Homeless Man Sells Limes To Raise Funds For Stray Cats’ Food

The story of a homeless man named “Loong Dum” has gone viral after he was found selling limes by the Mo Chit BTS station in Thailand to raise money for a stray cat.

Dum would walk around the area with bags of limes and wears a sign that says, “20 baht per bag, profits will pay for stray cat’s food expenses.”

His story began to capture the hearts of so many people after a woman in Thailand took a photo of him and posted it along with Dum’s story on the Internet.

According to Warunya Wattanasupachoke, she met Dum at the walking overpass and decided to buy some limes for herself. She also discovered that the lime supply he has been selling has been provided by kind-hearted people who do not charge him any money.

Warunya said that “Loong Dum” is friendly and polite.

“We shouldn’t judge someone based on their appearance,” Warunya says. “Take Loong Dum for example. Though he is homeless and rugged-looking, he has a big heart.”

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