Dogs are not food! let's end the yulin festival

June 21, 2017: today is a very sad day as it marks the beginning of a horrific annual event known as the Yulin dog meat festival.

Every year, 10,000 dogs are beaten, tortured, and even boiled alive before being served as food. Brought from all over China in cramped conditions, reports from the ground reveal many are stolen pets or guard dogs unsuspectingly being sent to a horrific death.

Rumors earlier this year that a ban on serving dog meat would be enforced have sadly turned out to be false. This gruesome “festival” is going on now as it has for nearly a decade.

This has to change — and we all need to act.

Eating dog meat in China is not illegal, but attitudes towards it are rapidly changing among the growing middle class in China, where there are now 62 million registered pets. As reported in the Shanghaiist, a recent survey shows a strong majority (64%) of Chinese citizens want to see the festival shut down. Even a majority of people in Yulin are opposed.

We must raise our collective voice show solidarity with those in China trying to influence their government to end this brutal practice, and support the amazing work of local organisations such as the Duo Duo Project.

It’s also important to keep international pressure on — the Chinese government is well aware of the terrible harm to its reputation caused by the Yulin festival, as opposition grows every year.

It’s time to put an end to this once and for all!
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It’s time to put an end to the Yulin dog meat festival once and for all !

Let’s all sign the petition to show massive opposition, but also consider writing a letter to the Chinese ambassador in your country, and boycotting Chinese goods and tourism until Chinese authorities decide they’d be better off shutting down the barbaric Yulin event forever.

here you have the PETITION:

Cop Comforts Pit Bulls Who Were Abandoned On The Street

A man was on his way to work early one morning in Orange County, Fla., when he came across something incredibly unexpected — two pit bulls, abandoned and waiting in the middle of the road.

It was 4:30 a.m. when Patrick Hennessey came across the dogs, pit bulls; one of them was injured and clearly in need of help. They refused to leave each other’s sides or move at all, scared and all alone, just waiting for someone to finally come and help them.

Hennessey contacted the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, which sent two officers, Deputy Reed and Deputy Boggs, to wait with the dogs until Orange County Animal Services could come and collect them.

As soon as the deputies arrived, the dogs seemed to realize they were there to help them, and seemed to instantly feel a little safer.

The two dogs snuggled up to the officers and let them hold them; the officers even applied gauze to the injured dog’s leg to help stop the bleeding.


The dogs continued to hug and cuddle the officers until finally; Orange County Animal Services arrived to take the dogs off the street and safely into their care.

Shelter staffers named the dogs Justice and Liberty. They’re doing so much better than they were when they were all alone in the middle of the road.

As soon as they were rescued they stopped being scared; had nothing but love to give to the shelter staff.

They are sweet, playful dogs who love people and will make wonderful additions to any family.


Both dogs are currently in isolation due to their injuries and their traumatic ordeal; but will be available for adoption soon.


“Deputies Boggs and Reed comforted the two scared dogs while waiting for Animal Services to arrive,”; Orange County Animal Services wrote on its Facebook page.

“These two ladies are now safe and thriving in our care.”


A Dog Sat In The Corner Of The Shelter Ashamed That His Family Dumped Him

Oso was dumped at a shelter mainly because his owners didn’t want to take care of his very manageable skin ailment. He had lost all of his confidence and would just sit in the corner all day long. However, these days, he’s beginning to improve!

Now he’s longing for a loving and nurturing forever family to get him home.

Thanks to new law, animal abusers will now be registered like sex offenders

Now that animal abuse is being taken far more seriously than ever before; more and more jurisdictions are altering their laws to reflect this new reality.
about 1 day ago

A number of United States jurisdictions have now made laws that require the names of animal abusers to be displayed in a registry that is similar to the ones that are used for sex offenders.

These registries are designed with the objective of keeping people who have harmed animals in the past from ever having the chance to do so again; and they are a welcome addition to the lawmaking policies of places as disparate as New York City and Tampa.

Retail outlets and shelters no longer have an excuse when it comes to providing animals to those who have a history of abuse; as they are required to have a prospective adopter read and sign an affidavit that provides assurance that they are not on the registry.

animal abusers

If you are a regular person who is in search of a pet sitter while you are away on vacation; these registries also take on added value; allowing you to vet candidates more readily and do the proper research before potentially leaving your animals in harm’s way.

The registries are not yet a requirement in all states, but they are slowly popping up throughout the country; in places like New York City (although theirs is not able to be viewed by the general public); Tennessee (whose is statewide) and Cook County, Illinois.

animal abusers

For those who consider pets to be family members, this is welcome news.

Perhaps individuals who consider hurting animals-animal abusers in the future will reconsider their actions; if they are aware of the fact that their name will end up on a list that is easily searchable.

