Amazingly Smart Pit Bull performs Fancy Tricks

Veronica-Lynn Pit Bull the amazingly smart pit bull performs her fancy tricks (that would be her intermediate level tricks). Tricks include fetching a tissue, saying Grace, performing a cupboard retrieve (i.e. helping in the kitchen), taking a time out in her crate and putting her toys away in her toybox.
Veronica has been trained with completely force free positive training – verbal markers, the clicker, bridge and target and plenty of treats. She typically carries her tail on the downside. It is generally always down when she is focusing and concentrating. When her tail is up and wagging…it can be a good thing, or it can be a not so good thing – it depends as much on the context in which the behavior occurs as it does on the actual behavior : )

1/4 Scale Free Style 250cc Chevrolet V8 Engine!

Not all gearheads are interested in how engines exactly work. However, this little fascinating machine will definitely leave you craving for more.

The Chevrolet V8 engine is renowned in the automotive world, however this little contraption is otherworldly cool. It`s a ¼ scale V8 engine that sounds magnificent and works like a charm. It has a 200mm cylinder head that is completely water cooler. The overall weight is up to 37 pounds. We also got to mention the 270 degree camshafts and the oil pan that is made with a 1mm sheet steel. Elsewhere you can find a plastic distributer cap that is 3D printed.

The custom diaphragm carburetor is downright insane. However, this is far from all the magnificent components included in this ¼ scale Chevrolet V8 engine. It`s also very fuel efficient.

Just pour a bit of 95 octane fuel and this scaled down V8 can purr an entire day. It has over 100 specific components used in construction. Having said that, it`s insane to consider how much patience and know-how was needed in order to finish this creation.

Ultimately, we can safely guarantee you that you are going to be left in awe after watching this video. Watch the video below and enjoy! Finally, take a load of this 468 Big Block Chevrolet Engine!

These Are The Fastest & Most Powerful Cars In Diesel Racing!

Ever wanted to see a coal rolling, drag racing diesel car? Well, you`re in luck! These are the most powerful cars in racing, and they`re all diesel powered. This video depicts the National Hot Rod Diesel Association World Finals` Top Diesel class of dragsters and their timing, which is absolutely incredible with cars going over 170MPH and putting out more than 200 pounds of boost! Also, they pack a mean punch in coal rolling as well, as they smoke up the racing strip, making it impossible for the cameras to catch them speeding off into the distance!

Most of these powerful cars would, of course, put production cars to shame, but that`s only because they`re incredible diesel-powered coal rolling vehicles that have been modified a lot. Most of them have amazing aerodynamics and incredibly light frames, which is probably the reason that they all made it to the final of this racing world cup. If you thought they`re a feast for the eyes, well you were right but they`re also murder for the ears with the engines getting as loud as possible before they take off down the runway. Either way, it`s interesting and sometimes even funny to watch them because hey, where else are you going to find this stuff?

Nerve Wrecking Ken Block Crash Compilation! It Can Happen To The Best!

Ken Block became a motorsport superstar due to his awesome Gymkhana videos. However, he is a real racer as well. Mr. Block has competed in the World Rally Championship (WRC) and also competed in the Rally America series in 2013. He even nearly won the Rallycross title that year. However, he crashed in the final round of the season. Nevertheless, Ken Block has an insane reputation. When it comes to drift cars, he is the guy you want behind the wheel. However, even legends like Ken Block can make an error sometimes. So, in this one, we present to you one nerve wrecking Ken Block crash compilation that features some pretty neat close calls as well.

In this Ken Block crash compilation, you can see him crashing with all sorts of various cars he drove throughout his career. You can see him crashing in his famous Hoonigan Ford Fiesta that is his favorite weapon of choice when it comes to gymkhana. He also crashes in his Hoonigan Ford Mustang. One incident with this muscle car happened at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. He lost control while sliding in a corner that resulted in him spinning off track and almost hitting the bales. Nevertheless, such mishaps are part of motorsport and it doesn`t undermine his talent one bit. Watch the best of Ken Block crashes below and enjoy!

Extreme RC Dragster Goes 90 Feet In 1.178 Seconds! This Thing Almost Traveled Back In Time!

To some folks, RC vehicles are just toys for grown-ups, but we here truly admire them. Although they are small, they can still give impressive results! One such performance is featured in the video that we are sharing with you guys today, and it is astonishing! In the video, you will have the pleasure of seeing a world record being set! An RC extreme dragster managed to get through a 90 foot course in 1.178 seconds! We had trouble believing that anything can travel that fast, but after seeing this video, we were left speechless! You will be amazed too, we guarantee it!

This RC extreme dragster is owned by an Australian man named Todd Commons. He tested it out in a 90 foot drag strip, and boy did that thing deliver! As you will see in the video, it managed to pass the whole strip in 1.178 seconds and developed a speed of 176.6 kilometers per hour! In miles, that is a whopping 109 miles per hour, developed in just over 1 second! We legit thought that this RC extreme dragster will travel back in time! Watch this marvelous videobelow and witness this amazing feat with your own eyes! It is simply astonishing how fast that small RC dragster took off!

Aaron Kaufman Sold His Unique 1963 Falcon!

After parting with the Gas Monkey garage, Aaron Kaufman is now also parting with his racing 1963 Falcon. He sold it by auction, which started at one thousand dollars but it has now reached over $65,000! Of course, nobody has any delusions as to the state of the car – Aaron states that it is a racecar and it has been raced, leading to some very slight damage such as rock chips and small dents in the exterior. It runs on 93 octane fuel but of course, it likes 100 octane better. The car, while not inspected or registered with authorities, also comes insured!

This is one of those cars that you can get a great deal on, as it currently has $65,000 in the bid, but Aaron invested 80 to 90 thousand dollars in it. He also describes the cars` full specifications, but it isn`t really surprising to see this monster able to pump out 500 horsepower after we`ve seen it race at the Big Bend Open Road Race or the PPIHC. Even though it`s used and needs some new belts, this is still an incredibly opportune ride, and if you want a car that has conquered the Pikes Peak on top of all this, you just might enjoy this 1963 Falcon. Here is a link to the Ebay Auction!