She’d Been So Badly Abused that She Couldn’t Even Look at Humans Anymore

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When dogs suffer abuse by the people who were supposed to love and care for them, it can be difficult for them to trust humans again. But for an abused dog named Angel, it was difficult to even look at humans again.

After being rescued by the PAWS Animal Rescue organization in Ireland, the greyhound mix would sit in a corner and stare at the wall all day, terrified. But Angel’s rescuers couldn’t give up on her just yet.

It’s great to see that Angel has become such a happy, lively dog after everything she’s been through. Thank goodness her rescuers and her new dog friend were there to help!

Share this inspiring rescue story with your friends who love animals, and visit PAWS to help dogs like Angel!

Guide Dog Saves Blind Owner’s Life After He Falls Onto Subway Tracks In Front Of An Oncoming Train

Cecil Williams has been blind since 1995. To deal with his day-to-day routine, the 60-year-old relies on the help of his guide dog, a lovable and smart black Labrador retriever named Orlando. Four years ago, however, his relationship with Orlando became a life-saver —literally.

On his way to a doctor’s appointment, Cecil began to feel ill while waiting on the platform of the 125th Street stop in New York City. Suddenly, he fell onto the subway tracks below. As Cecil lay there unconscious, Orlando began to bark frantically — an express train was just moments from speeding into the station.

An MTA worker shouted at them to stay put between the rails and to keep their heads down. Incredibly, the train passed right over them, and they were relatively unharmed other than a few scrapes and bruises.

What it’s really like to be a dog handler in the US military

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The public face of the military working dog community mostly comes from TV and movies, which feature these dogs with impeccable detection skills, incredible obedience and lightning speed.

But what it takes to get there isn’t always depicted on screen.

With “Megan Leavey,” the Hollywood version of a real-life story of a Marine Corps dog handler’s heroism, set to hit theaters June 9, Military Times reached out to several service members who work with military working dogs, or MWDs, to see what it’s like to be a handler in today’s military.

“It is very hard for handlers to watch movies about MWDs nowadays because we are always their biggest critics,” said Air Force Staff Sgt. Monica Rodriguez, who’s been a K-9 handler for four years. “As far as the mental and physical connection between the handlers and dogs, they are spot on. It is one of the most touching qualities about a dog team.

“The reports on the dog’s capabilities to find bombs or drugs are fairly modified due to obvious reasons, but it paints a good picture.”

From fitness to post-traumatic stress to retirement, here’s some more of that picture, courtesy of MWD handlers who are in, or recently out of, uniform.

50 pounds, plus pup

“Being physically fit in Security Forces K-9 is a crucial part of our job, especially in deployed locations,” said Rodriguez, who is stationed at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland, and has performed 15 presidential protection missions. “We have to have the strength to get ourselves and our dogs out of harm’s way. We have to be able to lift our dogs as well as wear 50-plus pounds of gear.”

The dogs can weigh up to 100 pounds. And like their handlers, they have to stay in shape.

“We have to be informed of different ways the environment can affect our MWDs and be prepared to respond in any given situation to care for our MWD,” said Air Force Staff Sgt. Sara Lyons, a five-year dog handler who works out five or six days a week while serving at Italy’s Aviano Air Base. “My MWD also gets a good amount of exercise during work by walking patrols and training.”

The fitness standards don’t change for male and female handlers — and neither does the weight of a 100-pound dog. That’s fine by the female handlers who were interviewed.

“As a female, especially in the military, you want to be treated as an equal,” said Heather Cortez, a former senior airman who handled dogs for four years in uniform and now works for a civilian K-9 company. “I’ve always been determined and independent, that is how I got to where I was in my career. No one helped me along the way or did my training or tests for me. I definitely had support over the years from family and friends, but everything that I accomplished up to that point in life I did on my own. And as a female you want your male counterparts to recognize that as well and treat you how they treat the guys.”

Military Working Dogs Cortez

Know your dog

Preparing for physical challenges may be critical to the job, but managing a dog’s stress level, and knowing its warning signs, can be just as important. The dogs are military assets and can’t be treated like children, the handlers said, but they can break down, and their will to work can suffer — or disappear altogether.