Police Officer Falls In Love With Abused Pit Bull, Then Adopts Him

Cleveland police officers Neil Pesta and Brian Kellums responded to a call about a male suspect who was beating a dog in the middle of the street.

Witnesses claimed they saw the man beating the Abused Pit Bull with a leather belt, hit the dog in the face with a brick, and choke him. One of the witnesses had convinced the suspect to hand over the dog before calling the authorities.

The poor pit bull, who was only about one-year-old at the time, was battered and traumatized. He sustained injuries to his face, legs, and paws. But then, something amazing happened. As soon as the officers arrived at the scene, the sweet, gentle dog jumped right into their car. He was ready to begin a life without abuse, but who could love an unwanted pit bull?

After the dog was treated for his injuries, Cleveland Patrol Officer Brandon Melbar agreed to foster the pit bull, who he named Harvard. On a temporary basis until he was ready to be adopted by a forever family.

However, Officer Melbar quickly fell in love with Harvard and couldn’t bear to part with his new best friend. The officer and the pit bull are now father and son, and. Harvard has spent the last year surrounded by love, care, and lots of pampering. God bless this hero officer who went above and beyond the call of duty and gave Harvard his second chance!

Follow Harvard’s inspiring story below, and please SHARE this Abused Pit Bull video with your friends on Facebook!

It was a horrific beating; the monster of a man hit the dog in the face with a brick, and choked him.


As soon as officers arrived at the scene, this battered dog revealed his sweet, gentle nature. Without hesitation, the pit bull jumped right into their squad car and let the sun shine on his back.

It was clear he was ready to begin a life without abuse — but once brought to shelters, we all know that pit bulls have a particularly tough time finding forever homes.


Cleveland Patrol Officer Brandon Melbar agreed to foster the Abused Pit Bull, who he named Harvard, on a temporary basis. However, Officer Melbar quickly fell in love with Harvard and couldn’t bear to part with his new best friend. He decided to adopt Harvard.


This wasn’t the first time a Cleveland Police Officer went above and beyond the call of canine duty. The viral photo below shows Cleveland Police Patrol Officer John Lyons lying down with one of the many dogs he has rescued. In 2013, Officer Lyons found a sick, pregnant dog and brought her home. She gave birth to her puppies, who he and his wife began caring for.


Harvard received the medical treatment he needed, and his wounds have since healed. Thanks to Officer Melbar, Harvard has spent the last year as a happy, healthy pup!


God bless this hero officer for giving Harvard his second chance at a life of love.




When this newborn kitten left to die was found all alone he seemed lifeless. He wasn’t moving and there were ants crawling all over him. But the good Samaritans who found him weren’t ready to give up on him just yet. They rushed him to the vet and the rest is history.


kitten left to die 7

“My partner and I found him curled up beside an automotive repair shop here in the Philippines. According to the mechanics, street children brought him there and were playing with him. He was covered in dirt. His right eye was shut due to pus,” Andy explained to Love Meow. So they took him to the animal hospital and the little baby was doing a lot better!

kitten left to die 1

“The vet cleaned him up, gave him antibiotics for his eye infection, and milk. He was also severely dehydrated. After only three days of taking his medication and feeding him milk replacements every four hours, Alden’s eyes are both wide open and beautiful.”

kitten left to die 5

He was later fed with a syringe until he was strong enough to eat solid food.

kitten left to die 2

This little guy was a fighter! He grew stronger and stronger until he was ready for his forever home.

kitten left to die 3

Thanks to the kindness of strangers he is now happy and healthy with at his forever home. His family reports he has quite the personality and a big apatite to go with it.

Dog Shows Up At School Every Day So People Will Pet Him

He walks there all by himself.

This dog loves attention, and he knows exactly where to get it.

Every day, the dog wanders from his house in County Cavan, Ireland, to a local school, according to Sean Conway, a local resident, who posted a photo of the dog to Reddit earlier this week.

Conway was visiting the school for an event when he spotted the dog doing his thing.

Dog waiting by school wall for kids to pet him

“I noticed that the dog was waiting at the wall outside, and some kids were coming over to pet him,” Conway told The Dodo. “He waited patiently and was there for about 10 minutes before he left.”

When the dog arrives arrives, he leaps up on the brick wall in front of the school, and waits for kids to come pet him.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time – the dog does it all the time.

Dog waiting by school wall for kids to pet him

“It’s a regular thing and the kids were used to it,” Conway said.

This dog isn’t the only animal who has been known to greet school kids. A couple years ago, a duck named Nibbles was caught on film quacking with excitement inside a car when his favorite little boy walked out of school.
While Conway isn’t sure exactly sure who owns this mystery dog, he is fairly certain of one thing – the dog will definitely be visiting the school again.

