Aaron Kaufman Sold His Unique 1963 Falcon!

After parting with the Gas Monkey garage, Aaron Kaufman is now also parting with his racing 1963 Falcon. He sold it by auction, which started at one thousand dollars but it has now reached over $65,000! Of course, nobody has any delusions as to the state of the car – Aaron states that it is a racecar and it has been raced, leading to some very slight damage such as rock chips and small dents in the exterior. It runs on 93 octane fuel but of course, it likes 100 octane better. The car, while not inspected or registered with authorities, also comes insured!

This is one of those cars that you can get a great deal on, as it currently has $65,000 in the bid, but Aaron invested 80 to 90 thousand dollars in it. He also describes the cars` full specifications, but it isn`t really surprising to see this monster able to pump out 500 horsepower after we`ve seen it race at the Big Bend Open Road Race or the PPIHC. Even though it`s used and needs some new belts, this is still an incredibly opportune ride, and if you want a car that has conquered the Pikes Peak on top of all this, you just might enjoy this 1963 Falcon. Here is a link to the Ebay Auction!

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