“These dogs are affected by stress and PTSD the same way we are,” Rodriguez said. “Some of us can’t stand to hear the sound of an explosion or a back fire to a vehicle. It’s the same with them. Some dogs may shy away and some dogs may [be aggressive] toward the handler or someone else. You never know until you experience it with them.”

Prep work can involve exposing the dogs to “stressful scenarios to help them combat future situations that might cause stress,” said Air Force Tech. Sgt. William Stone, a kennel master at Joint Base Andrews. The dogs are put on a cycle that encourages “as much rest as possible,” Stone said, and veterinarians are on call when needed.

Despite the support network and advanced training methods, the basic challenge faced by handlers isn’t much different, at least on the surface, from any dog owner who’s tried to train their pooch.

“In my opinion, the most difficult part of the training process is not knowing what the dog is actually thinking,” Rodriguez said. “A simple task can take so long for the dog to learn, and for us humans it can get frustrating.”

However, the learning curve isn’t always bent toward the dogs.

“All handlers get the same training, but some are new to K-9,” Cortez explained. “Some dogs might be pretty advanced, but if their handler is new, they have to do baby steps along with them. That can also frustrate the dog because he or she may just feel like you are in their way.”

Saying goodbye

One common, but usually misstated, theme of MWD stories comes at the dog’s retirement. Often there is talk of reunion with a handler, but there’s rarely a mention about other handlers who worked with the dog at some point, and how they all want to take the dog home with them.

“A lot of reports will say an MWD got reunited with his or her handler, but what some people don’t know is that dog has most likely had multiple handlers,” Cortez said. “It’s kind of sad because you wait until the dog is able to retire, but in the end you most likely won’t get to take the dog home with you because someone else will get the opportunity first.”

MWD working dogs Lyons 02

It’s a particularly difficult part of a job where building a relationship with your partner is essential to the mission.

“The K-9 career field is a bond with an MWD that you won’t ever forget,” Lyons said. “There will be challenging days, but they are all worth it.”

The other dog handlers interviewed had a similar message. As Rodriguez put it, “Our job consists of blood, sweat and tears, but that’s what makes us a special breed. We are very passionate about our jobs and our partners because they are not only working dogs, they are family. We literally trust them with our life.”

From the start of the shift, Cortez said, “when you get your dog from the kennel, you make his or her whole day.” It creates a relationship that goes beyond the job, she said — though some things are better left at the office.

Dumped Like Garbage, This Tiny Hairless Dog Is Such A Little Warrior

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She may be tiny, bald and even coated in mange, but that’s not going to get rid of this little smorgasbord of adorableness!

Poptart was abandoned by a dumpster outside a McDonald’s – thrown away like trash. However, fate decided to smile on this little cutey, and Poptart herself exhibited an indomitable will to live. I’m so deeply in love with her tiny face! Not to mention that she looks just excellent with those tiny comfy sweaters.

To the monsters who left her for dead… this is definitely your loss, because Poptart is actually just fabulous!

Sick Owner Laughs At Crying Dog Dumped At The Shelter, But It’s The Dog Who Won The Show At Last

Meet Jack the Pit Bull, who was heartlessly dumped at a local shelter as his owner has grown tired of him. Prior to being surrendered, Jack somehow knew this was coming, and started to whine and whimper. His owner laughs at him instead, and hands him over to the shelter staff – it was on Christmas day to boot!


Jack had nothing wrong with him – no sickness, aggressive behavior, nothing! The staff were appalled at how Jack’s previous owner had treated him – and decided that a shelter was no place for this sweet canine.

The staff started to utilize their social media pages to generate online interest surrounding Jack’s possible adoption – and it worked!

Two well-known local animal rescue organizations, Bullies and Buddies, in partnership with Wags With Love, have successfully gotten Jack away from the streets and shelter for good.

Adoption offers also poured in – and as you may have already guessed, Jack found himself a lovely home not long after!

