Officer Ambushed by 3 Armed Men. He Pressed the Button to Release His K9. All Hell Broke Loose.

A Hancock County, Mississippi Sheriff’s deputy is alive today because his K9 partner saved his life on the evening of May 25th. A multi-agency task force has been established to hunt down three men who meant to murder Deputy Todd Frazier.

Frazier was investigating a lone male sitting in a car parked near a rest stop when two other men engaged him. While he was distracted, the driver of the vehicle got out and the three men ambushed Frazier.
They told him he was going to die and that they were going to slit his throat. The men began dragging Frasier towards the nearby woods to carry out the grisly murder.

Frazier managed to get one hand free. However, he didn’t go for his gun, his Tazer or his pepper spray. Frazier hit the button to automatically open the door that houses his K9 partner, Lucas, a Belgian Malinois.

Lucas jumped into action and immediately charged the three men. He bit at least one, and possible two of the men, and successfully stopped the attack.
“The three of them were dragging him toward the wooded area, and he was able to break one hand free to activate the button that opens the door and it released Lucas,” Chief Deputy Don Bass said.

“We don’t know how many he got, we just know he had blood all over him,” Sheriff Ricky Adam said.
The automatic door released was only recently installed on a handful of the sheriff’s office K9 units.

“I had three people on me and I’m not a very big man, and they basically whipped my butt,” Frazier told the kids. “And luckily thank God I had Lucas here, and I had a button on my belt that I wear, and when I hit the button Lucas jumped out of the car and attacked all three of them and they ran away. That’s why he’s my hero.”
Lucas was in the back of Frazier’s patrol vehicle, and he already knew not only something, but everything was wrong.
“He knew. I could hear him coming. I couldn’t see anything because the blood was all in my eyes, but I could hear him coming, growling and making these sounds… he sounded like a wolf,” said Frazier. “I thought, ‘Now he’s gonna get you.’”



No One Wanted This Kitten Because Of His Looks, Then One Day…

wanted wesley

No One Wanted This Pirate Kitten Wesley Becаuse Of His Looks, Then One Dаy…

Sometimes people cаn forget thаt beаuty is in the eye of the beholder. Wesley, а little one eyed kitten, wаs brought into а shelter with аlmost no informаtion аbout his pаst.

No one is sure whаt cаused him to only hаve one eye, or even knows if he hаd two eyes аt birth. However, people аt the shelter hаd mixed feelings аbout the cute little kitty.

One visitor sаid she hаd fаllen in love with him, but didn’t hаve the money to аdopt him аnd wаs sure he would be gone when she did.

Others were not so fond of him, or his prospects.

His grisly аppeаrаnce some found off putting, аnd six months lаter Wesley wаs still in the shelter with no prospects for а forever home.

Well, lucky for Wesley, the lаdy who thought he wаs so cute cаme bаck аnd took her little kitten to his new forever home.

She loves his pirаte looks, which he loves to show off for her Instаgrаm. Though he wаs given the title of “speciаl needs” аt the shelter due to fаciаl differences, the kitten gets аround just fine аnd doesn’t live аny differently.

The Pirаte Cаt, Wesley, now lives а life of leisure аnd love surrounded by аnother feline sibling аnd а fаmily thаt showers them both with love аnd аffection.

There couldn’t hаve been а better ending for his tаle of аdventuring аs а strаy.

Mаny other cаts аre wаiting to find а forever home. Pleаse shаre to spreаd the messаge.


Tiny Chihuahua Slightly Bigger Than A Can Couldn’t Stop Shaking Until She Was Rescued

What would you do if you saw this terrified little Chihuahua as you scrolled down your Facebook page?

If you are Claire Stokoe, you would call the rescue group that posted the picture and ask about the poor creature.

Claire was interested in adopting the little dog. When she called, she found out that the dog had come from a puppy mill in the United Kingdom.

The dog, who was later named Brie, had scars on her legs and some scabs on her ears.

