Dog Forced To Suffer In Abandoned Home Gets Shot By Landlord As He Tried To Escape

his is Lucky, a pit bull, who really wasn’t all that lucky. Before he got shot in the face, Lucky had been abandoned and was living alone inside a home where he was cold and hungry. He had managed to chew his way through two different doors in an effort to get out and also broke a window in desperation to be free.

dog shot in the face

Tragically, the landlord shot Lucky just as he had gotten free. One bullet broke the bone in Lucky’s front leg, the other went into his nose. After the shooting, Lucky was rushed to an emergency vet clinic and a loving family even offered to foster him while he recovered!

dog shot in the face

The good news is that Lucky didn’t suffer from any after effects from the shooting. The family soon realized that Lucky absolutely loved to go swimming, in fact, they have a hard time getting Lucky to come back in the house once he is in the pool!

dog shot in the face

Lucky may not be the best swimmer, but he is enjoying himself, and that is all that matters! He has been through enough sadness, so let him splash in the water and enjoy life! To make sure Lucky is safe in the water, they got him his very own life jacket!

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