Nobody Wanted This Stray Dog Because How He Looks, Share To Help Find forever Home

A German Shepherd Dog With Short Spine Needs Forever Home

Not much is known about the previous life of Quasimodo, the stray German Shepherd with the short spine before he was taken to a southern shelter.

Quasimodo is probably one of only 13 known dogs in the whole world with this rare genetic condition. He is thought to be about 5 years old. He was rescued by Secondhand Hounds in Minnesota. He was taken to the shelter just a few days ago.

The rescue group said “he is a friendly, wonderful, sweet boy.”

This rare genetic condition leads to a twisted spine, which causes health problems with his internal organs later in his life. The spinal condition may be a result of backyard breeding.

Secondhand Hounds shared a video of Quasimodo’s first arrival at their shelter.

On the second day of his arrival, Quasimodo was checked by a vet to examine his condition. In this photo, he is getting an x-ray. Surprisingly, he seems so relaxed and comfortable!


Quasimodo is living now with a foster family where he will be cared for under Secondhand Hound’s care till the shelter has a full perspective of his health and then be put for adoption.

Quasimodo is so familiar with another dog named Pig with a similar genetic condition.

Pig was born without several inches of her spine. That’s why she looked like she had been chopped in half. You will feel that her body is not completed. You will notice that her body is rounded with long legs. Pig the dog doesn’t have a vertebrae and the remaining are fused together.


Luckily, Pig the dog is now adopted, help Quasimodo finds his forever home too!

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