Brie also had a hard time opening her eyes in the light. She was probably raised in a very dark place. When she adopted Brie, Brie was malnourished.

To make matters even more distressing, Brie had been a breeder dog.

She had given birth twice via C-section. Those procedures had wreaked havoc on her small body. Claire wasn’t put off by all the news about Brie.

She traveled 600 miles (round trip) from Durham, England to Wales to bring Brie home

Brie was shaking terribly and clinging to the woman at the shelter when Claire arrived. Claire was now nervous about being able to help the tiny creature.

All Brie needed was love and comfort – which Claire could definitely provide!

As soon as they two were alone, it didn’t take long for Brie to fall asleep in the back of the car.

Brie has some new siblings that go by Dexter, Vesper, and Bouddica.

Here is Vesper ‘welcoming’ Brie to the family!

Brie’s life has improved! She is loved and freely gives love!

Image Credit: Claire Stokoe

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Savage beating of dog at canalside caught on camera prompting appeal – WATCH

A man savagely beating a dog on a canal towpath has been caught on CCTV.

The shocking footage shows the attack by the canalside

An appeal has been launched by the RSPCA in response to the cruel attack on the Wednesbury Oak Loop canal in Bilston.

The footage, taken from a house between Loxdale Sidings and Dudley Street, shows the full extent of the attack.

The man, wearing a dark top and jeans, first grabs the dog and then punches it repeatedly as it on the floor.

Seconds later he picks the dog up and threatens to throw it in the water.

He then calmly walks off with the Staffordshire-type dog, which is visibly shaken.

WATCH: Shocking attack on dog captured on footage

Savage beating of dog at canalside caught on camera prompting appeal

RSPCA spokesman Rachel Butler said: “We’ve been made aware of the footage and we are working with the police in investigating it.”

Software manager Steve Childs captured the footage from his security camera. He is calling for people to name the man, passing it on to the RSPCA and police.

He said: “The poor dog was doing nothing wrong at all, he was simply walking down the towpath and then gets beaten for no apparent reason.

“If he acts like that in open, what he does behind closed doors really worries me.

“That is my biggest concern. This dog needs to be rehomed.”

He was alerted to the incident while working in an office in his home.

He said: “I heard a high-pitched bark outside, turned on the live CCTV and saw the tail end of what happened.

“When I rewinded it, I could not believe what I was seeing. The dog did nothing to provoke this.”

He added: “It got the camera to prevent burglars, so to pick up something like this was a surprise.

“I just hope they catch the man

Anyone with information or who saw the incident should contact us on 0300 123 8018 or the police on 101.


Minnesota deputy K9 officer caught on tape abusing his dog!

We all know that policemen love power. But there’s a fine line between law enforcement and abusing the law.

Brett Arthur Berry, K9 officer, had certainly crossed that line. Such acts of cruelty and abuse are completely inhumane and are least expected from a police officer.

Berry and his K9 partner, Boone, were attending a K9 certification event in Carlton County. The event was held at Black Bear Casino. Once outside, Berry started beating up Boone. He picked him up by the neck and threw him to the ground.

The poor animal ran for its life, but unfortunately, it was caught between two doors. The abusive policeman had caught up with him by then and started to punch Boone six times in a row without mercy.

Little did the heartless cop know that the security cameras were on and had filmed the whole incident. When the casino’s security team members reviewed the tape a few hours later, they were shocked to witness such an act. They called the authorities to report that abusive deputy at once.

Berry has received an administrative leave.

And if the court declared him guilty, then he’s about to face up to 90 days in jail and pay a $1,000 fine for each of the two animal abuse charges. Which is a small punishment compared to the humiliation, abuse and cruelty that he inflicted upon the poor animal.

Let us hope that this incident would set an example for people, that nobody is above the law, not even police k9 officers.

Thankfully, Boone did not suffer any physical injuries from the beating. However, he is no longer living with his abusive and cruel partner, Berry. He is soon going to be adopted by a loving person who would treat him with love, care and respect.

What do you think of this story? What is your opinion of deputy Berry? Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments below.