Stray Dogs In Moscow Have Learned To Perform A Task That’s Leaving Scientists Baffled

Stray animals can be found in most major cities. It is a sad reality of our ‘throw’ away lifestyle. Not all pet owners are up to the challenge and responsibility of taking care of animals. In Moscow, there are reportedly 35,000 stray dogs that roam the streets. As you may know, dogs are intelligent creatures.

stray dogs task

They can be trained to do amazing things – and they learn other tricks all on their own.
The dogs in Moscow have learned to ride public transit!

stray dogs task

Russian commuters say finding a dog on the subway is commonplace. Can you imagine sharing your seat with a sleeping dog on your way to work?

stray dogs task

The dogs have all figured out how to navigate Moscow’s massive subway system!

The dogs get off the subway, and all spread out to go find food! They know how to get what they need!

stray dogs task

Scientists say that their use of the subway is evidence of their ability to understand complex ideas – just like humans do.

stray dogs task

The dogs have figured out that the subway will take them to different parts of the city!

stray dogs task

Talk about working smarter – not harder! According to some, the dogs will even obey traffic signals and have figured out how to get people to give them food!

stray dogs task

Probably flash those puppy dog eyes! If nothing else, this story shows us that dogs do know how to adapt and survive in this world.

stray dogs task

Cat Protects Baby From Babysitter As Soon As He Thinks He’s In Danger (Video)

We have heard stories about how dogs will protect their family from intruders or other animals. But, it is a rare thing to read about a cat who protects their family. Most people think cats are aloof – but think again! The following video is security camera footage that shows a toddler playing with a babysitter.

The two are playing with a ball, and the toddler knocks a glass onto the floor. The sitter should have known better than to allow the child to play with a ball in the house like that! The toddler starts to cry, and our hero runs to the rescue. It isn’t clear why the cat went bonkers, but clearly, the cat was upset and repeatedly attacked the sitter!
Take a look at this video

This brings up something – what do you do when a cat attacks you like this? Seems like once the sitter treated the toddler nicely, the attack ended! Good kitty!

Share away, people!

Dog Which Had Escaped From Plane Cargo Returns To Its Owner, But Severely Injured

Animal lovers online were shocked when news of a golden retriever who was previously on China Eastern Airlines flight departing from Shanghai and landing in Wuhan, China had reunited with its owner in bruises and blood stains in Tianhe International Airport. The owner was devastated when he saw his dog in such a critical state – his dog had previously escaped from the plane’s cargo hold in search of its owner, only to be brutally tortured and caught within a 2 hour search.

The owner quickly brought his goldie to a local vet, only to find multiple injuries on Er Mao. Its injuries were so severe that it caused the poor dog great seething pain – vets presumed that airport staff had most likely used a sharp whip or air guns on it. Airport staff should never treat our beloved animals like this – how would they like it if they received the same treatment?

Check out this image below:

Cop Approaches A Harmless Dog Who Had Just Given Birth. Then Points A Gun At Her And Her Puppy

Police officers have been in the news a lot lately. In the United States, many officers have come under fire for how they are treating citizens. The citizens of the United States are not happy with it and are taking things into their own hands and killing police officers. Senseless violence. Not all police officers are bad – let me just start with that.

But, police officers are humans and humans are capable of terrible things. Most of us are aware of the homeless pet population – it is way too high. Some of the animals that are homeless used to have homes, some of them have never known life with people.
One police officer, Maximiliano Sergio Mellado, from Argentina, is under fire for what he did to a homeless dog.

cop shoots dog

There was no reason at all for his actions and citizens of a town in Argentina called Neuquén, are outraged. What did he do? Officer Mellado shot a dog and her puppy. Some eyewitnesses saw him shoot the dog called, Milagros and her pup – who was just three days old.

cop shoots dog

The puppy died, but Milagros was immediately taken to a vet. Milagros was in surgery for 6 hours. Veterinarian, Frederico Lopez was trying to fix her jaw. Milagros lost her left eye. Three days after surgery, she died. Mellado was suspended and faces charges of animal cruelty.

cop shoots dog

He didn’t show up for the first two hearings and now has a warrant out for his arrest. No one knows where he is. Rest in Peace Milagros. Share away, people.