15 year old blind, deaf dog rescued from pond!

A 15-year-old blind, deaf dog was rescued from the middle of a pond in Chesterfield County, Virginia, this week.

The elderly dog, named “Mollie”. Was saved from the pond by members of Engine 19, A-Shift with Chesterfield County Fire and EMS.

Mollie’s rescuers recounted the situation to Facebook followers on October 25 – Engine 19’s “A-Shift”. Responded to the call for help: (Captain Bill Moore, FF Shawn Fields, and FF Jeremy Stone) along with Chesterfield Police. Responded to the 13500 block of Cedar Creek Road for the report of a dog stranded in a pond.

They arrived to find the dog in the middle of the pond, cold and shivering.


With the help of a neighbor who provided a john boat. Firefighters were able to paddle to the middle of the pond to rescue the senior dog who was struggling in the cold water.

Mollie was pulled from the water and brought safely back to shore where she was dried off and wrapped in towels and blankets.


Mollie’s owner was contacted and informed the rescuers that the dog was 15 years of age as well as both deaf and blind. The senior dog was taken to a veterinarian for care and she is expected to make a full recovery.

The Chesterfield County Fire and EMS post has been popular with Facebook followers. Who have shared it nearly 900 times since October 25 – great job team!



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