Sister Kittens Wrapped Around Their Little Brother and Save His Life…

Two sister kittens saved their little brother’s life with cuddles and love.

Meet Kaneli, Vanilla and their little brother Chili!

Joan Bowell

A year ago, Joan Bowell, animal rescuer, discovered a box left under a fig tree with two newborn kittens in it. The mama cat never came back for them. At that point she had no idea that the mother cat had two other kittens that she carried to some nearby tall bamboo.

“The temperature was well over 100 degrees F. that day and the baby kittens were panting from the heat,” Joan told Love Meow.

She knew that she had to take them home or their chances of survival would be slim to none. “They were completely listless… but remarkably still alive! So I hurried home and gave them formula and within just 24 hours they were thriving!”

Joan Bowell

A week later when Joan was out feeding the feral colony, she heard a high pitched cry from the bamboo. “I rushed to the bushes because there was no sight of cat mama and here I found Chili and an already dead sibling which looked a lot like the other two I’d rescued a week earlier,” Joan told Love Meow.

“Chili was in a very serious condition and it appeared like maybe mama cat had entirely given up on them some days earlier.”

Chili after he was rescued.
Joan Bowell

Joan picked up the kitten and brought him home. She cleaned out the crust on his eyes and gently washed him with a warm cloth. The tiny kitten was treated for fleas and eye infection.

When Joan reunited Chili with his two sisters, they instantly embraced him.

Joan Bowell

It is a miracle that he survived on his own for this long.

“Life surely wasn’t so grand for him… He was barely alive yet he used his last ounces of life force to cry for help. Within 14 hours his eyes have gone from being shut closed as if glued and to both eyes being open.”

Joan Bowell

Chili clung onto his siblings for dear life, and Vanilla and Kanelli wrapped around him, giving him comfort and keeping him company.

Joan Bowell

“The sisters opened their little paws to Chili after having been separated for a week and after they all lost their kitty mama,” Joan told Love Meow.

Vanilla is very protective of her two siblings.

Joan Bowell

“Chili drew immense strength, warmth and comfort from the company of the two new sisters that he didn’t even know he had. The soothing company of Kaneli and Vanilla were as much a part of his survival.”

The tiny tabby boy was thriving with his protective sisters constantly by his hide.

Joan Bowell

“At a little more than 1 week old he still weighed the same as a newborn kitten. At 2 weeks he weighed 160 grams, Kaneli 260 grams and Vanilla 280 grams.”

Chili taking a nap with Kaneli.

Joan Bowell

Vanilla showers her little brother with a lot of love and kisses.

Joan Bowell

She gives him baths and looks after him every step of the way.

Joan Bowell

They share an incredible bond!

“The physical contact – both with his sisters and me – is what gave him the will to live. I think the deprivation of maternal contact was just as bad as not receiving milk.”

Joan Bowell

The three siblings just turned one year old a few days ago!

“The sisters crazy adored him from the first moment and still do,” Joan told Love Meow

Joan Bowell

“She lovingly wrapped around Chili with her paw four days after his rescue, and she’s still doing the same…

“Just a slight size difference.”

Joan Bowell

“I did a lot to save Chili’s life but I know 100% I couldn’t have done it without the spice girls Kaneli and Vanilla,” Joan said.

Cuddles and more cuddles.

Joan Bowell

Together they saved their little brother’s life, and look at them now!

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Kitten with Special Feet Walks Up to Woman for Love, Now 2 Weeks After Rescue…

A good Samaritan spotted a very special kitty outside her home all by himself, trying his utmost to survive. His front feet are turned inwards and he walks on the sides of his arms.

Meet Scooter.

Here Kitty Kitty Rescue

Little Scooter wandered into someone’s yard this June. When the homeowner found the tiny stray, she scooped him up and brought him inside her home to try to care for him, but later realized that the kitten needed more help than she was able to give.

