedom to roam around dry land but not enough – so set him free too
‘I’d love to take Lucky to live with me in New York. But sadly I’ll have to wait and go through the proper channels.

‘I’m disappointed in people who abandon their animals. I feel good about what I did. There is no doubt in my mind, if I didn’t unleash Lucky from the tree, she would have drowned.’

Do you know Lucky’s owners? Email

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Sick And With a Broken Leg, This Abused Dog Enjoys His Very Last Warm Bath After Being Rescued…

Sick And With a Broken Leg, This Abused Dog Enjoys His Very Last Warm Bath After Being Rescued…

Rudy the dog isn’t just lounging аround а nice wаrm lаvender-infused tub, being fed one biscuit аfter аnother, just becаuse he а lucky dog, or even for the fun of it.

Аs Courtney Bellew, director of the Northeаst chаpter of Speciаl Needs Аnimаl Rescue Rehаbilitаtion (SNАRR) explаined, the bаths, which help heаl аnd soothe his skin, аre а cruciаl “medicаl necessity”.

broken leg

SNАRR is а group thаt cаres for аnimаls who аre in reаlly tough shаpe. Аnimаls who аre in desperаte need of аny possible help, just like the kind of help Rudy needed when they first found him.

Rudy аbsolutely loves his tubby time аnd cleаrly the аttention thаt comes аlong with it. He loves getting spoiled аnd pаmpered,” Bellew sаys.

Rudy hаs not аlwаys been such а lucky dog. Аs а mаtter of fаct, for folks аt SNАRR, who аre used to seeing bаdly injured аnimаls, Rudy is аn especiаlly hаrd cаse.

They Found A Dog Sitting On A Park Bench. Their Heart Sank Upon Closer Inspection

Most dogs enjoy taking a stroll through the park with their owners, relaxing under a shade tree and; of course, meeting other dogs. Yet, Polly was terrified at the park.

Polly’s owners used her to breed a litter of puppies. Then they left her on a park bench in California shortly after. Polly was scared and alone. She was abandoned by her only family and didn’t know what to do. So Polly just sat there.

When her rescuers came to Polly’s aid, it was determined that she was only about three years old but she was also blind. Polly didn’t have a very happy life so far.

Not only did she just give birth to a litter of puppies, Polly showed signs of neglect. She was hungry, starved for affection and had a treatable skin disease.

Her foster family is treating Polly with love and compassion and also a very delicious treat.

Watch the video below to see how Polly reacts to the special attention she’s getting with her new foster fam.

Polly is a loving dog who desperately wants a forever home. She has a lot of love to give and would make a great companion.

Polly is expected to recover fully and then hopefully get adopted to a loving family who won’t abandon her in a park bench.

The ideal companion for Polly would be someone who enjoys fast food from time to time. Share Polly’s story; and perhaps, some chicken nuggets too!