Ciara Clarke with her dog Lucky

UPDATE (4/14): Ciara Clarke, the dog’s owner, told The Dodo that her name is Lucky and that she was adopted by Clarke as a stray.”It doesn’t surprise me that she visits the school!” Clarke said. “She’s incredibly sweet and affectionate and loves nothing more than a cuddle!”Clarke also noted that Lucky gets lots of attention from her family. “She is very much loved at home, which is very close to the school, in the quiet Cavan countryside,” she said.

Ciara Clarke with her dog Lucky

“Gave my whole paycheck to animal hospital to save this guy. Worth it!”

A couple found a tiny kitten crying outside on a rainy day. The little feline was just a few weeks old and needed a lot of help. “Gave my whole paycheck to the animal hospital to save his guy. Worth it.”

Meet Morrie!

It was a Tuesday evening a couple of weeks ago when Rachael and her boyfriend Brendon heard meowing coming from outside. Despite the rainy weather, they followed the sound and couldn’t believe what they found—a tiny kitten soaking wet and shaking.

“I called to him and at first all I saw was the tall grass moving as he walked towards me,” Rachael said. “I scooped him up immediately and put him on my skin because he was so cold.”

The mother cat was nowhere to be found. After they brought in the little bundle of fur, Brendon was immediately smitten with the tiny kitten and said to Rachael, “I need this animal.”

“He certainly seemed to need us, too,” Rachael said.

They got the kitten dry and warm, but due to malnourishment, the tiny tuxedo boy became hypoglycemic and had to be rushed to the animal hospital where he stayed for three days. It saved his life!

They visited him every day after work, giving the little feline buddy the support and comfort he needed to get better.

“We are now nursing him the rest of the way back to health at home and he is getting stronger every day. The vets really didn’t think he would make it. He is our little miracle and what my boyfriend and I are calling the start of our family.”

After three days at the hospital and various treatments, the couple racked up huge hospital bills, but they have no regrets.

“(I) gave my whole paycheck to the animal hospital to save his guy. Worth it,” Rachael said. “I work at a Children’s Home – I do my best to help humans and animals!”

Little Morrie is a daddy’s boy. He sleeps on him every single night.

“Morrie is already wearing a tuxedo so he’s ready for the wedding,” Rachael added. “This little fur baby symbolizes the start of our life together. I couldn’t be more lucky.”

“We saved Morrie because he felt like ‘ours’ and like I said, it was worth it,” Rachael said.

Little Morrie is now going strong and loving his new life with his forever humans.

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The Crazy Looking, Safer Alternative to a Tennis Ball That Dogs Are Going Nuts Over

Fetch! Go get it! Bring it back! If you have a dog, you ve exclaimed one or all of these phrases at some point. Dogs Love to play, and we love our dogs. So its only natural that we want to interact with and exercise our pups as often as we can. Ive always been a fan of tennis balls. They roll. And my dogs seem to like them .

But if your dogs are like mine, you ve been witness to the canine carnage that marks the untimely end to the tennis ball. Does this photo look familiar?

It looks like a canine crime scene. But there are only so many options…a tennis ball or a “dog toy” that looks a lot like, and pretty much is, a tennis ball. Well, that’s what I used to think. Until now.

Meet my…sorry Scout and Sandy (my doggies)…OUR new favorite toy – WUNDERBALL! At first glance, it actually looks like a tennis ball, but that all changes once you get a closer look. The Wunderball is handmade from 100% natural rubber. And unlike a smooth, perfectly round tennis ball, its rough shape and texture causes the ball to bounce erratically, which dogs love. The uneven surfaces even encourage self-play.

Unlike tennis balls, Wunderball doesn’t have any glued on fuzzy felt, which can be bad for dog’s teeth and even more dangerous if ingested. Because of the way the ball is made, the Wunderball is actually good for your dog’s teeth. Each time your pup chews or bites the ball, their teeth sink into the ball helping to remove dental debris.

If that weren’t enough, the Wunderball is bright orange for increased visibility. The Wunderball even floats, so for all those water dogs, this ball will make a huge splash.

As part of our commitment to dogs everywhere, iHeartDogs will even donate a Wunderball to a shelter dog for every ball purchased. So take heart knowing that while your fur baby is playing with the Wunderball, because of your purchase, there’s a shelter dog somewhere playing with the same ball. What can we say? That’s just the way we roll…or bounce!


Nevada Makes It Against The Law To Leave Dogs In Hot Cars

The state of Nevada has made it illegal to leave dogs in hot cars this summer.passing a bill on June 4, 2017 that strengthens the pre-existing laws.

Senate bill 409 passed in the last legislative session raised the penalty for leaving a pet in a hot, locked car to the same level as leaving a child in the car, says Cathy Brooks, owner of the Hydrant Club.

Anyone found guilty of leaving their dog stuck in a hot car could face either six months behind bars or a $1,000 fine. Dog owners are also being warned to keep their dogs off hot sidewalks and pavement, as it can burn their paws..