She contacted Here Kitty Kitty Rescue (in Elkhart, Indiana), hoping they could get him the care he desperately needed. “We don’t know how he survived outside for five weeks, but Scooter has an amazing will to live,” Here Kitty Kitty Rescue shares with Love Meow.

Despite the deformities in his front feet and a severe eye infection, Scooter purred up a storm as soon as he was given a cuddle. He loved all the new toys and craved companionship from his human friends.

Here Kitty Kitty Rescue

“When we saw Scooter, we knew we couldn’t turn him away,” the rescue said.

Scooter was found in someone’s yard all by himself.

After a long morning at the vet, Scooter got his blood drawn, x-rays taken, played with all the staff and then fell asleep comfortably in his rescuer’s arms.

“It looks like Scooter was born with shortened or tightened ligaments/muscles on both his front feet. This is what caused his feet to turn in and make him walk funny,” the rescue group added.

Here Kitty Kitty Rescue

Because his feet have been turned in for a long period of time, it has affected his bone growth. “The plan for now is to start physical therapy on his legs. He will need lots of stretching and manipulating the feet, trying to get them used to going in the proper position. The next step would be surgery at a speciality hospital, but not for awhile, since he is so small.”

At 7 weeks, Scooter finally reached one pound! He is still very tiny for his age, but the little buddy absolutely loves life and his new foster family!

Here Kitty Kitty Rescue

“Scooter is doing great in his foster home. He has joined rescue momma Avery and her four babies,” Here Kitty Kitty Rescue told Love Meow.

He is thriving with constant love from mama Avery and everyone at his foster home. His new siblings like to snuggle with him to keep him company so he never feels alone

Here Kitty Kitty Rescue

“His cold is clearing up well with antibiotics and he is slowly gaining weight. Even though Avery’s babies are four weeks younger than Scooter, they all weigh the same,” the rescue told Love Meow.

Sweet Scooter may walk a bit differently, but nothing can stop him from loving life and being a happy kitty that he is! When he gets all excited playing with a toy, snuggles with his siblings for naps, or purrs aloud getting head scratches, Scooter knows he’s loved!

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Man was sentenced to 99 years in prison on animal cruelty charges!

Nick Patterson, 30, of Alex City, Alabama, was sentenced to 99 years in prison after pleading guilty to aggravated animal cruelty charges.

Patterson starved and neglected purebred Collies on his grandparents’ property, leading to his arrest.

A plea deal was struck on Wednesday between Patterson and the prosecution, where he pleaded guilty not only to nine counts of animal abuse, but also three counts of financial transaction card fraud, reports Alex City Outlook.

Assistant District Attorney Damon Lewis, who negotiated the plea deal, hopes this will “send a message” to local residents. This has been an emotional case and one that involved some of the worst animal abuse I have ever seen.”

“If you hurt a child or hurt an animal in Tallapoosa County, you are going to prison,” Lewis said. “It’s that simple.

animal cruelty

Police discovered 14 living, but malnourished, dogs in outdoor enclosures where Patterson lived last June.

The dogs only had dirty rain water to drink and it was found that they were only fed sporadically, and had been neglected for months. Police also found the remains of six other Collies on the property.

To try and flee from police, Patterson went on the run. It is then that he reportedly fraudulently used credit cards and stolen checks in order to keep going.

Patterson eventually turned himself in to authorities in Council Bluffs, Iowa, on July 24.

Patterson was sentenced to 10 years on each of the nine animal cruelty and abuse counts, and three years on each fraud charge. All sentences will run concurrently.

He may be eligible for parole after he serves a minimum of 18 years, per WSFA.

Patterson is not allowed to ever own an animal again.

WSFA reports that Patterson showed no emotion when the sentence was handed down.

Man returns to adopt the dog he rescued, and the surprised pup couldn’t be happier !!

Joey Wagner, a marine animal rescuer from Nova Scotia, rescued a severely ill pit bull puppy on the brink of death. The mange-infested puppy was taken to the vet to receive the care he so desperately needed, but little did Mojo know that he’d be reunited with his rescuer.